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the fate of maaori language in nzl

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2021, at 3:01:37

does anyone remember... esporantio?

i do not.

but i remember hearing 'about it'. the idea of it. to create a language top down that would be an 'official language'. the idea of it being to create something of a neutral, official, language, that would be useful for certain contexts like maybe law and science that would not commit to this idea of the 'winning' or ascendancy of any one of the natural languages (e.g., all official international business being conducted in english).

but esporanto failed. why? precisely because it was in fact the natural language of nobody.

presently UN stuff is conducted in... they want speakers who are bi-lingual, at least, who can create documents in at least 2 languages. and in this manner... translate the documents into however many official languages.


the trouble with the Maaori language in NZ is that it has been taken over by the state... Such that it is dictated on high like esporanto.

That is to say... Official Maaori that is recognised as maaori by the government... is a certain combination of certain words meaning certain things and certain grammatical arrangments...

but then this additional layer of only being allowed to speak that which was spoken to yuo. only being allowed to say the party line.

such that it is not a natural language to meet the needs of speakers.

that is not recognised as Maaori language at all.

and it would have been hieroglific.. iconographic... if it was allowed to develop oragnically. you can see that from tracts of what the native speakers would say...

but what hwe have now is esporanto maaori brough tto you by the nzl government in the interests of promoting the ideology that...


we are not an original state of australia at all.

that would somehow be racist or in denial of our treaty. even when aboriginal maaori got an apology and cash payouts and maaori... got handed to them esporanto maaori with wich they could better toe the party line...


Re: the fate of maaori language in nzl

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2021, at 3:05:17

In reply to the fate of maaori language in nzl, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2021, at 3:01:37

imagine homer simpson combined with steweie.

so.... imagine the intelligence of homer simpson combined with teh morality or 'clever' of stweie from the family guy.

that tells you everything you need to know of why it is that NZL adminsitraion is not party to any discussions at all about nuclear anything.

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