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Posted by Pandabear on July 13, 2004, at 18:14:04

I feel as if I have been gone for ages butI have a good reason. I have been dealing with what I thought were migraines and every time I have been posting it has been regarding my health and my bipolar disorder and dealing with it in therapy and all..well, it turns out that I do not have migraines. I have suffered from hydrocephalus all my life and it turns out that my headaches were due to the hydrocephalus! I had been to see a nerurologist and 2 weeks ago he told me that i needed to get my shunt fixed because it wasnt working. (Hydrocephalus is where the fluid in a persons brain doesnt drain properly and so they put a tube inside your head to drain it properly..) short explanation..:) Anyway, So, I eneded up in the ER on the 4th of july and surgery on the 5th...had I not found out the cause of my headaches..I wouldnt be here today...I have been going back to work this week for like 3 hours at a time but it is really exhausting. Where I am going with with all of this is...

After my surgery I was thinking about it and I came to realize that MAYBE I might not have bipolar disorder after all!!!! What happened was that when they did a CT and XRAY, they realized that my tubing for my shunt was completely therefore..the fluid was building up and THAT could explain a lot about my mental status through the past few bipolar and depression. We have no idea how long my tubing has been you never know! I was weaned off of my Lamictal and seroquel for the surgery and Im not on any meds at this time...Wouldnt that be great if my symptoms of bipolar were because of my extra fluid build up? But I have no idea if this is the case...Im going to therapy tomorrow to talk to them...IF this is the therapists are going to have to basically start all over evaluating me because there is no way i can go tomorrow and say i dont have bipolar disorder bc I have to wait a while and see if symptoms come up and then in a bout 3 months they are probably going to want to re test me and see if I am or not...(im just guessing)

Its almost scary for me bc i feel like a brand new person right now and I dont know what to do..but Im hanging in there and Im so happy that everything is working out better for headaches are gone and my double vision is gone so all is ok.


That's incredibly wonderful

Posted by mair on July 13, 2004, at 19:39:07

In reply to update, posted by Pandabear on July 13, 2004, at 18:14:04

I really hope it works out that you're not bi-polar at all. I knew a guy who got horribly depressed and basically wouldn't leave his house for a few years. He became totally uncommunicative and made no attempt to keep up with anything. As a result, his business partner had herself appointed as his guardian, and he was in danger of losing his house. He was the type who wouldn't consider going to a psychiatrist, or if he had, nothing had worked. Someone got him to a doctor and it turned out that this guy just had very serious thyroid problems - that's really all it was.

Pretty remarkable!



Re: update Pandabear

Posted by Dinah on July 13, 2004, at 20:02:21

In reply to update, posted by Pandabear on July 13, 2004, at 18:14:04

Wow! That's great, and such a relief, I'm sure.

It also is a reminder to all of us to check out physical reasons for our problems as well as psych ones.



Posted by pegasus on July 13, 2004, at 22:40:06

In reply to update, posted by Pandabear on July 13, 2004, at 18:14:04

I'm so glad that you aren't going to have migraines anymore. That's something no one should have to deal with. And I really hope it turns out to account for your BP and depression too. Wouldn't that be fantastic! Good luck with what comes next, and thanks for the update.



Re: Yay!

Posted by gardenergirl on July 13, 2004, at 23:23:53

In reply to Yay!, posted by pegasus on July 13, 2004, at 22:40:06

Wow, that's amazing. I'm so glad you are doing better and am grateful that it was caught. What an ordeal this must have been. I'm glad that part of it is over, and I hope you have a golden lining, as it seems already silver.

Take care and thanks for letting us know.


Re: update

Posted by tabitha on July 14, 2004, at 1:21:36

In reply to update, posted by Pandabear on July 13, 2004, at 18:14:04

My goodness, I think I'd be mad as heck that the doctors didn't find that sooner. Shouldn't there be regular scans to make sure the tube thing was working? Grrr!

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