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the government is the major employer

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 19:10:03

the government paid out massive amounts of government subsidy to the biggest of the businesses in new zealand.

and those businesses laid off workers.

and those businesses paid dividends to shareholders.

and those businesses gave pay rises to senior management staff.


it is the government departments that keep advertising jobs they have no intention of filling.

they advertise the position.

they don't even interview applicants.

they notify all applicants that they did not get the job.

they readvertise the job only a matter of days later.


'wah wah wah' they cry. 'we can't find anybody to fill the jobs'.

firstly, the advertise jobs nobody wants (12am to 6 am only up to 20 hours work per week at a location with expensive parking).

secondly, they don't process the applications from the applicants (if there even are any applicants).

they aren't real jobs.

they aren't hiring people to do that which is advertised.

it's a bogus sham.

there aren't any jobs.


brought to you by the new zealand government.

ensuring that nothing develops in new zealand.


Re: the government is the major employer

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 19:18:20

In reply to the government is the major employer, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 19:10:03

it's just the message they send.

they advertise a rubbish job for minimum wage.

then they tell you you didn't get the job.

so you think 'wow, i didn't even get an interview for a job where it's not really possible for them to have advertised anything lower... and i didn't even get a look in. not even an interview for that'


i applied for a job as a *qualitative* policy analyst.

so they said they wanted me to sit a maths test.

so then they said i did not do well on the maths test.

so then they decline me for all the *qualitative* policy analyst jobs that i apply for.

not even an interview.


there aren't any jobs.

not for over a year.

they want to see you applying for over a year.

so when they offer you anything anything anything at all you will be grateful.

and they want the job application experience to be horrible so that people don't really apply for jobs.

and then there's this whole thing of identifying the thick-skinned psychopathic bastards who spend all their days applying for jobs applying for jobs applying for jobs... chasing the larger pay-checks. not caring at all what the job is or involves just chasing the larger pay-checks. working 1 job, 2 jobs, 3 jobs more... working all the jobs.

i mean how long does it take you to realise that managing people into ensuring they never produce anything (being obstructive and holding things up and refusing to pass their work along channels) is something that is valued and something that can pay you. and how many of those kinds of jobs can one work? jobs where one is paid to do nothing and to ensure that nothing else happens (or is ever acknowledged to have happened)?

i mean you could work three of those jobs, at least. how difficult is it to do nothing while collecting up all the money?

and then you get to thinking how stupid people are that they don't realise that this is the game and this is the game whereby they have things like titles and money and houses and retirement funds. cars and travel and trips. all the things.

if other people were as smart they could have all the things too. it's a real land of opportunity!

all you need to know is: people are only paid to ensure that their job description is never actually performed or done (or acknowledged to have been) by anybody.

that frees up time to apply for other jobs, you see.

and once you get that reputation the opportunities flow. people see just how obstructive and incompetent you are and how you got with the programme.

like the ombudsman ensuring (up until very very recently) that there were NO UNANNOUNCED INSPECTIONS of hospitals and prisons in NZ.


Re: the government is the major employer

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 19:23:10

In reply to Re: the government is the major employer, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 19:18:20

i mean, how hard can it be to learn to take the paycheck for processing people's applications to enrol in tertiary education... and not enrolling them in the programme they applied to.

it's the same skill that's involved in not processing visa applications.

it's the same skill that's involved in not processing permits.

it's the same skills that's involved in processing qualification completions.

it's the same skill.

all of these involve the same thing (nothing) that can all be done simultaneously...

armies of people... being paid to push the papers around...

armies of them...

so people are less likely to point out the obvious: the university council or some other small group of elite whities pick and choose a small select few of the next generation to be them...

and nothing else is processed.

the votes aren't counted.

the ballots weren't sent out.

the slum lords didn't give hteir tenants post-boxes to get their election mail.

the government didn't teach the kids how to read in the schools (they would need it mimed on youtube to know about voting)

and we don't have a postal system, anyway.

mail is routinely, regularly, reliably taken off someplace and simply dumped.

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