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Dream interpretations?

Posted by Dinah on June 13, 2010, at 13:02:23

Well, not so much interpretations. My brain is rarely subtle in the dreams it sends me. But I've had similar dreams for two nights in a row, and I can't figure out what message my brain is trying to send me as it relies to my own life.

I only remember the last part of the first dream. I was telling my therapist about something that was upsetting me and was talking and talking, when I realized that he had the flu. I don't think we were in session. We may have both been in a waiting room or some other public place somewhere. I felt really guilty for bothering him when he was sick.

The second dream went on forever, but what I remember is a bit incomplete. I called my therapist at what was normally considered a perfectly reasonable time. But it turns out that he and his wife were away in a different time zone. After he answered my question, he forgot to turn the phone off, and I could hear his wife complaining about people calling at 3 am where they were, and my therapist wearily replying something that wasn't particularly kind to her or to me. But of course, he didn't realize the phone was still on.

Meanwhile, another client of his had been listening, and this client was trying to convince me to take some move against my therapist. I'm unclear what move that was, exactly, other than I think he worked for a government agency. He (the client) showed me my client file that he had stolen from my therapist's office, and showed me the places where my therapist had written something negative about me. I told him I had no interest in doing anything to hurt my therapist, and that of course my therapist wrote things that were less than flattering in his notes from time to time. The guy kept bugging me, and I was secretly upset by what I'd read. So I called my therapist to tell him, but he'd blocked my calls. I guess because I had called him at 3 am wherever on earth he was, even though I had had no idea he wasn't in my time zone.

I woke up feeling frantic and without any way to get through to him.

To put in context of my life, I've been having some anxiety attacks lately. Not only because of the dog, but because my mother keeps doing things I've asked her not to do, and because it seems more and more likely that I'm going to be more responsible for her soon. And because of work, and because I've been spending too much money trying not to think about all these things. It all builds up. I had been up for an hour or so, getting jolts of adrenaline, before the second dream.

Any ideas what my brain is trying to say?


Re: Dream interpretations?

Posted by Annierose on June 13, 2010, at 22:33:04

In reply to Dream interpretations?, posted by Dinah on June 13, 2010, at 13:02:23

I am not good at this. But I wanted to offer you support. Your dreams doubt your therapist's genuine care and concern. And other people seem to want to make you feel badly.

Those are sad dreams.

I'm sorry your mom's issues keep intruding on your peace and tranquility.


Re: Dream interpretations?

Posted by workinprogress on June 13, 2010, at 23:43:54

In reply to Re: Dream interpretations?, posted by Annierose on June 13, 2010, at 22:33:04


I'm not particularly good either, but I like this site:

Generally, I would guess that it's something about security/safety in your relationship with your T. Would make sense that those worries would get stirred up when you're likely to be feeling like you really need him right now.

hang in there sister... you've got a lot going on it seems. We're here for you.



Re: Dream interpretations? Annierose

Posted by Dinah on June 15, 2010, at 16:15:55

In reply to Re: Dream interpretations?, posted by Annierose on June 13, 2010, at 22:33:04

I try not to think about my mother as much as possible. Unfortunately, I can't not think about one thing alone. I end up having a hard time thinking about anything at all.

I see no real way out of my problems with her.

So it's best to just not think about it.

He seemed to think that the other person in the dream was my memory of the time I called and he forgot to return my call. That I was telling myself he couldn't be trusted.


Re: Dream interpretations? workinprogress

Posted by Dinah on June 15, 2010, at 16:21:08

In reply to Re: Dream interpretations?, posted by workinprogress on June 13, 2010, at 23:43:54

I definitely think the needier I feel, the more I'm likely to distrust his abilities to help me with that. And probably I'm correct in that. He's available to me those two fifty minute sessions a week. Sometimes that seems like it's not really enough.

The part of the dream that seemed to interest him most was that he left the phone off the hook after the conversation was over. He didn't really say why. He never comments that much on my dreams, preferring that I tell him what I think they mean. But when I started wondering why he found that so interesting, it occurred to me that it may mean that he's been letting me see glimpses into his real life and that maybe I'm not comfortable with that?

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