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Another post to check on Terra

Posted by judy1 on June 24, 2002, at 20:41:10

Hi Terra,
I've been concerned about you and was wondering if you felt up to it could you just let me know you're okay? Thanks so much, judy


yeah, i'm fine

Posted by terra miller on June 24, 2002, at 23:07:30

In reply to Another post to check on Terra, posted by judy1 on June 24, 2002, at 20:41:10

i'm a bit disoriented, which is an understatement. therapist says that will get better after the court hearing is over. but this constant disorientation is getting on my nerves... not knowing really what is going on and not really being able to see and definitely not able to think unless something comes up that requires my undivided attention and then i'm totally clear. i know i will get through the hearing just fine, but i'll feel like this all the way up to it i'm sure. thanks for asking.


thank you terra miller

Posted by judy1 on June 25, 2002, at 13:03:52

In reply to yeah, i'm fine, posted by terra miller on June 24, 2002, at 23:07:30

I was worried, and i appreciate the time you took to post. I completely understand dissociating to avoid the issues that you have to deal with now. I admire your ability to stay clear when you have to, I don't have that. i think i mentioned litigation i have to go through july 19th, i get triggered so easily i spent sunday popping pills and locked in my closet. not too healthy. my prayers are with you, i know you will come through everything well- you sound like a very strong lady. take care of yourself-judy

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