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told i cannot get better without therapy

Posted by deerock on August 18, 2009, at 10:52:55

i talked to my therapist and my med doctor about my diagnosis. my therapist says im dysthymic and some other panic anxiety stuff. i asked about being borderline and she said everyone has aspects to their personality that are borderline. i asked the med doc the same question. he gave the same answer.

i said to both of them "what if i try to resolve this on my own without you guys."

they both said that was a terrible idea and that they usually dont see good outcomes when people do that. and then the pdoc told me that i undermine relationships with people who are trying to help me. and i said 'so youre calling me borderline?' he said "nope." i said yes you are, thats what borderline's do. he says "im very concerned that you will do this with me and your current therapist." I said so youre calling me borderline. he started yelling at me for undermining him and he says "youre doing this undermining thing right now."

i actually was very pleased to see him lose his temper. it made him human and i felt like it made me trust him more.

but i still dont get why they are telling me if i leave therapy i will self destruct.


Re: told i cannot get better without therapy deerock

Posted by obsidian on August 21, 2009, at 18:38:59

In reply to told i cannot get better without therapy, posted by deerock on August 18, 2009, at 10:52:55

I hate the label...I think it's too confining and too inclusive at the same time. You cannot be defined by a set of criteria, and lots of people have problems that are within the description of BPD. There is a continuum after all, let's not be black and white about it...see that'd might make us borderline!!
I'd rather focus on patterns and habitual defenses rather than some arbitrary category.

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