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Getting thru the tough times

Posted by Smeegle on January 20, 2005, at 23:33:56

[coming out of lurk-dom]

What are some thing that one can do to help get thru a particularly rough time. I just came off Effexor and changed over to Lamictal and Welbutrin (already been thru almost all others) and find myself in some really dark places. I try to remind myself that SI is part of coming off Effexor (a great AD, but coming off it sux in a major way) and that it's not really me that wants to call it quits. This past weekend I recognized that I needed to find a safe place so I went to my mom's for a couple of days (she has no idea why I was really there). I just knew that I could NOT be alone. It gets really bad at night and now I keep waking up all night with serious SI. My appt is a couple of weeks away and I loathe telling him about my current state of mind, but I know I have to. I honestly fear that he would want to send the little men in white jackets out to get me. I just want my brain to function correctly and keep my thoughts focused in a forward direction, but keep finding myself slipping down and down. My DH isn't much help. Seems to think I need "space" (last thing I need right now) and to see my Pdoc. He has no concept of what it feels like to be depressed to the degree that I am (and have been for a very long time). His answer to everything is get a hobby and/or exercise. No help at all.

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Re: Getting thru the tough times Smeegle

Posted by Poet on January 21, 2005, at 0:41:37

In reply to Getting thru the tough times, posted by Smeegle on January 20, 2005, at 23:33:56

Hi Smeegle,

Hobbies and exercise are pretty tough to do when I'm depressed. For me, changing channels on the TV was hard enough to concentrate on.

Posting here on babble helps me a lot. Have you ever gone into babble open? It's like a chat room and you can talk about anything you want to. Lots of support there, too.

I want to be alone when I'm down, that you recognize that you shouldn't be alone is good. And that you are really fighting hard not to SI. Good, too. It takes strength to do that, and you have it.

Can you call your pdoc and try to get an earlier appointment? More to discuss your current state of mind than meds management? My therapist threatened to call 911 on me last year if I didn't see a pdoc, so I understand your fear of being hauled away.

Have you tried therapy for your depression? Just a thought.

Wish I could come up with some other ideas, but it's late and I need to take an Ambien and try to sleep.

Take care.



Re: Getting thru the tough times

Posted by Smeegle on January 21, 2005, at 18:26:19

In reply to Re: Getting thru the tough times Smeegle, posted by Poet on January 21, 2005, at 0:41:37

I got my appt moved up from late Feb but the first available is next Thurs...AND my dr is out of town for the weekend. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The nurse (she's great) said to call if things get too hairy. She couldn't adjust my meds without his authorization. So I just have to hang tight for 6 more days. I sooo feel like I am coming unglued...about to jump out of my skin. Super aggitated. I am in counseling, but the main focus of that lately has been trying to get my dh to understand that my mood disorder is chemical in nature and that I can only control so much of it. I diligently take my meds. I know what happens if I don't. Will try to stay busy and not let myself be alone if at all possible. Not good. Not good at all. I feel it coming on and it's like a freight train I can't stop.


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