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I don't know if the ANU would have tried this on..

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 20:39:38

If I had have submitted a thesis for examination in a timely fashion and my supervisor had have started throwing hissy fits of trantrums that i wasn't done yet becuase he liked me so much he wanted to keep me slaving for him for the next 5 or 10 or 20 years...

If the ANU would have dealt with that internally. Required the department to get it out to examiners in a timely fashion. Required the department to honor the integrity of the examination process by preventing my supervisor from personally contacting the examiners or otherwise trying to get messages to them that I deserved to be failed for my impertinence.

I don't know.

I don't think that anybody dared to submit their work without their supervisors permission.

So... How did the supervisor decide when to give their permission? Well, you were supposed to spent the great bulk or majority of your time houding them for their approval. For what concrete things you needed to to for their approval. That usually meant getting work to them very very early and then they would cross out the bits they didn't like and write bits they did like in the margins. And then you would progressively get rid of the bits you wrote and replace it with the bits that they wrote...

And in this way they would write something for you that they felt invested in passing. Because they thought it was good. Because they wrote it.

And then they would (there would be the credible threat of) them being very very heavy handed on anybody who dared disagree with them.

So the Eastern Division Philosophy Conference was fairly notorious for big name people throwing their weight around, basically, coming into the defence of the students they liked the most (because those studnets were basically only saying things that the supervisor gave them to think)...

And it's an odd or a strange kind of work that supervisors will allow their studnets to do for sign off.

Because they don't want it to be too good... They save the work they consider the best for themself. For their own name. For their own publication. It is just sort of... It is supposed to just sort of only just squeek through as being 'good enough'. Reluctantly. Grudgingly. Squeakly. Just squeeks through.

A sort of a pattern to it.

And then the student gets paid -- is the idea. And can spend the next however manhy years turning that into their first book.

And so on. The start of a career.

Except that they only allow a few to start a career. Mostly they became focused on refusing to sign studnets off as much as possible.

And in this manner the studnets without anything to say get through.

And they have a constant source of their studnets ideas to steal.

And of course mostly it's about not signing the studnets off.

Until the point where everybody sees it for what it is. Someone not signing their students off. Someoen eating their own young. The cannibalism...

The kuru.

That shows through in the ideas.

the word-salad kuru you get from the lack of freedom of expression and teh refusal to sign the studnets off and fairly pay the workers.

THE brain disease.

The death of the field.

the subject.

The University.

Why would anybody with money pay to go to Univesrity?

What does a University Degree get you?

ANd they won't even give you a University Degree even if you pay tehm.

What does having one mean?


And they don't give the people who have earned them them anyway.

The whole thing.

THey runied the whole thing.

It's a f*ck*ng joke. It's a f*ck*ng farce.

They cannibalised themselves.


Re: I don't know if the ANU would have tried this on..

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 20:48:51

In reply to I don't know if the ANU would have tried this on.., posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 20:39:38

I guess the Research School of Social Sciences was in fact extinguished.
Because they weren't signing their students off.
They signed off the Australian.
They signed off another of the Australians.
They did not sign off the Irish.
They did not sign off the South African.
They signed off teh Australian -- and we went on to Medicine.
But he was personally rich / wealthy.
They signed off the New Zealander.
They signed off the New Zealander.
They both got a post-doc.
They then never got work in New Zealand.
Their partners have all teh work.
And they are their stay at home with them slaves.
Another New Zealander they got to start over...
I think he spent 10 years working on his PhD the first time...
That was the maximum possible time for enrolment, or something like that...
But then they let him start again on a whole new PhD with a whole new round of PhD funding.
I don't know that he ever got his PhD, though.
There was that one...

So they got rid of the Research School.
Because the Faculty (who did teaching not just research) was signing their studnets off...
But the Research School wasn't.
ANd that was their job. Their only job.
To train teh next generation of researchers.
Only they wouldn't sign their students off.
They wouldn't employ them as researchers.

So they got rid of the Research School.

Because it didn't do the one thing it was supposed to do: Train the next generation of researchers, and sign off on their degrees, and get them into jobs.

Game over.

You lose.

You ruined it.

The evolved apprentice...

Became enlightned.

And (as you say yourself) there are certain things you can't force slaves to do.


The people fled.

And the journal went to teh USA because (again) you forgot to train the next generation.

Which was your one job.

Your primary function.

KDRIORUEIOTHEOIHTILDHGKLDJREKDJKDKDKD says the retard (me). The IHC person living on disability incapacitated by my environment. THoeirewhrkshrdhtkrljsdkhrdkd.rje.

My primary function.

This is the end of the thread.

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