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demon child

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:17:16

I don't know if anybody from any other country can see this...

The video...

<deep breath>

The message seems to be...

Ashley Bloomfield... Is looking positively anorexic. He is one of the most highly paid government 'servants'... Over half a million per year... No matter who wins the election... He is the Medical Doctor by training civil servant government employee who advises the government about things... To do with Medicine... The... Not the attorney general... Not the surgeon general... The... I don't remember... The attorney general of health. Or somesuch...

And there's a guy.... Who happens to be Maaori. Language interpretation. It's only relatively recently that NZ had sign language interpreters at all...


Between them...

Between them...

Is what is obviously meant to be the demon child of the Ministry of Health. What is up with her gair? Is that a Moko? (Maaori tattoo about her chin)? Is that a lepord skin thing as part of her traditional cultural dress??? WTF???




REally, NZ. Really??? WTF...





Re: demon child

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:31:39

In reply to demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:17:16


Let's get a handle...

Presently, in NZ...

Nobody is dying of Covid. So the government has NO GROUNDS to authorise an emergency dispensation.

That means they are required to do vaccine approval process 'business as usual'.

But the vaccine approval process via 'business as usual' is... Still... Still an embarrassment, for New Zealand. I mean to say, the level of risk that the government is prepared to... Allow? Take on board? Accept for itself? To New Zealanders...

Next point...

The vaccines arrive -- and who has access?

They say the first roll-out is to 'front line workers -- and their families'. Then there are pictures of / implications of... The people working on boarder security in the hotels where recent arrivals are housed -- and their families.

The majority of people (I think it is fair to say) who work in the hotels... As security guards. As cleaners. Also as hotel staff. Also as military. I think it is fair to say a disproportionate number or amount of those staff are commuting through from South Auckland each day to work on the front lines.

We are talking about people working security and cleaning, particularly, in the hospitals were new arrivals have come into quarantine. In NZ that is where the Covid people are / may be.

So the first round of vaccine was supposed to go to the high risk front line boarder workers -- and also their families.

And in practice... What happened... Was that the members of the district health board took their vaccines (before their age group and medical condition roll out) because they said they had the opportunity. ANd that is why they are members of teh board. Obviously. To take any opportunity they have for themselves....

And their families.

And the whole 'anti vaccination' thing... Is a hoax... By them... To explain why there are vaccines to spare such that it isn't morally or ethically or whatver... Depraved. Or bankrupt. For them to have taken them for themselves. And their families.

And then the forces that go into play...

The employers who will not allow their employees time off work to be vaccinated.

And so on.

Even the whole thing about 'informed consent' becomes hijacked as an excuse by the demon children to justify bullying people out of having vaccines in order to grub them all for them and theirs...


Re: demon child

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:35:00

In reply to Re: demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:31:39

That's more the state of play. Politically. In NZ.

We aren't developed enough, yet, for informed consent...

I need to go back back back back back into the depths of depravity... To understand what is holding NZ back...


Re: demon child

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:41:56

In reply to Re: demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:35:00

To be clear...

I understand the importance of core training.

In swimming you have months... years... of kick kick kick kick kick kick. why? because kicks suck. all of the speed comes from arms. but arms are easy. and kicks are hard. and sucky. and at the end of the day (eventually) all of that training in kick kick kick kick kick kick -- pays off.

and you only get to swim (at speed - max effort) relatively rarely. because doing it *well* involves kick kick kick kick kick kick -- that wins the race. training max effort is *fun* but *unproductive* with respect to technique that wins the race... eventually.

(and of course things are so very elite that it's genetics and steroids that wins the race actually... but ALL OF THAT STILL is built on foundation).

and in weight training and a bunch of other sports generally... maybe even with kick kick kick kick... it is about core development. and how it takes years...

in olympic lifting...

there is something hard to quantify about the squat patterning...

in most sports, i guess. it's the endurance pay-off. of many hours spent on the fundamentals.

the work.

for the few minutes (or seconds) of pay-off.

and what is holding NZ back is one of those core, fundamental things... mastery of which slingshots you... most places.


Re: demon child

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:45:13

In reply to Re: demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:41:56

it is like yoga...

most of the poses... hitting them safely (sustainably) comfortably... Using muscles and not inappropriately stretching or stressing ligaments or joints or slamming bones....

you need certain things to be working really at a high level. Muscles contracting. Then certain other muscles can relax... Because things are supported.

And you work and you work and you work to develop strength... And then length (which means loss of strength). And then to develop strenth at the new length. And then to lengthen. And then to develop strength at the new length. And then to lengthen...

And eventually to develop strength in the core... To allow relaxation in teh periphery... For weird poses...

That require phenomenal strength in the core.


Re: demon child

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:51:53

In reply to Re: demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:45:13

and then...

i don't know if it's just me...

but i need to back off from yoga.

because i start pulling my body apart from the inside.


i certainly need to lengthen my spine... 'pull your ribs out of your pelvis'. but i also have compression fracture to my lumbar spine... that is to say... i don't have the body support. i have loss of 1/3 vertebral body height...

so my core is inherantly unstable.

so i need to be easy... go easy... develop and work the muscles to compensate...

while realising / recognising an intrinsic or inherant weakness in -- what is always, structurally, for everybody, the weakest link.


Re: demon child

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:58:13

In reply to Re: demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:31:39

The criticism has been 'NZ aims to do business with China (who it mistakenly characterises as a developing nation with many human rights abuses that somehow legitimate the human rights abuses on behalf of New Zealand)... while looking to the US / UK for protection / security'.

So, what has happened.... Is that NZ (without emergency dispensation for vaccine at all) Contracted a number of US / UK experimental vaccines.

The Chinese vaccines (sino -- whatever. vax. whatever)... Were NOT contracted for... But these are the vaccines with least negative or harmful side effects.

They are also least effective. That's a trade-off.

That's THE tradeoff that you make when you are not operating under 'emergency dispensation'.

Let me guess: Trade you infant milk formula for vaccine (said no NZer -- ever).

It's NZ who refuses to develop.


why would YOU help US???

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 17:47:45

In reply to Re: demon child, posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 1:58:13

is what they say.

why would YOU help US???

i mean... for years and years and years and years and years and years and years... we ignored you and kept you in conditions of deprivation. stole your stuff. laughted in your face...

for years and years and years...

why would you help us?

and the only sensible answer to that is:

'I wouldn't'.

that's the point / aim / goal.

'in order for us not to matyr you... in order for us to stop abusing you... all you need to do... is stand up for yourself. that means admitting that you are just like us. that means saying that you wouldn't help us if you thought you could get away with not helping us. any more than we would help you. haha!!!'

1/4 of our population lives overseas. has fled.
of the remaining people 25 per cent live with disability. that is to say incapacitated. the government (major employer) does not provide them with so much as minimum wage equivalent.
of the remaining people how many are in 'educational' or 'training' programmes where they pay (or get themselves into debt to the government or some subsidiary thereof) instead of being paid even minimum wage?
of the remaining...
how many are making a living in gangs or with organised criminal activity?

these are how we keep unemployment rates 'reasonable' of between 5 ish and 7is per cent.

people apply for unemployment and they are denied application forms. told they are 'ineligible to apply' for unemployment.

like how when people go to apply for a state house and they are denied an appointment that they are told is necessary. then a stream of false information is fed into the computer system. e.g., they will say that the person is not capable of managing a household (when they have no evidence for that and even when they have evidence to the contrary) in an attmept to force people into communal living boarding houses... they say you have ther right to ask for misinformation to be corrected but then they deny it is misinformation and they say you have the right to *ask* but that doesn't mean you hvae the right to get hahahahahhahahhahahhaa.

what are you going to do about it?????


lovely place, new zealand.

how bad things need to be to force migration to Australia.

how bad things need to be for it to be preferable to be a third class Australian.

how bad things are artificially kept...

because we like it when people run about murdering and raping each other and bullying each other to death.

it's a fun game.

in concentration camp island.


Re: why would YOU help US???

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:01:01

In reply to why would YOU help US???, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 17:47:45

they pay me
they pay me
they pay me
they pay me
they pay me

is what they said. when it's like 'yay you you have a job. how is that, then?'

well they pay you.


and they don't pay me.
they keep me in conditions of deprivation.

how is that then?

well... most places in the world have laws that state that is inhumane.

i'm not given or granted person status because of some lesson in forced compliance with... uh... what?

what do they want from me, again?

there was something in the news a while back about something something and they said (and it made it's way to print) 'it would have been faster if you had have just sucked my dick'.

my 1 year of research that i completed in 2018. because, you know, i applied to be enrolled in a 1 year research project degree and because i'm a domestic adult which means i get to choose my programme of study...

and so now it's 2021. and where is my credit for my 1 year of research thesis that i wrote? where is the thesis? they gave it to the examienrs. the examienrs did not give it back. it was lodged in the library though with my name on it so people could see it was my research output. 1 year of research research output.


beore covid when i wrote about how our people live in sh*tty housing and how the ERs meet their targets via perverse incentives whereby they send people away so they can say they are treating the people who present and how we don't understand informed consent on immunisation. the thesis I wrote in 2018.

for the degree i should have got.

so they were required to enrol me in medicine if i applied (which i did) if i was ranked highly enough by their objective algorithm.

that they refuse to apply.

because everything is invitation only in nz.

we get vaccines and a nurse invites her friends to come get one on facebook. because otherwise they will throw the vaccines away rather than deliver them fairly as instructed by a fair process.

theres no other reason to be a nurse -- right? that's why they pay you -- right? so you can give all the things to your friends -- right? so you have peopel who you think are your friends -- right? because if they had the opportunity to help you...


i don't even f*ck*ng know.

the cameras go up in the hospitals.

1/2 the DHB took their vaccine ahead of their peer group because they were presented iwth opportunity to take for themselves and they thought they were winners.

that means 1/2 did not.

that's better than expected.


Re: why would YOU help US???

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:35:11

In reply to Re: why would YOU help US???, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:01:01

actually, yeah, that's the actual situation. i think. the problem.

during my time in Australia, at the ANU, they were in the process of dismantling it. fundamentally changing it in some way. what was the problem? well...

people were using it as a platform to springboard to the US. so the people were leaving. and they started clinging more tightly to the graduate students. not signing them off. somehow it makes it look better for them to have to list higher numbers of students enrolled in their programme who are never presented with their degrees?

what happened...

it started with reporting where the grads are now. and i suppose it got embarrassing for places to list that their grads were... the joke was working in fish shops. as in... working in a bait shop or whatever. you know, go to university for 6+ years to work in the local fish shop. that's why you should go to university.

so then they thought they would improve their stats by not graduating people. they would just withhold the degree because they weren't going to give them a job.

why weren't there enoguh jobs? well because some people needed to have more money than they needed. they needed to earn enough for 4 or 5 or 6 people... and they didn't want to be amongst colleages... they wanted to have all the money for themselves. they wanted to keep slaves... for as long as they could get away with it... i guess...

there was a... de-evolution. a regression...

tehn this idea that the fans would flock from fandom. or whatever. rich kids wanted to be part of some... scene. the experience of grad school or whatever. it's about the parties. etc. it's about the facebook photos of people in party dresses... it's about being part of the scene. that's what grad school is about.

like how undergrad at otago is about drunkenness and russian roulette of who is going to die tonight?

australia closed the thing on NZers working for tehir government. they were supposed to return to NZ and work for the NZ governmetn -- but the NZ government wasn't hiring.


there was a thing about 'you left us' so... insecure attachment. because they left there was no way in on the return. because they left they are justified in...

there's a lack of sunday school morality 101.

on behalf of those who were focused on they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me.

instead of them being... i want to learn more. nobody here can teach me. i want to go and find people in can learn from.

they stayed and grubbed up all the money.

now they keep student slaves where they force their students to write theses expressing the things they themselves don't know.

in the hope that someone will explain it to their students (in front of them) so they themselves can come to understand in a way that's face saving.

through their students.

their studnets are just tools in their pathology.

Crampton didn't do ethics 101 so his students are handpicked to express their lack of understanding of ethics 101. they are allowed to demonstrate understanding of rudimentary features of utilitarianism only.

and he expresses his fine administration ideas about how it's a treasure trove of funding all this equity money when there are no demands of accountabiltiy as to how it is spent.

and who is going to stop him?

why you better suck his dick faster because he's figured out where all the money is!!

to be scattered around him...

my problem is that he's made his career on preventing development. he hand picks the 'equity kids'. the're the ones who he belivees he can sufficiently control to suck ihis dick faster

(metaphoric. i'm being).


why would his kids help him if they thought they could get away with it?

they wouldn't... i don't think... that's besides the point...

it's more that they tow the line. they can do a relatively good approximation of finding him genuinely motivating and inspiring or educational or something.

that's why they pick 'em younger and younger and younger and...

Australia thinks it's pretty funny, i think, that NZ is teh concentration camp island of Australia.

That NZers are treated as third class citizens.

They need to take responsibility for the choices they made... To profit themselves at the expense of NZ. At a time when the Australian economy was doing really really really really well the world saw their true colors.

The post-doctoral fellowships... The research grants. The reseach funding. When the Australian economy was doing well... How did they spene dthe money? What di dthey choose to invest in?

The keeping of slaves.

Cry cry cry for vaccine handouts.

All that money spent on 'gold standard of care' arguing things round and round and round and round and round... Where teh rubber hits the road: Where di dthe money go? What was it spent on?

The keeping of slaves...


the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:54:22

In reply to Re: why would YOU help US???, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:35:11

how long should it take for judicial review of administrative action?

the education act says that domestic adults are eligible to be enrolled in programmes they apply to.

the education act says the public universities of nz are required to allow students the academic freedom to work to international standards of scholarship.

the universities then refuse to enrol me in programmes i apply to. excuses excuses excuses excuses excuses. who is going to make us? you can't make us! we do whatever we want whenever we want with impunity! wah wah wah ooga booga just run away and kill yourself you ungrateful little bitch!! just f*ck off! you do whatever we say whenever we say because we say because we say!! wah wah wah!!

the universities then refuse to get my work to external examiners -- because they know the external examiners will sign me off.

so the courts sort it out in a timely fashion -- right?


and has to go through the court of appeal...

because the judiciary doesn't seem to function any better than anything else. which is to say doesn't seem to function at all.

the goveernmetn is supposed to prosecute corruption -- right? that's why they have authroity to take taxpayer dollars. what they are required to spend those on? so why don't they prosecute the exexcutives who refuse to perform their statutory function.

no speak english? they can't parse the laws? they can't read teh laws and explain back what you just read?

is that the problem?

reading comprehension 101 not working.

the reading age is...

is that the problem?

no. the problem is something differnt entirely.

they want all of the money. all of the resources. all of the power... to do what? to phone up their crony friends and give all the things to them... or not. to just do whatever whenever why ever...

nasty bruitish and short.

i don't see people...


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:57:44

In reply to the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:54:22

and no work gets doen because everybody sits about wariliy eyeing everybody else as to who's gonna get backstabbed when...

sing sing sing sing singing the praises of the current leader...

watching for opportunity to stabby stab stab in the back.

at which point they get to proclaim they win the money game!

for a brief time until someone gets them.

what a fun game we play. squabbling over who gets the resources.

to ensure we don't develop it systems or healthcare or anything. any of the things. any of the things at all. nothing. nothing here. nothing to see. no development is occuring. no development at all.


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 19:01:45

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:57:44

they think that if they can convince people not to buy up all the houses and keep slaves literally in their houses... then the people will need to do other things with their money instead.

it can be more developed like... Fagan. instead of keeping a poor house where people go out and steal you things and bring you back the things they have stolen in exchange for rent to stay in teh house...

well... you can't force peple to work with denying them housing, quite...

so instead they'll have to figure what other needs they can deprive people of... you know... to motivate them to go out and steal the f*ck*ng money.

what kinds of high value worthwhile things they can do...

all those babies about with candy. the low hanging fruit. to have their stuff stolen.

all those rich people in teh suburbs. waiting to be smashed in the face with a hammer. that could be sufficient incentive for them to hand over some of their money. things are starting to develop in that way. the criminal element is getting more organised.

nobody wants to live.

people just want more control over when and where they die.

that's all there is here.

that's all new zealadn is allowed to be. let's be clear.


Re: the courts

Posted by sigismund on April 20, 2021, at 16:40:52

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:57:44

>what a fun game we play. squabbling over who gets the resources.

Think of us. We have all this poison to sell as the sh*t hits the fan. You do know Scomo?


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2021, at 22:58:49

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by sigismund on April 20, 2021, at 16:40:52


I know that New Zealand Universities give away their students intellectual property to 'Turnitin'. Which is really turning themselves in, that they would do that to their students, (require the studnets give up their intelletual property in exchange for their work to be graded). The University's are providing Turnitin with information about who is grading, whether they are blind grading, how long they take to grade, their grading comments, and the final grade.

I know that when I use Microsoft Word to write things that means Microsoft has administrator access to the content of my documents. I know that when I use Gmail to write things that means Google has administrator access to the content of my emails.

I imagine Dell... And Microsoft... Likely has the capability to view my screen as seen by me... At any point in history. I would imagine. I don't know why they would not build that capability into their machines.

I did not like it when you couldn't buy a computer... ANd keep it offline. Off the internet. Use it as a typewriter offline completely. I did not like it when you couldn't physically connect (LAN) a computer to a printer.

Every time I print I imagine Brother has all the content I'm printing.

I mean... Why wouldn't they?

I used to think that security online meant sssssssssssssssssssssssssssh.

But now I see the New Zealand Government and I think that the best security of all is screaming from the rooftops.

The more large corporations that have information on me

-- that I am not into child pornography. That i am not researching how to blow up parliament.

Etc etc etc...

The better things are likely to be / go for me.

The less likely it is that some branch of the NZ government will disappear me. I mean to say. Disappear me in a psychiataric ward. Seems to be what they have been threatening to me lately.

If I vanish... Send people to look for me. I am not kidding.


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2021, at 0:30:51

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2021, at 22:58:49

i know my medical file notes are online.
i know the online system says when they were last accessed (by whose login) and when they were last altered (by whose login).

i know there will be the ability / capacity to see the state of the notes PRIOR TO legal action being threatened.

i know the district inspectors notes will be able to be retrieved from cloud storage and / or from her computer system with a system reset.


i know these things.

we will see if new zealand is too corrupt to require these individuals hand over the notes with clinicians taking responsibility for the notes they wrote with the clinical basis they stated. they can say whethehr the notes were in fact writen by themselves or someone else and whether they have been altered or not. they can say these things to the courts.

and it might be that new zealand government does not hold them responsible for the decisions that they made..

but it will be out there.

and i guess people can decide if they would let these people anywhere near anybody they actually care about. and then i suppose that.. fixes their fate in medicine. or something.

new zealand appears to be in teh process of withdrawing from internatioal obligations. because new zealand denies that it's people are people.

they broke the social contract.

they hire rapists and pedophiles and murderers and turn them loose on the people in the hospitals. so they pay them less. so they follow instrutions from managers and so on. ED nurses. who decide to punish people on arbitrary grounds. instruct the doctors to sign the forms... i see that there are in fact a few ED nurses who are used to running the show... who will make things unbearable for clinicians who don't comply with their directive. is see that.

why are they still there?

things are very very corrupt.

they think they can bully people into going away without care at all while spending the budget on themselves.

that's why.

the uppermost levels of adminsitration or management. I mean to say.

those ultimately respoinsible for hirings and firings.


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2021, at 0:40:03

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2021, at 0:30:51

i know there may be security camera footage.

there are certainly televisions up all around the show. pretty sure smart tvs don't just deliver tv to you... pretty sure they have the capacity to upload information...

i would be suprised indeed if there wasnt security camera footage inside the public (that is to say corridoors) of the hospital. even if not in individual rooms / wards.

i would be surprised indeed if there wasn't security camera footage of 4+ very large security guards called to outside my door physically pushing me back into a seclusion room. if it shows my face they can probably get a sign language interpretor to lip read my asking clearly and repeatedly for a lawyer and fo rthem to step aside and allow me to go about my lawful business.

the cameras will show the expressions on the faces of nursing staff and other clinicians.

the gloating. the smirking.

the... failure to make eye contacct from the security guards once i stated i was being unlawfully detained against my will and they were follling instrutions like nazi soldiors.

i'm sure it's there for the cameras.

what are you going to do about it?

what is new zealand going to do about it.

the judciary. the third branch of government.

the DHB hired a QC to file a motion to have my proeedings struck out on the grounds that dkjeowioiwehoilej it doesn't matter. the judge instructed me to revise the statement of claim because klhidhfoigdskfkjldsjfkld it needs to be longer apparently and only to assert thins that the DHB can defend itself against.

i said i needed the dhb to give me the file notes. where the people who write them take responsibiltiy for that. then i will be in the position to make specific allegations about violation of rights and i will be able to name parties responsible.

the judge said he didn't have juristiction to order them to hand over my file notes.


they won't appoint an amicus curiae. canada does that to self represented applicants. to ensure there is no misarriage of justice.

new zealadn refuses to get with the f*ck*ng programme.

there's nothing here.

no education.
no health
no legal


i really haven't seen any f*ck*ng inkling


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2021, at 0:44:28

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2021, at 0:40:03

the judges say 'yes, you are right 'technically' you are right. they did violate the law'.

the judges then say 'but there is no teeth to that'.


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