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better day? harder day? **different day!**

Posted by Dory on October 29, 2007, at 0:40:27

yeah, different.. it's not better because it is harder, not harder because it is better... so it's both and neither. It's just a different day.

i'm reasonably calm now. i am planning to ask my pdoc for ativan instead of clonazepam though. i'm still having serious anxiety problems but it's more spread out, overall anxiety rather than attacks. Sickening fear.. that's it. That sort of fear that makes your skin all cold and sweaty at the same time and makes your digestive system go haywire.


i'm trying to do things i need to do.. but fighting the urge to run away. The dogs havekept me alive, but i wish i had a sitter so i could run away for a few days. just run away. nowhere special. Just away somewhere. stay in some seaside place, eat cooked meals in diners.. and not have to face people i know everyday.

it's pretend or answer questions. nice choice.

i am deeply grateful for the support i have gotten. There are a few IRL friends who know sort of what's happening and even though they are not good supports for heavy stuff at least they are company when i can't deal with mostt people but don't want to be alone.

tomorrow's agenda is to go out in public.. even just for a bit.

i'm sorry to the chatters.. by the time i was able to get back everyone had left. :(


Re: better day? harder day? **different day!**

Posted by rskontos on October 29, 2007, at 11:48:57

In reply to better day? harder day? **different day!**, posted by Dory on October 29, 2007, at 0:40:27

Dory, I haven't got alot for you now. Read my thread above you will see. But I care and I hope your trip out in public goes well. I have to psyche myself out to go out in public. I am glad for my dogs they give me alot of comfort too. Today I am going to take them on a walk!

Take sweetie. I will try and check back after T today.

Here is too all of us having a better day. A real better day. rk

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