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paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 17:37:18

paying homage... paying homage... paying homage...

i'm trying to think about why it is that the new zealand government (the major employer of the new zealand people) sees fit to keep me living on scraps in the form of a 'disability benefit' for my disability that apparently means i am incapacitated from unable to not working full time.

that means i don't get access to healthcare (i get tresspassed when i ask for help or i get involuntarily detained in conditions of torture when i ask for help) i don't get enough for dental. i don't get enough to be able to wear clothing that i feel comfortable and myself in. i don't get a car or a motorbike for independent transport. i don't get... kiwisaver. no retirement fund for me. i'm not allowed to accumlate wealth or assets. anyting i accumulate means the government stops my weekly subsistence payments until it's gone and i'm destitute again...

this is how the new zealand government chooses to keep me.

i have a degree... with a very high GPA (no grade less than an A-) and i have honors and i have a masters degree that was a thesis that i completed over 2 years (as most new zealanders do) as they get people taking 2x the standard or normal time to complete masters research degrees.

there is some kind of a punishment thing tha tthey think they are entiteld to when studnets don't go from honors prompltly into PhD in new zealand.

a kind of 'you think you are better than us'.

because the aim is to complete the degree (teh PhD) as quickly as possible. so then you will have the qualification. so then you will get more money for a job. right?

but they say 'there aren't any jobs in nz for people with PhDs' and they are constantly trying to get you to stop work. stop work. stop work and drop out.

and you go... well... there are things i want to learn...

but no. you've learned enough to work the plantations.

you've learned enough to do what you are told when you are told because you are told.

you've learned enough to ensure that peple only learn the very most minimum on a needs to knnow basis...

that's it really.

and you see what little the leaders do know...

which wouldn't be so bad if you were allowed to contribute too.

i don't want to be leader. i've been claer about what i want to do...

but nonononononononooononononononoo

nothing fo ryou.

you are just a disabled little thing for us to abuse.

what are you going to do about it?

criminals. they are.

the government doesn't have IT security.

they didn't think to invest in it. they didn't see it coming.

they don't control the payroll.

so then it isn't the government of nz that is to blame for how they choose to keep me.

i imagine they think they are entitled for a whole bunch of reasons. the idea being that work is work and wouldn't be done without payment but when people won't work for payment (aren't incentiviesed to do what they are told for financial reward) then we are entitled to force them as slaves.

i'm forced to slave for the courts of new zealand because...

what are my options then?

i could start smashing peple with hammers for justice. then they'll lock me up.

they get sh*t work out of me.

of course.

its really sad. the opportunity cost. what they miss out on beuase they force people to be slaves.

they think they are entitled. they think they now best.

but they arne't. they are responsible for holding things back. preventing development. they are wrong that they know better than me how i best contribute to this world. there is NO EXCUSE for keepign slaves. none. nada. they don't know what is best at all.

they can't even manage themselves most of the time. they aren' thappy with choises they have made themselves most o fthe time. so they get busy busy busy controlling others.

new zealnad; nothing grows here. best place in the world to be pedophile or a bully. nothing is allowed to grow or unfold or develop. constantly micro-mismanaging. refusal to see or hear anything that runs contrary to views already decided upon reflexively and unthinkingly. everything must comply


Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 17:48:56

In reply to paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 17:37:18

The Auckland Univesrity of Technology University enrolled a student who was younger than 16 years old.

Her... Guardian? Caretaker?

Brought her to New Zealand from Vietnam. Enrolled her in Secondary Schools for a couple years. She was allowed to accelerate through the mathematics curriculum.

AUT allowed her to enrol in a Finance Degree.

Her... Guardian? Caretaker? Thought that this kid was an investment... Who would go on to repay debt and make money.

But out the other end of the Finance Degree... New Zealand will not allow the kid to be employed in New Zealand. Not going to give her a working visa. Because she's too young, apparently.

In other words... New Zealand arranged to take the money from her... Guardian? Caretaker? To bring her here. But when it came to a way of life that provided a return on that investment...

Hahahahahahhahahahhahhahahaha you lose.

And New Zealnad Degrees expire once they are 5 years old -- didn't you know?

And New Zealnd Degrees are not acknowledged internationally because we only give them to people who have not met the requirements for them.

This kid didn't meet the minimum age requirement for enrolment in University.

Which is why they enrolled her.

I think they think that her Caregiver? Guardian? Will not speak out because she might be charged with...

Child Trafficking?

That's what it's called -- right?

But what about the Auckalnd University of Technoolgoy University who enrolled her and took her money?

What About Universisties New Zealadn who targets vulnerable people in Brazil and Vietnam trying to get them to invest in New Zealand Degrees when we have no intention of honoring our contract when it comes to signing off on all and only people who have met requirments for degrees. When it comes to pathways to citizenship. When it comes to employment opportunities post-graduation?

We pretend we want skilled workers in NZ. But we don't want to pay them. We want to not pay them and have them working the plantations. Seasonal harvesting.

We won't even employ them to work in IT security.


Apparently there have been a couple multimillion dollar offers for NZ IT companies recently. Instead of them opening up to shareholders and listing on the stock exhange and growing as a NZ company... Instead of them being a place where mum and dad investors could put their money...

They sold out. They took the money. They handed the company over to foreiners.

So now I guess they hack the money back. Claw the money back. Insofar as those millinos of dollars were cashed out of the financial system (not re-invested if you like in the stock market. Using the offer as a way of providing a valuation on the company)... Now the money has to be clawed back...

Somethign like that is the situation -- right??


Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:08:54

In reply to Re: paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 17:48:56

I don't have health insurance
I don't have independent transport
They refuse to enrol me in the Degree program of my choosing

(you have learned enough)

I have learned enough to do what?

To take a bunch of English Second Language studnets and teach them that black is white and up is down and love is hate and whatever i say whenever i say because i say is the most sensible thing of all and either p or q and not p means that anything i like is the case. that follows. and if i have a dollar in my wallet and my wallet is in my pocket then my dollar is in my pocket and hgiewohgdk and thiehkghkn and that doesnt follow and straw man! and appeal to authority! and because i say and i am the authority! and your problem is that you no speak-y english!!

partly to ensure that enrolments stay down in philosophy. people who do a course like that are scared back to science and the university makes more money off of science courses and there's a natural progression from biology to picking the seasonal harvest -- right?

partly to scramble up the gpa. partly to abuse studnets. so they think they don't have abiltiy or capacity in the arts. everybody knows these ESL studnets can only do maths (are only allowed to do maths) -- right? no language skills. no arts. no philosophy. scramble the grades. no correlation between time spent working or time spent working smart and outcome. scare them away. philosophy. boo yah grrrrr grrrr nothing to see here. move along.

so that's the use of philosophy.

the other major use is to ensure that ethics doesn't develop. anything they want to do is perfectly moral. didn't you know? inevitable. progress in ethics is when we understand that if the kuru people the people with dementia the people with alzheimers are not screaming their protests then consent is implied. of course. that's progress in ethics. to undersetand informed consent like that. the people who are not affected, that is to say the people who are not themselves the experiemental subject or teh observational subject those people they are the ones who have the inforamation to decide what is best for their subjects. obvoiusly. of course. they make informed consenting decisions that whatever they want to do is just fine. obviously and clearly. of course they need to do a lot of experiments or observations of people being tortured or harmed or hurt or maimed or injured or abused or whatever. these things are required for scientific progress. that's what progress in science looks like. it looks like lots of observational subjects or expeimental subjects being hurt and so on. that's what scientific progress means. rightly understood.

so that's another use of philosophy.

and there's the whole 'what do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x' sort of a thing. and thinking that critical thinking or reasoning means you get to go 'no' to whatever you don't like. that that's critical thinking or reasoning. denial. changing the meaning of words. just... whatever you think because you think and lack of ability or capacity to see or hear anything outside yourself.


no nonnononononono that's you and what am i?


i am waiting for the degree that i completed the requirements of. waiting for the degree.

i am waiting for enrolment in teh program of study i met the entry requiremnts for. that you were required to have enrolled me in.


apparently there is no justice. the criminals always win.

hahahhahahha and what are you going to do about it?

this lesson in life.

that i need to be taught.

that people are very very very very very committed to.

because it's what they cling to to explain or excuse choices they have made.

for which i must surely be made to suffer.


i am not a very good fit for here...


universities were supposed to be about research. that's their essential function.

but the people here are mostly cut off from how research goes or proceeds everywhere else in the world.

international conferences and workshops and the like.

departmental talks and seminars.

learning from each other. that's the main thing that's missing.

people stop listening when they get speaking rights. often.

most people in nz do not have speaking rights.

i was failed because i dared to have my own opinion and the leaders cannot understand the difference between agreeing or liking what it is that i am saying (or being neutral in the face of word salad) and academic quality. they don't have an idea of academic qualities to appreciate that different pieces of academic work might display valuable things that are... different for the different pieces of academic work. one work might be an really amazing survey or literature review. might do that amazingly. another work might be really original with something really quite new or different. another work might be drawing things together in a way that hasn't really been done. they can go 'we expect ALL of those things at the highest level'.

you mean you expect people to do their entire lifes work for no pay.

it isn't supposed to be the entire lifes work.

it is supposed to be good enough. it is supposed to be 1 year of work. or 3 years of work. as the case may be. the work was done. the work was good work. and now you recognise the work that was done with the f*ck*ng piece of paper that is the degree. the work was done for no pay. the payment was the degree. the f*ck*ng piece of paper.

and now you pay me
and now you pay me
and now you pay me
and now you pay me
and now you pay

f*ck*ng hell.

and now you pay


Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:23:05

In reply to Re: paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:08:54

because they are too f*ck*ng stupid to sign their students off

becuase they REFUSE to allow their studnets to work to internationally accepted standards of scholarship.

two out of three external examiners KEPT MY THESIS.

the university calendar regulations say that if re-enrolment and re-examiantion is required (if the studnet hasn't done enough work yet for the thesis to be acceptable) then THE THESIS WILL BE RETURNED TO THE CANDIDATE.

i pointed out to the university that the examiners had not returned the copies of the thesis that were posted to them. the university asked the examiners to return the thesis because the student was saying they were required to return it for the university to be allowed to re-enrol the studnet and arrange for re-examination of the student.

the examiners refused to return the thesis to the university.

i made the changes the examiners required within 10 weeks. within the enrolment period that had already been paid for.

the university refused to get my work back to examiners thereby preventing them from signing the form saying the thesis was to be accepted in fulfilment of regulations for the degree.

tehy refused to get the work to examiners in order to prevent the examienrs from signign off that i completed the work within the enrolment period.

they refused to allow me to work ot internationally accepted standards of scholarship.


it's not rocket science.

that was end 2018 / start 2019. that was in time for me to start Medicine in 2019.

that means i'd be in my third year of medicine now.

this would be my first year doing wards rotations.

they stole my life.

and now they pay
and now they pay
and now they pay


the courts are often f*ck*ng incompetent. they refuse to deliver justice. natural justice.

they refuse to make it so that it is most costly (in the short term financial interests sense which is the only sense these psychopaths can comprehend) for them to refuse to comply with the law than to comply with the law.

it needs to be more costly (in the only language they understand) for them to break the law than to follow the law.

or if new zealand is committed to the judicial branch of government rewarding psychopathy then there needs ot be a mechanism to get the people out of new zealand.

which is costly to international community. why are they left cleaning up after the messes the new zealand government makes when it refuses to do any of the most basic of f*ck*ng things that it's supposed to do.

i don't know that we want to have a judiciary.

we don't seem able to write laws or enforce laws or...

what the f*ck do they do all day.


apparently i was the ONLY PERSON to have made a complaint about serious wrong doing within NZ Universiteis.

and the CE of Universities NZ refused to simply get the evidnece of the inquiry (aka forward teh email i sent him) to the police for prosecution.

for that he'd paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

to fly to vietnam and see how much money he can make off of trafficking children to new zealand by making false promises about how investment in new zealand will be repaid


Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:24:53

In reply to Re: paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:23:05

it's a no brainer from the courts.

so why is it taking years and years and years...

lack of timely justice is no justice at all.

the amount they owe me needs to increase in time otherwise they are incentivised to create delays rather than being incentivised for there to be timely justice.

they haven't even offered out of court settlemnt.

that's how arrogant they are determined that justice will NEVER be imposed by the courts.


Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:28:41

In reply to Re: paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:24:53

new zealand's strategy is to keep new zealanders in the lower half of the median income bracket and recruit migrant workers who lie about their qualifications to be paid in the higher half of the median income bracket.

that makes me think that it's a myth about being paid the higher half of the median income bracket.

because if i lie about my qualification... then you lie about my wage.


and what am i going to do about it?


so then it's about....

look at the pretty houses. some people get to live there. not me.

look at the private hospitals. some people get to have health care there. not me.

look at the clothes that some people get to wear. not me.

and so on.


look at what people do all day...


i have no reason to go anywhere or do anything.


it should not take 10 years to give studnets their graduate degrees.

new zealand is a scummy scam of a corrupt hoax of a b*llsh*t land of psychoapthic pedophiles. teh universities refuse to honor their contracts and refuse to allow studets to work to internaitonal standards.

we think we will employ 'doctors' and 'engineers' and so on from overseas...

but we won't pay them.

of course.

there's really nothing here


Re: paying homage...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:32:37

In reply to Re: paying homage..., posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:28:41

and i wanted to help new zealand develop...

and they think they are entitled to FORCE me to do x or y or z they think is a better idea of a life for me.

and it always looks like further privaledges for them and less and less and less and less for me.

they refuse to allow me to help new zealand develop.

court proceedings with my name as the applicant is not me helping new zealnd develop. i'm not helping the law develop. i'm not helpling the ocurts develop.

i am being kept as a slave and abused. is all. that's all it is.

just like in science.... bullying and abusing and torturing... watching these things unfold... is not at all an invevitable part of progress. is not required for progress. is not progress.

is an expression ofthe lack of progress is all.

timely justice.

timely justice would be progress.

and would processing my degree completion quickly as possible with reparation for delay.

as would processing my application for enrolment in medicine as quickly as possible with reparation for delay.

that would be progress. that would be timely justice (no amount of reparation can undo the harm and damage from the refusal for the above things to have happed in teh time they were supposed to happen).

f*ck*ng waiting.

there's nothing here.

This is the end of the thread.

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