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Masochistic Personality Disorder

Posted by Bob K on September 2, 2003, at 16:35:55

Please help. My wife is severely depressed, suicidal, and the more I read about Masochistic Personality Disorder, the more I'm convinced that she has it. We are currently passing the 1-year mark in counseling, and have exhausted the dosages of 6-8 medications. We have also completed a course of ECT with little to no benefit.

Does anyone have a suggestion or knowledge/research on Masochistic Personality Disorder? I'm looking for any treatment information, or contact information for an expert in the field. I've been told that Dr. Theodore Millon (FLA) is recognized as a leader in the field, but I can't seem to get anywhere with his institute.


Re: Masochistic Personality Disorder Bob K

Posted by fallsfall on September 3, 2003, at 21:15:50

In reply to Masochistic Personality Disorder, posted by Bob K on September 2, 2003, at 16:35:55


I don't know much about Masochistic Personality Disorder. You say you are in counseling - is that the two of you, together? Can you ask that therapist to do a diagnosis? Or recommend someone who she can see individually for a diagnosis? Then you would be sure that you are looking for the right kind of help.

One thing I've found helpful in the past is to search on the internet or in University libraries for books on the subject. If you find one author dominates, then they are an expert. You can also look at the references in significant books and see who wrote those books/articles.

If you find that Theodore Millon is the expert (I assume he is affiliated with a university), then I would contact him. Either write a letter or email.

I wrote a letter to a Psychologist once. She didn't write back personally, but had an assistant write back to me and sent 4 or 5 articles for me to read. That was helpful.

You can also keep your eye out on Clinical Trials, to see if anything is available.

I have found that reading about my afflictions has given me better understanding, and a sense of peace. I wish you and your wife all the best.

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