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Australia and China

Posted by sigismund on October 9, 2021, at 17:02:36


Re: Australia and China

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:07:13

In reply to Australia and China, posted by sigismund on October 9, 2021, at 17:02:36

i got so far as there is b*llsh*t on both sides...

i think there is, indeed. i think the whole thing is b*llsh*t.

what difference does it make if Taiwan is part of China or it is independent?

there was this thing about federal funding in the USA. the various states can do their various things with state funding... but there are various sorts of federal funds available for states who comply with various federal laws. e.g., federal funding for hospitals and so on. but only if they pass inspections and so on.

so i got to thinking about NZ and Australia... my reading of the Australian Constitution (not a thing often read) is that NZ was regarded by Australia to be a State of Australia. They noted that if they started trying to get NZ on board with that... They'd still be squabbling however many years later... So they pronounced that it would be 'expedient' to include it even though NZ did not agree... And part of Australia it was. It was thereby pronounced.

And the constitution hasn't been amended to remove it as a State. So...

We don't have federal funding for our hospitals. Our schools. Any of our social services. We don't comply with the things we would need to do to get federal funding, to be fair.

A liability to Australia. NZ is.


You aren't allowed to discriminate against people on the basis of what State they are from. It's in the constitution.

So... All those dole bludgers from NZ who wanted to go dole bludge Australian Dollars on the Gold Coast...

It's their right to move around Inter-State.

At least it used to be. Prior to Covid.

I am trying to enrol to vote. The Electoral people... Took more time than I would expect them to have done to try and persuade me that I wasn't eligible.

Story of my life, hey. I'm not eligible for all of the things I'm entitlted to. What you gonna do about it rawk ! rawk! rawk! You and whose army?

Apparently Taiwan hasn't formally declared independence.

Did New Zealand? A treaty isn't a declaration of independence. If it was put to the NZ people that they were in fact Australian Citizens... Free to save up their dole via a couple weeks starvation (or similar).... So they could flee flee flee to a nation with however many ICU beds per person (well, if you exclude the state of New Zealand)... I think... I think... I think quite a few would up and go.

I think quite a few.

It's the government narrative that Maaori are tied to their swampy swamp. That that's their culture. To be tied to their swampy swamp otherwise they aren't really Maaori and they are abandoning their culture.

It is decidedly not part of their narrative that Maaori have gotten in tehir boats and f*ck*d off for a better life over and over and over and over and over and... How you think they got so far as NZ?

I think there is more co-operativity between China and USA and England and Australia than anything else... Backdrop of co-operativity. I mean.... They all be 'winning' in their perspective regions. Right? All of the riches and so on for their own children at the expense of everyone else. Right? Win win win win win win win?

And what to do with those pesky young boys.. Drown them in deep sea trenches. I suppose. Less civilian damage. I suppose. Playing their war games under the sea...

And not out in the open... Not on the land. Not in the desert. And so on...


Re: Australia and China

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:20:28

In reply to Re: Australia and China, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:07:13

Apparently there was this big jump in the Aussie stats all of a sudden as they got up over 90 per cent of the state of NSW vaccinated.

Know how they did it?

I think it goes like this: Everybody is kept in police and army guard in lock-down until everybody shares this mass delusion that over 90 per cent of the people are vaccinated.


So... What do you say? You say you are vaccinated. You are vaccinated. You are vaccinated.

Do you want a vaccine? Do you want me to jab it in your eye with a rusty needle? What do we say? We say we are vaccinated. We are vaccinated. We are vaccinated.

Vaccines were offered to us. Yes. Yes they were. Already had one. Oh yes sir-ee I did.

No problems with lack of access over here. No sir. No need to lock me up and throw away the key.

Where did the vaccines go? Why the sudden up-tick in rates... It's about time the District Health Boards and their Prostitutes had their booster shots. No? Isn't it about time?

And all those children... Sitting ducks...

I see there was discussion in the NY Times... About whether people would be getting their tweens vaccinated. Their boys particularly. Why? Because they were saying all along that kids weren't getting seriously sick of Covid. So having a vaccination isn't good for them. So they are supposed to take one for the team. I see... So the children are supposed to take one for the team. THeir parents have voluntarily signed them up.

But that's not how we tell the story in Australasia...

That's an 'anti-vac' story that must be shut down. Right. We don't think twice of forcing the teenagers of Papakura High to line up for their nasal swabs (because less invasive is never sometihng in favor of anything in this land).


APparently around 1/4 of the antigen tests from Brisbane supplied to the USA are false positive...

Well send them to NZ, then.

The government knocks on your door before dawn. Right? ANd waves a magic wand and tells you you have Covid you are required to go with the government officials. Right? That's how that goes.

It's so f*ck*ng tiresome seeing the caricature of however many years behind...

THis is the world they wanted. Wow. Look at the world that they made.

Happy healthy populations...


Out in the suburbs of.... SOmewhere far far away.

Of course.

Hey thanks. Hey you are welcome. Hey sure... No worries.

How to build terrorists. For sure. The government doesnt appear willing to do things any other way.


What's the problem?

I don't have an army on facebook.

And NZ is rule by angry mob.

Right. It's all a bout opportunism and what you can get away with.


'well if you think that of us rawk rawk rawk permission to escalate our behavior'

class actions against NZ companies trying to list on the stock exchange. No conception of being honest. Being honest about profits. Being honest about risk.

They don't have these concepts.

Can't do it. Won't do it.

Exclusion zone.

People with capacity: Cannot function here


Re: Australia and China

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:33:43

In reply to Re: Australia and China, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:07:13

and it actually makes sense of a whole heap.

my uncle immigrated to australia when he was very young. without a passport. because you didn't need to have a passport to travel between NZ and Australia. are we talking 50 years ago??

Why not?

because it's inter-state travel and you don't need a passport to travel inter-state.

that makes the best sense of it.

australians can apply for NZ government student loans. australians who don't get into universities in australia can come to NZ and enrol in the NZ universities with NZ government studnet loans.

but NZ citizens can't get Aussie student loans... NZ citizens are regarded as 'local' for certain courses... PhD... for certain courses... the 'low value' ones that the Aussies don't want to do... Of course...

but it actually makes more sense of that, too.

and that the way of understanding it is that Aussie doesnt' want to give NZ federal funds unless it really really has to. NZ is a f*ck*ng liability. Start trying to do consensus building or getting the f*ck*ng programme on anything at all in this country and 100 years later you'll still be squabbling in the f*ck*ng swampy swamp.

no federal funding.

no compliance. no building compliance. no staffing level compliance. no medical supplies. no compliance. no money. no spending the money on what the money was supposed to be spent on.

Mike someone with councellors ready to go. nonononononono the government won't acknkowledge Master of COuncelling Qualifications anymore. nonononononono the government will give the money to the gangs so thehy can teach the maaori how to cheat their meth test to get time off their jail sentance for bashing their wives and their children so they can get back to their families... so we can justify taking their children and puttin gthem in state care and abusing them there... so we can take their children and give them to white families. raise them white with all the maaori scholarship funding so thehy can win win win the competition of who is the most competitive medical studnet to go and get consent for people signign tehir... hearts away. yes? if you find me in a prone position... take my heart. go ahead. give it someone white.... go ahead...


that's not how it is?

i think the government is pretty blindingly blattently obvious that that's how it f*ck*ng is.

what are you going to do about it rawk !!! rawk!!! you and whose f*ck*ng army rawk!!!! rawk!!!! rawk!!!

scream the demented.

oh yes oh yes they do.

freeeeee australia indeed.

the fake news.

narcissistic word salad and gaslighting.

come on supreme court of new zealand. let's see you do you with the whole justice thing...

come on supreme court of new zealand...


can't do. won't do. nothing to see, here.

they made it hell on earth. that was their aspirational goal.

all you can say really is well f*ck*ng done. yay you.

people voluntarily chose to have kids?

no. they were forced to. of course.

that's the way of it.

highest rates of suicide i mean murdered at the hands of the state i mean murdered at the hands of the state i mean murdered at the hands of the state.

nothing to see here.

it's soooooooo coompetitive.

sooooooo competitive that the people will do anything john key says for $25 if he stands outside a night club. he speaks from experience, of course.

important to remember what is all about



Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:51:11

In reply to Re: Australia and China, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:33:43

it's the sleight of hand.

they pinch you on the back of one hand so there's a bit of a sharp sensation that attracts your attention so you don't feel the iv line go into the other hand you don't notice what is happening until it is done.

they tell you that 90 per cent of the people are vaccinated. all of the people are vaccinated. if you aren't vaccinated you are an anti-vacc-er and everybody hates you you are responsible for the lockdown. you are a low class prostitute who hangs out with gangs spreader of filth and disease live in of emergency accommmodation filthy nasty...

it's about diverting attention.

Taiwan and China. It's a sleight of hand. it's about diverting attention.

gargage garbage garbage carrots cabbages potatoes garbage garbage garbage garble garbage garbage. 13. 12. 24. 95. soooooooooo competitive. aaaaaaanyting i sayyyyyyy. if only you followed instructions! if only you kept your mouth shut you could have ridden your bicycle at home where nobody sees you race!!!! if only you did what we said! you did what we said! aw you lose! sooooooooooo competitive. 15 93 75. big robbins. you can't do it becuase you can't recite big robbins backwards with last's anatomy every second word of the third sentance giving you a code on whether it's c or a... or not d therefore anything anything anything i like..

give up and go away!!!

rawk rawk rawk!!!! scream the dementors.

just accept that there's nothing... everyone else is vaccinated. everyone other than you...

rawk rawk rawk!!!

you and whose army?

your facebookk army??

where is your arsebook face??? your arsebook face??

it's all garbage garbage garbage sig.

garbage garbage garbage.

the kids don't even have to sit the exams anymore. they just put them on payroll. that's the thing of it.

they go 'the wizard of christchurch was on $16,000 per year and now we aren't goign to pay him and he'll keep doing it for free anyway' to divert attention frof the likely fact that the kids of the wealthy elite are on, like $200,000 a year to... go skiiing i suppose.

making iup numbers so they can say they hire 3 full time psychiatrists.

they are on payroll i'm sure.

to never set foot in the hospital. or only when they turn up to collect up the medical supplies. so they can traffic them to the gangs for distribution... pack them up for shipping to wealthy leaders oveseas.. though really i don't know that our shipments get here, at all. why would they?

why wouldn't they just send us saline?

it isn't like anyone signed a covid informed consent form.

did they?

i wasn't offered one.

did you get one?

well... i'm garbage garbage garbage. just curl up and die garbage garbage garbage. they won't even give me degrees for the workd i've done. money for the work i've done.

garbage garbage garbage.

i'm mentally retarded IHC. didn't you know. can't you tell. no application forms for anything for me.

the application forms don't make sense.

but it's not polite to say.

it's not polite to point ouf that being 'detained under the mental health act status involuntary' beings being unlawfully detained.

garbage garbage garbage.

say teh supreme courts of nz. do they? go on then... stand up.. tell it to the UN supreme court of nz.

garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage 45 83 22. garbage garbage garbage.

well call me branded then!!! maimed. by the nz government. hahahhahahahhahahahah better luck never!!!! hahahahhahhahahaha scream the dementors.

they have tastes for abusing the children. far far far (far far) youunger than me.

what's average life expectancy of the garbage these days anyway.


i mean winston peters wins the life game. right. he gets allllllllllllll teh life. alllllllllllll the life. he wins the competititon of allllllllllll of the life. everyone else can be born after him and die before him because he gets allllll of the life.

garbage land.


i think the whole Taiwan / China thing is garbage.

garbage garbage garbage.


why... garbage. some more garbage.


i am not sure what i am to do.

i guess i write to the UN.

at which point they do nothing. right. because that's what nz wants to teach me...

when a nazi hands you a gun adn says 'shoot this person or i'll shoot you' you say 'awwwwwwwwwwww can i shoot more than one?'

that's the appropriate answer.

no? no. you conceal your true emotion and pretend to be reluctant.

just following orders (te hee te hee te hee long live the present administration)


Re: magicians

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:56:59

In reply to magicians, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:51:11

status voluntary.

'you have been sectioned under the mental health act your status is voluntary'

that is the form they wrote. to give to patients. maybe in the presence of a district inspector.

so they can explain very carefully to the person that they are being detained under the mental health act. which means they are required to stay on a voluntary basis.

do you understand, sigi?

the euthanasia drugs will be next.

you know what happens when you don't take your vaccine (what we say is your vaccine) -- right? you give up your right to appear in public. to go out in public. you give up your right to have a job. so no job for you. you will need to be kept in an institution. do you understand?

you know what happens when you don't take your euthanasia drug. right? you give up your right to various things in your institution. you give up your right to nursing care. food. various things like that. you understand?

you know what voluntary means?

you and what army?
whose army?


Re: magicians

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:00:15

In reply to Re: magicians, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:56:59

that is to say the psychiatrists (or people pretending to be) keep people in our psychiatric institutions. they carefully explain to them that they are being held under the mental health act (status voluntary).

because they don't want to report the stats on how many are being unlawfully detained.

so people aren't allowed to read. they take anti-psychotics that make the vision blurry... because their status is voluntary.

it is in the fine print sigi.

whose army?

where's your army?

where's your defendors?

will anybody notice if we grind up your body and feed it to the other voluntary inmates in the slops?

sooooooooo competitive sigi.

sooooooooooooooooo competitive.


torturing an innocent child solely for fun

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:03:04

In reply to magicians, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:51:11

that we voluntarily give up our lives so that the other people can live in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

or similar.

and the manner to which they have become accustomed... is one in which we all want to kill and murder and rape and lie and steal and cheat and swindle and...

you know.. i read something the other day that said the UN wanted to make it so that lying was wrong, again.

but that's not really a fair statement about where things are at.

it needs to be wrong to torture an innocent child solely for fun, again.

that's a fairer statement of where NZL is at.


think of the investment...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:19:23

In reply to torturing an innocent child solely for fun, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:03:04

i mean think of the investment of everything that has gone into it...

they have a published algorithm as to how they will rank candidates and they will offer places on the basis of rank order score.

and they just refuse to do that.

and nobody seems to have any problems with that. nobody seems to have problems with them just doing whatever they want.

i mean... every single step of the way all people have done is close ranks around their right to do whatever they want. nobody has supported my side at all.

that is to say... the administrator was only interested in defending the university's position. the dean would not admit that they calculated my GPA in a way that was not in accordance with the algorithm. the various members the way up the university hierarchy. at no point did they go 'oh, gee, we made a mistake. we should fix that. sorry. sorry about inconvenience to you'.

they refused to do that.

i must be crazy then. i must be crazy that they made a mistake. that must be it. it must be my crazy. next time i present for healthcare they will take me into a single room with a sharp in my arm (hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping i'll take up the opportunity and kill myself -- right. hoping and hoping)... maybe next time they'll just murder me and call it a suicide.


soooooooooooooooo competitive.

it's in the education act that domestic adults are eligible to be enrolled in the programme they've applied to.

so the university will not give applications to domesetic adults. they say 'no point you applying becuase we aren't going to pick you'.

that is to say they are not processing any of teh applications properly.

who wants to murder and rape and torture in the nz hospitals with impunity???

why else would anybody want to come to new zealand?




the detention camp of the world.

australia gets a kick out of it. right.


new zealanders laugh at aussie for being a penal colony but whose the penal colony now / really.

australia decides which of the asylum seekers etc etc get shipped to nzl.

started revoking or rescining aussie citizenship forcing terrorists to be confined to nzl

see how that works?

new zealanders. third class australians.


australia can't make vaccines. i mean to say they can follow the recepie on manufacturing but the people with the capacity to invent vaccines can't function in australia.

australia can't make nuclear things... plants. submarines. the people wlith the capacity to invent those things can't function in australia.

australia can't make...

there are various tings.



various tings...

australia can't have. becuase they aren't capable / willing / able to identify those with capacity... and... allow them to do the things they are capable of.

nononononononono we are all held hostage by the stupid children of the wealthy elite. wanting to take up all the money and play their stupid games.


that's not how it is?

what's the problem, then...

opportunity cost.. it isn't about not being as good as you can be (though that is a travesty)... it is a bou being prevented and prohibited from being at all..

now now settle down third class auastralian.. working 3x 4x 10x as hard as everyone else for 1/3 or 1/4 or 1/10 at much.

how about for nothing nothing nothing at all.

good job australia. love what you have done with the place.

bullied to death.

a world *worth* living in. similar.

nothing here. nobody home.

slooooow dooooooown. sloooooooow dooooooown. accept less.. and less and less and less and less and less and less and less and less.

let's ask them page one what gender they are and ask them questions with 'math' in the descripton.

because we don't follow along the established literature?

no. because we are psychopaths. trying to take advantage of any of the kids who weren't raised hearing 'you win all the things all the things you win all the things' (e.g., their very own children). always trying to exploit.

there is a..

what is it...

what happened whereby the UMAT went away to be replaced by the UCAT.

things are not good for many in England... I understand that. I do.


England has nuclear submarines.

so they must be doing more in the way of furthering those with capacity.

nobody home down here. you are welcome.

oh please. help yourself to all mhy stuff. oh just take it.

and dwhat i could have contributed being part of a team who had got with the programme...


there isn't one. hey. not so far as they can help...

not so far as i can see...

look at the fruits of their labours...


Re: think of the investment...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:25:23

In reply to think of the investment..., posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:19:23

oh but we know better than you what your contribution is allowed to be.

we know what you are good at and we have decided that what you are good at means you can do a or b or c or d and never any of the things that you say you want to do. right. we know what you contribution must be forced to be.

and, australia...

how is that working out for you?


australia doesn't have the capacity for australians to make vaccine. to invent it. new medications generally. not happening.

australia doesn't have the capacity for various technical things. enginneering.

australia doesn't have.
australia doesnt' have.
australia doesn't have.

how well is the heavy-handed government forced-labor strategy working for you?

how well are you going identifyign the talent to invest in?

how's that paying off?


something seems to have gone wrong...

i wonder... i wonder... i wonder what it could be...


Re: think of the investment...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:36:41

In reply to Re: think of the investment..., posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:25:23


china is 'getting around to' taking responsibility for Taiwan.

is that how it goes?

china is.. 'getting around to' distributing federal funds in that direction?

does that seem or sound legit.


china is getting on so well with the US that it has trade-deals with the US for various land-based defense so that the mainland of china is defended by land missiles on an outpost called Taiwan.

of course relations between china and US are not good... right.. sure.. and US is giving Taiwan missiles to point at mainland China and not at threats from further afar. sure. totally. completly. doesn't that just SOUND really really legitimate?

doesn't it sound legit?

where are the unlawful boat people coming from... to many to process... too many to assimilate in such a way as to uphold the standard of life and the way of life that was sought out in the first place...

Malaysia. Right. Indonesia... Paupa New Ginuea... Various places from around there...

Nobody wants Maaori contributing to the boat-people problem. Getting up and leaving for a better life. Because local governments are too corrupt. Keeping forced slaves and so on. Refusing to share the wealth around.

Greedy grubs ruining things for us all.


It presently is not the case that it is perceived that torturing an innocent child solely for fun is wrong.

that's the level of deprativity and deprivation.


and nobody is allowed to help.

didn't you know... there are more people with capacity than there are available places in any programme. any programme. any programme at all.

people are entirely expendible.


and lets' start on the long list of things that we do not have..

we do not have.

we do not have.

nobody is allowed.

everybody stop.

and get back to singing the praises of the administration!

physicists must be diverted to presenting A3 graphs of how if you do not comply with government directive then die! die! die!

they go quite mad with power near the end of the second term.

there is no alternative. the adminstration does not change.

and australia will not step up.


china says it could take Taiwan today... but it would be cheaper to take it later.


because stepping up is a responsibility. Australia doesn't want to do anything now about the continual lack of investment that there has been in NZL.

lack of federal court input. lack of training for everyone from police to.. everything. everything...

third class australians. right.

look at how they treat the bonded medical studnets in australia.

because why?

because they think that certain populations are burdens. expendible.

because there are too many...

too many with capacity...

then explain again why australia does not have. does not have. does not have.

not enough people? is that the problem?

not enough of the right people. not enoguh of the people with capacity.

what about those people?

nononononononono those people are never allowed to function.

exterminate them!

bring me more people!

australia does nto have.. does not have...

turns out there are not more capable people... and dturns out cannot identify it when it hits it across the f*ck*ng head. can't do it. won't do it. can't do it. won't do it.

exterminate! exterminate! exterminate!

start over with less knowledge and more compliance.

yes. that will fix it. sure. f*ck*ng genuious i swear.


Re: Australia and China sigismund

Posted by beckett2 on October 11, 2021, at 17:11:34

In reply to Australia and China, posted by sigismund on October 9, 2021, at 17:02:36


I'm still listening, but this topic is weighing on me, and to blurt out, the sub deal came as a shock, and I feel, a negative development for all.

A strong case could be made that Morrison has done another disservice.


There is a lot of ruin in a nation

Posted by sigismund on October 11, 2021, at 23:00:59

In reply to Re: Australia and China sigismund, posted by beckett2 on October 11, 2021, at 17:11:34

Tony Abbott had been a trade commissioner to the UK. The other day he went to Taipei to speak about the Rules Based International Order and Chinese aggression. Aukus is pure Abbott, all anglo saxon superiority. He often speaks of the superiority of Western Civilisation. Dostoevsky? Mozart? Maybe more John Locke with his justification for colonialism. I doubt he was speaking of Prague. The 2 most sincerely Christian and mendacious PM's of Australia's history. At least Abbott was Catholic.


Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by sigismund on October 11, 2021, at 23:11:14

In reply to There is a lot of ruin in a nation, posted by sigismund on October 11, 2021, at 23:00:59

Adam Smith


Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by sigismund on October 11, 2021, at 23:16:04

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by sigismund on October 11, 2021, at 23:11:14

And without doubt the 2 most cruel post war.

'For such a time as this' (Esther) we end up with an outright psychopath.


Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 12:21:35

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by sigismund on October 11, 2021, at 23:16:04

so leaders of China, USA, Australia, England, Taiwan are meeting on Taiwan. Doing military training exercises in the region. maybe to divert attention from someplace else like off the coast of Pakistan...

it is frightening, here, what the mini-hate (ministry of health) is up to.

they are saying only around 100 new zealanders can have exemptions from vaccine on medical grounds. that's according to the government mini-hate records. because, you know, the government keeps accurate health records. (not). from the accurate information they get from the DHB's (not).

the thing of it seems to be that they think 'leadership' is about people with the power / authority to bully people into doing what the government wants.

that's what they were up to with sitting in on the group work in POPLHLTH101. they were interested in seeing who got their way in the face of initial ambivalence or dissent. whose opinion or idea became the one that the group put forward as the groups and how amenable that person was to copy-pasting the ideas that were given to them and having those ideas accepted by others as the party line. arbitrary ideas, often. to test about compliance.

that's what they want the medical doctors and all the experts to be. all the people identified as 'experts' by the government. the con-municators. the ones who get air-time. acknowledgement. they are people carefully selected to get the people to comply.

the government is doing business with gangs for sure. i'ts about supply of drugs to populations, i suppose. and seems that there is really rather a lot to it when it comes to them putting gangsters in certain communities precisely with the attention that they assert themselves as leaders of those communities... i mean to say they establish (in vulnerable communities) a noisy house where there is constant music / partying so as to attract the kids... to raise them up in a drug and gang sort of culture. so that they make a living from the gang (and doing their bidding). play their part in prositution or whatever. don't ask the government for assistance. don't have legitimate jobs. criminals. or... you know how it is... standing outside the nightclubs just waiting for john key so you will do whatever he says anything anything anything at all for a measly twenty-five bucks.


so... the government is not at all fond of the democratisation of knowledge. they don't like / accept / allow people doing their own research or making their own decisions. they think they know best. they treat the people as stupid children. they are prepared to sacrifice individuals quite inhumanely for the mob. they treat the people the way that farmers treat their meat or milk animals. as expendible. replaceable. worth more dead than alive, often. of most value when young and only a liability later. they treat their people as race horses who are bred and trained to peak at 2 years old... to be turned into dog meat at 5 years of age because they are 'past it' (that is to say deemed 'past it' when they are mature enough to start being trained for something like dressage).

that's the stage of development.


that's the danger / percieved threat from the government of the methodist church.

because of the 'good news' bible. it's about the individual people having their very own book that they can read themselves in their own time at their own pace. they can read it for themselves. they aren't required to go to church and listen to a pastor tell them some blend that they don't know of reading from the bible and interpreting it idiocyncratically and simply making stuff up. they can read the bible for themselves.

because the relationship between a person and god was personal. it wasn't something where the person had to do what the pastor or clergyman said when they said because they said. because the pastor or clergyman did not have special authority when it came to whether someone was or wasn't acceptable in gods eyes and sucking up to the pastor or clergyman would make no difference in the eyes of god...

the pastor or clergyman was... one voice. who studied and contemplated and so on... who may be helpful... but was not a commander or dictator of gods will. or... the will of the government.

the government doesn't like that, in new zealand. it really doesn't like the fact that the methodist ministers don't take their job to be telling their congregation that they are to do what the nz government wants when the nz government wants because that is the will of god and if they don't comply with the nz government then they go to hell and so on. that's what the government expects and requires of anyone they acknowledge as expert.


who are these government people who decide what the government party-line is to be? how do you get to be part of deciding?

i mean...

my thing is...

sometimes... it is perfectly possible that rational people disagree. so in those circumstances let the people decide. but our government doesn't agree with that.

the things they are saying about why people are required to be forced to take a covid vaccine don't make sense. i mean to say the politicians contradict themselves and / or demonstrate their lack of understanding of vaccines etc. but of course they are puppet pieces for ministry directive.

i think there are a relatively few senior ministry people who decide. and what training do they have? or, how do you get those jobs? you suck up. for many many many years. how do you do that? well you need to be a person who is motivated and incentivised by having other people suck up to you. so you suck up to someone... and then they put you in charge of people who suck up to you. and the more you suck up to them over more and more years the more they will give you command of an army of 'yes sir yes sir anything you say sirs'. because you have been given various powers to take their things away.

seems to be the thing of it.

it's soooooooooooo competitive.

if you can't rule with love then rule with fear and hate.

people aren't allowed to learn and work from love and curiosity with a sense or meaning and purpose and value... they are required to (or it is demanded that they do not) from fear. forced compliance.

taking one for the team, apparently. because a persons actions do not just affect them. they affect other people's too.

the whole thing about forcing vaccine compliance...

the things they say about why it is justified...

sounds like a 18 year old boy trying to psychologically pressure a reluctant girl into having sex with him. her decision isn't just about her... he's in physical pain, you see. he has needs, you see. she is selfish, you see. she is selfish if she doesn't comply. and she is required to comply. voluntarily. of her own choosing. she has attained the age of consent -- right? that meanas she is requierd to consent. right. that's what voluntary consent means. it's like voluntary conscription. you are drafted once you are eligible for certain things.

euthanasia drugs... whether you are dead or alive doesn't just affect you it affects other people to. pressure... to take one for the team and die. you are just taking up space in teh old folks home. the government did not pay you enough for you to have accumulated wealth or savings or investments to support you in your old age. the government took all of your stuff. refused to allow you to contribute. refused to pay you for hte work you did and the contribution you made. and now it's time to die. the government doesn't want to pay someone to wipe your *ss or turn you over or feed you or clothe you. so it's time to voluntarily sign the form for your euthanasia drug. it's time to go. you selfish person. time to die.

the government is in fact on a slippery slope. i mean to say it's pretty much there already. they were just more quiet about it before. they are bolder now.


they are on the cusp of being more honest.

when i was forced to stay in the psychiatric hospital last year under the mental health act with status 'voluntary' which meant the door was locked and i wasn't allowed to go all 'voluntary' like...

the more secure ward was called the 'psychiatric icu'. how many beds are there in the 'psychiatric icu'? 14? is the government... recording them as icu beds? as in 'when the Covid comes this is our icu capacity'?

likely. yes.

that is to say we don't have icu beds. we redefined them to hide that fact.

i don't think that icu specialists can function in our hospitals. the government won't pay them, you see. i imagine they are things that are only staffed or stocked 'upon request' where that is from a mini-hate order, or similar. for the most part most people are simply left to die. because the government won't pay people to keep them alive. because the government is rather more interested in having people die, anyway. because the government does not value the bulk of the people, at all.

i don't think we have the capacity to train icu nurses. i think that st johns can do advanced life support training in the form of day-long or maybe week-long training sessions... and that's what they do. ambulatory care etc. i think that's the only level of training that there is in nz, really. that is to say, i don't think we have the capacity to train icu nurses at all.

the government is saying we don't have time. it takes 4 years to train a nurse to be an icu nurse. but they aren't saying...

that nz doesn't have the capacity to train icu nurses. because the people who are trained and accredited to do so say 'i can't function in your hospital. you don't have the things i need to do my job / you won't listen to me when i tell you the things i need to do my job / you won't let me do my job'.


midwives are saying they are not going to get vaccinated - which leaves regions without midwives. midwives were the cheaper alternative to general practitioners. general practitioners were the cheaper alternative to obgyn. healthcare assistants will be the cheaper alternative to midwives, next.

taking the babies that pop out and not documenting them... selling them for their organs to wealthy people to be shipped out of Texas?

maybe that's the grand plan for how the government will get a rather large injection of money?


now that i've said it i don't suppose they will feel they have to keep that all hush hush anymore.




all held to ransom by the stupidity of the f*ck*ng government.


Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 12:22:52

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 12:21:35

mini-heel, i should call them.

as in 'get in behind, ya mongrel'


Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:01:58

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 12:21:35

i am starting a website. it is genuinely difficult. i sort of have tried to start a blog over the years, but that is not for me. i need an actual website. an academic one. with my academic research on it. the work that i have done. because the nz government won't acknowledge me or credit me or whatever because it is all about valuing compliance and the sucking up that goes along with that.

i didn't realise, before, about what a big deal it was about my grandfather being imprisoned for pacifism. i also didn't realise about the methodist church and the threat that the government perceives from that.

we don't have psychiatrists in new zealand.

we don't have medical specialist doctors.

or if we do have any of these things they are very few and far between. i imagine that any medical speciality where we have a 'new zealand association of xxx' means that we do not have medical specialists of that speciality. that is to say we are refusing to comply with internationally accepted standards. we are trying to conceal that by writing our own standards. we are trying to conceal the fact that the new zealand government will not allow medical specialists to do their job here by pretending to have it's own system of accreditation.

a system which involves us intentionally seeking out people who have been struck off foreign registers for malpractice... or people who have paid bribes or engaged in dishonest practice (indicating they are likely to be very compliant with the nz government directive)... or people who lied about their international qualifications. or engaged in identity theft etc etc.

we seek out, particularly, people from non-english speaking medical schools it seems... places where it is easier for people to lie about qualifications and so on...

then they arrive in new zealand... often accepted into a PhD programme. they do a PhD research project... and that gives the NZ universities and hospitals time to assess how compliant they will be about the way things are in the new zealand hospitals...

if things go swimmingly in the sense that they... well, i don't know how much money they need to pay into the new zealand system and just how corrupt they need to demonstrate that they are willing to be...

then they will be pronounced specialist. that's how we get psychiatrists. that's how we get radiologists. apparently. that was the plan. apparently. then if that goes swimmingly... i guess they can tell some nz medical graduate 'congrats! you have been accepted for a match into a new zealand specialist training programme!' where the person is then taught by the former to do the same thing again... trying to get a whole work-force (so to speak) of imposters... doing the bidding of the new zealand government...

so it looks like we have medical doctors. who are cheap. who can pronounce 'awwwww' and 'there there feel better' to members of the public who have the audacity to present for help to the new zealand government.

i mean... how badly do you have to abuse the people before they get the message: there is no help. go live in the basement of the high paid government employees. who sucked up sucked up sucked up so they get paid enough to lord it all over others who are kept as slaves. if you don't like it you should work on your sucking up.


so... the Timaru psychiatry thing might be about getting a psychiatrist into the hospital. don't know how long it has been...

that there was a psychiatrist anywhere near that hospital i mean to say.


things are coming to a head that's for sure.


i know i need to be careful...

i am not afraid. in one sense. i have been treated pretty badly at various points over the years and in one sense i am not afraid. i don't mean that as a challenge.


i am not very good at diplomacy. being dis-arming. never have been very good at it. it might be thought to be a virtue in some settings. where honesty and forthrightness are valued. what most people would want from their doctor. but the government won't allow it.

the government won't allow it in any setting.

the government won't allow people to say, honestly, what kind of a housing set up or situation they want to live in. they have decided already that various people are to be forced to live in situations or circumstances not of their choosing. it says that it is because there is not enough to go around (there are not enoguh million dollar houses in particular suburbs) but the government refuses to listen that not everybody wants to live in a large house in those suburbs. but the government won't listen to that because of course everybody does -- everybody is required to want that because that's what's driving up the housing prices...

therefore some people must live as slaves in other people's basements.



the squabbling sqawking etc etc etc...

apparently the problem is that tertiary education is supposed to be... 3 years for an undergrad degree, 1 year for honours, 3 years for PhD (with 1 year of assessment / required changes) and that means the whole goal or aim in life is to make PhD when you are 25.

and if you don't do well enough in undergrad to proceed to honors... you can do a 2 year masters and if you do well enough then proceed to PhD. but it's a slower pathway. because you aren't as bright or because you didn't work as hard. or similar. that's the thing of it.

and if you did well enoguh in honors then you were expected to progress...


and instead of them thinking that it would be a good idea to be honest and forthright about that.... various people (the academically curious ones) would often say they didn't feel ready to write a thesis, yet, because they were acutely aware of how much they didn't know about various things...

and the uni should have said that learning is a lifelong process. but the aim of uni was to progress through and complete the PhD and then maybe one would be employed with teh uni. so the uni would pay you. and you could take additional courses with the uni once you were working for the uni on payroll.

but instead the uni treated these people like they were intellectually retarded and set about branding them as so.

because they didn't grub their way up the money tree...

they got them doing all the work for no credit and no pay either.


Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:18:51

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:01:58

and then i send my webpage to various things...

the universities. the courts.

this is all the work that i have done -- and this is what the universities have given me in exchange for it.

and then future students can look and see all the work that i did for no credit. and decide if they want to slave for the universities.

and people can look and see all the work that other people who have obtained degrees from that university have done. and decide if the universities have any credibility at all.

and i can document the judgments from the courts.

and i can even document my filings to the courts.

so people can see if new zealand is the kind or sort of country that it is possible to do business with or if contracts cannot be upheld here.

if the present administration is too corrupt.


it is concerning that the nz government has recently changed the 'terrorism' laws so as to increase the powers of the government to involuntarily detain people who have not actually been convicted of a crime on grounds that they suspect them being a danger to... the public order. or similar. non-compliant with government directive. you know how it is.

these dangerous ideas that every child should have their very own book.

these dangerous ideas that every child is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions about said book.

apparently some minister someplace overseas... got stabby stabbed in a methodist church.

i think our government is looking for a reason to go after the methodists again.

interesting, hey... my mother did not raise me religious at all. but the values... the value of education etc.

the government seems to want the only things of value to be all hoarded by themselves so people are only more incentivised to spend their lives sucking up to them.

they go quite mad with power.


pacifists aren't a danger to others. that's the thing about pacifists.

that's why they wanted to document me as a violent criminal. they hire security to get up all pushy into people's faces and if the person attempts to hold their ground or assert their personal space they think they are entitled to take them down or run away and scream 'assault! set off the duress alarm!'

that's why they wanted to document me as harming myself. so if / when they decide to harm me later they will blame me for that. 'she's a known self-harmer'. that was the whole thing on everyone needing to have documented self-harm before they would be eligible for government help... for psychology...

they say to people 'you don't get rehab until / unless you are in prison / hospital'. then they try and get people all 'voluntarily' committing themsleves to institutions. because it's cheaper to keep them there. and cheaper, then, to euthanise them and feed them to each other in the slops. i wiould imagine.

breeding kuru.

so they can sell their brains to harvard.



Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:34:05

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:18:51

because everybody knows the whole aim of life is to...

be wealthy enough to feed 40 million people...

and to get the people to breed! breed! breed! breed! breed!

it's all about the population growth.

the nz government blames all our problems on how there aren't enough people.

it genuinely thinks that it needs a population the size of china to get organised.

it genuinely thinks that people are such that you can simply walk through the towns and decide who is valuable and who should basically be exterminated...

these ideas sound really familiar...


the maaori did sign a declaration of independence. some of them. some of the leaders of the northern tribes.

and i think it was then... that the australian constitution was signed. they said a few states agreed to form an australian confederation and they thought western australia might agree to join within 1 year and it was expedient to regard nz part of the confederation.

england passed a statute saying that it acknowledged the confederation. it acknowledged western australia had consented (i don't know how western australia felt about that or what they documented if they documented consent or not) and there was no mention of new zealand.

but the english statute isn't binding on the aussie government. the constitution is.

the constitution was racist. it did not acknowledge aboriginals. there is no mention of maaori. i do not know whether or not australia thought maaori were aboriginal or not. that is to say i do not know if maaori were excluded from the constitution.

the white settlers and maaori signed a treaty.

over the years the relationship between nz and australia has grown larger rather than smaller. the barriers to migration etc. requirements have been introduced that have become stricter over the years. the barriers have very much been to prevent the NZ -> australia direction of travel and less barriers to the other way around. the flow of people is mostly one way in the australia direction.

I think it wasn't until the 1960's that the Australian constitution was amended to acknowledge aboriginal people as Australian. that is very very late in the piece, hey.

But since then things have progressed... There has been an apology for the 'stolen generation' of aboriginal people. The ones raised white in orphanages. We are still, in NZ, very much in the midst of stealing Maaori and raising them white (if they are deemed lucky and desirable) or raising them into gangs by way of government institutions (pathways to prison and living in gang-pads).

And Australia has started paying individuals in reparation. Not paying tribal leaders. Paying individuals. I believe. I believe that is true. For abuses to individuals. Individual soverignty.



Are Maaori still excluded from the Australian Constitution or...

All Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz-like... Were they included all along?


What was 'expedient' once appears to be 'doubly entrenched' now. Or... To put it very crudly... How's it feel -- getting f*ck*d?

Brought to you by the Australian Government.

Roll up for your jabs people. Jabby jab jab jab...



I didn't ask to be born here. Hell, I didn't ask to be born at all.


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