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starting + ending sessions

Posted by deerock on August 18, 2009, at 12:57:20

so yesterday my therapist starts the session 7-10 minutes late. often times, if things are really rocky or really intense, she will go a couple of minutes over and she often does not start right on time.

yesterday, i was having an extreme emotion and i looked at the clock. there was 7 minutes left. so i tried to relax and settle down to get ready to leave. she says "we'll need to stop for the day." i lost it. usually she goes over. this time she ends early. and she is ending early on a day where she started later than she normally does. why is she ending early im thinking? is she trying to teach me a lesson? nobody is in the waiting room. she is trying to teach me a lesson. maybe she has a call to make?

im taking a new medicine which may have resulted in my anger getting to this point...but i slammed the door to her office. i took my tea and threw it all over the bathroom wall and the cup actually went right into the trash can. i slammed the door to the outside of her office and went back to work.

i left a voicemail saying sorry. she called back and was like we'll talk about it next time, she didnt seem that pissed...but im sure she will draw some boundary around doing sh*t like that. ill blame it on the meds. she will say yeah, it could be the meds. and on it will go. and she will probably say she didnt think she was ending early. i will say you were ending early, i pay close attention to the time. and she will say well, you can have your view and i will have mine.

sometimes i think having internalized her makes me more angry than i was before. i dont like it when other people get in here.

thanks for reading.


Re: starting + ending sessions deerock

Posted by floatingbridge on August 27, 2009, at 16:01:19

In reply to starting + ending sessions, posted by deerock on August 18, 2009, at 12:57:20


Have you thought of discussing her way of starting and ending sessions? I don't personally have this issue with my pdoc--I used to worry about taking up his time! He told me to let him take care of keeping time and ending sessions--that that was his job. I've felt better since then.

Maybe she doesn't have a great way of regulating time, I don't know. But it seems important to you. I would think telling her what you told us; it might help both of you?

just suggestions and personal experience,



Re: starting + ending sessions deerock

Posted by deerock on August 27, 2009, at 16:34:53

In reply to starting + ending sessions, posted by deerock on August 18, 2009, at 12:57:20

hi FB. i did speak to her about this. she actually called my psychiatrist and told him i acted in a way that she has never seen before and she had seen me get angry many times. the psychiatrist took me off the medicine. the same scenario happened, i was having an extreme emotion, she ended the session. this was not a few days after stopping the medicine. i completely understood why she had to end the session, did not feel like she was being vindictive in some way and simply walked out.

im pretty sure it was the medicine making me agitated to the degree i was. she does understand, i believe, that its hard for me to leave if i am overly emotional but hopefully this is going to happen less often now.

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