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to be fair

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:00:05

they likely would have been fired for saying 'wah wah wah' before.
i mean, the reason they were advancing in their career was because they were able to convince their superiors that they were totally and utterly inept and incompetent without their superiors and their one and only goal in life was to further the cause of their superiors and huddle along behind them or they would surely die...

and they did that for long enough... and their superiors died...

and there they are. their inheritance.

but, still, it is a change them engaging in *critique*. that doesn't happen. people don't critique things. they spout the party line.

you know the party. the people in wellington who believe they are smarter than everybody else and remunerated better than everybody else because they are entitled and they work harder (times are so hard they work three jobs, they work all the jobs, there aren't any jobs for everybody else, all they need everybody else to do is to grow and collect up food for them and serve them).

shifting things from the universities to the trade-schools won't change so very much.

they think they'll be getting free slave labor on construction and the like.

and they'll get shoddy work and cut corners blamed on the studnets buildings being burned and blame it on the apprentice because we wanted to collect the insurance pay-out.

they won't sign the students off. they won't pay their workers.

they'll keep them paying the trade-schools and the trade-schools won't sign them off.


they pay people more and more and more and more on the basis of how many others careers they prevent. how many other people they can eat.

that's the game.

that's the set-up.

that's the situation.

ensuring we have massive numbers of slaves... continually throwing us money (because we're so clever)

we're so clever the world can't do business with us.

that we do isn't 'business'.

it's something different, entirely.

it isn't other countries playing 't*t for tat' (wow NZ is starting to 'independently discover' a line of research that was all the rage internationally about 20 years ago)...

it's about...

why would a country do business with new zealand?

what do we have to offer?

clean green?

look at our climate change ACTIONS. toxic waste. human sewerage. farm contamination. unswimable lakes and oceans.

come be a studnet?

we don't sign them off. we want them slaving our plantations only while paying us for the privaledge of working 2x 3x 4x the standard time never getting the qualiflication they tried to sign up for.

arts and culture?

where is it? 2 or 3 people with speaking rights and a herd of people who look sick and unhappy and distressed. there's so very few named artists. we don't pay people until they are dead (and then we still don't pay them). nothing is produced here. it's cookie cutter mass produced by low paid workers with no qualifications.

why would anybody want to do business with us?

we don't do any of the things we are supposed to do...

from processing visa applications... to building safety compliance issues...

it's here a bribe there a bribe here a whim there a discretionary judgement.

good people cannot do business with us.

'i don't know what you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x'.


so you grub all the money and don't allow anybody else to do anything until you get it (which is never).

good job!


the worst philosophy paper

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:25:40

In reply to to be fair, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:00:05

the worst philosophy paper is this paper called 'critical reasoning'.


because it is typically the study of bad arguments.

people spend most of the time in the course exposing their minds to arguments that are thought to be bad.

it would be like trying to teach someone how to spell by exposing them to all these mis-spellings.

saying 'not like this'. 'not like that'. 'wrong'! and all these reasons why it's wrong and terrible and bad.


does it teach people how to write good arguments?

does it teach people how to spell correctly?




it has the effect of wrong-things starting to look right from familiarity.
from exposure.

and it teaches a whole attitude of 'nonononononono and i have a good 20 names of things i can call what's wrong with it instead of engaging with you in a more meaningful way'.

it sets the quality of the debate back.

what is the point of it?


they used to call it 'the money cow' class for philosophy.
the academics at Waikato who were involved in teaching it used to call it 'the money cow' class for philosophy.
it always had large student enrolment numbers.
more than 'Introduction to Philosophy' or 'Introduction to Ethics', even.



Because they used to reccommend the course for international studnets who did not have very good command of English.

They used to intentionally advise international studnets (ESL speakers) to do that course because (they said) it would help them with their conversational English.


Did it?


It exposed them to bad arguments.

People are like 'why would people say things like that? Why are we reading about all the stupid things stupid people say? Why are we reading nonsense? Why are we spending our time analysing obvious nonsense?


Because 'you made a typographical error therefore I am allowed to force you to repeat the year' is good reasoning -- right?


International students were the primary victim of that course because...
They were polite.
And also because they would think that their incomprehension indicated their command of English wasn't good enough (they would internalise the fault of blame) rather than them concluding that the entire course was nonsense.


It ensured that people who did a course in Critical Reasoning would think there was something wrong with their English skills which would scare them away from doing any other courses like INtroduction to Philosophy or even Introduction to Shakespeare or even Introduction to New Zealand Fiction (which they now call 'telling the story' because I don't know how many years of University is required before people know that 'fiction' is a 'story'.

It killed the Arts.

Enrolment numbers, I mean.


Instead of growing the University...
Instead of growing it by... Getting students WANTING to do a double-degree in Science and Arts or Business and Arts or whatever...
Instead of growing the quality of the Undergraduate classes..
They set about ruining it.
Undermining it.

They set some hierarchy stupid idea where the idea is basically to have all the students enrolled in a single course who outperformed all teh other courses and now we don't have any degree programmes because we only have 1 course and 1 lecturerer who teaches from a recording we made of them 10 years ago because we retain the intellectual property.


The University retains teh intellectual property of all it's students and staff -- does it?


I see...

They couldn't ruin it any faster...


So instead of hiring philosophers...
They hire non-philosophers to teach b*llsh*t courses in 'critical reasoning' where they learn no content but expose them to awful arguments all the way along before throwing their work up the stairs by engaging in arbitrary grading practices...
The lengths they go to to ensure that none of these people will do another course in philosophy.
And the only reason they all did that particular course in the first place is because the University chose to market that course in particular instead of encouraging them to look at the entire range of courses on offer and pick something that seemed genuinely interesting to them.


The University wanted to destroy the philoosphy department.

They couldn't have done a better job of it.

The people they chose to hire...

WOrking slowly... SLowly... Slowly... So very very slowly... ANd slower... ANd just a bit more slowly...

Or producing content that shows they lack good intuitions. Etc.

And then taking a heavy handed approach to studnet work...

To force them to stop work.

To throw an endless succession of money at the Univesrity for the 'privalede of'.


Where are the journals?
Wehre are the conferences?

We can't even have a NZ association of PHilosophy.

We can't get organised.

Squabble squabble squabble squawk.

There's nothing here.


Re: to be fair

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:33:34

In reply to to be fair, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:00:05

and i most certainly did not come back to this country to do philosophy.


and then they say 'you need to complete a qualification to study medicine'


so i do one year of philosophy research for them.

and they REFUSE to get the work to external examiners for them to examine it for the degree programme they were REQUIRED to enrol me in.

because they are a f*ck*ng PUBLIC university who is accountable to the PUBLIC. it's not their f*ck*ng PRIVATE institution whereby they take PRIVATE risk when they choose to stabotage it and undermine it and destroy it for their own transient short term personal profits.

They hide behind government hand-out after government hand-out after government hand-out becuase they don't collect enough private fees and bribes to be a private university.

They cry for government hand-out after government hand-out after government hand-out while not doing ANY of the MOST BASIC OF THINGS that they are BY STATUTE REQUIRED to do.

what a f*ck*ng joke.


three branches of government and asylum

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:40:10

In reply to Re: to be fair, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:33:34

1 branch of government: parliament.

I have written to politicians. Local politicians. Minister of Education. Minister of Health. Minister of Everything (Education, Health AND State Services Commission). Prime Minister. Leader of the opposition. I think it is fair to say I have exhausted that branch of parliament.

2 branch of government. executive.

I have exhausted internal complaints resolution process University of AUckland and University of Waikato. I don't know what was going on at Otago... I tried to exhaust it. People some combination of don't publish the policy. Refuse to follow the policy. Change teh policy on the fly. Hide the names of the people in the positions with the title (e.g., you have to complain to this person with this title within this number of days). Also the NZVCC since parliamentary statute says it's their job to follow up on studnet and faculty complaints. Exhausted.

3. judiciary.

well let's see, then.

that's the last branch of parliament.

supposing they counted the votes and all that. supposing they enrolled the people with the capacity for law degrees and handed over their qualifications. supposing they advertised the jobs for lawyers and judges. supposing the courts are competent. the judged can read a statute.

supposing the judges can figure out a judgement that is fair.

people don't do any of the things that they are supposed to do.
grubbity grub grub grub all of the money
not doing any of the things that they are supposed to do
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh we're too stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead and what are yooooooooooooooooooooou going ot doooooooooooooooooo about it????

that's the third branch of government.

tick f*ck*ng tock.


Re: three branches of government and asylum

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:47:00

In reply to three branches of government and asylum, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:40:10

parliament has the authority to dis-establish the universities.

parliamentary statute says the universities are required to allow studnets to work to international standards of scholarship.

the universities refuse to allow students to work to international standards of scholarship.

- they refuse to process enrolments according to published criterion that were published with the stated intention of public accountability

- they refuse to get studnets work to examiners for external examination

- they refuse to base the outcome of students work on external examination (they both demonstrate unwillingness / incapacity to parse reports of external examiners and demonstrate unwillingness / incapacity to base the outcome on the reports rather than on their own person preference to keep studnet slaves slaving for as long as they can get away with it)

- they sign off on students who bribe officials (both locally and overseas)

- they refuse to confer degrees when studnets have met the published criterion for completion of them

they aren't universities because they don't do any of the things that are required of them for university status.

the people in charge of them gutted them for their own short-term personal profits and fled.

Stuart McCutchen.

Whats her face head of Otago who is now going to go gut the University of Western Australia.

Like locusts...

Paths of destruction.

The lengths the government goes to to prevent development of a government think tank and the like. Skilled knowledgeable competent workers helping the country develop.

masses and masses and masses of slaves.

We don't have Universities.

They don't do any of the things that they are supposed to do.

They won't even acknowledge their own qualifications.

They falsify their own transcripts on their own whim.

Good people cannot do business with us.

There's nothing here.

THere's nobody home.


Re: three branches of government and asylum

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:50:22

In reply to Re: three branches of government and asylum, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:47:00

The Government can't / won't construct / arrange for the construction of a sensible booking system for spots in quarantine.

Refuses to do it.

Does it ask for help internationally?


People are apparently making programmes to trawl and book for people...

I guess that's how you force them to pay you -- right?

You force them to pay you.

You literally have to pry the money out of their cold dead hands.

Jam the system and nobody can get a booking in until they pay you.

THey pay you

They pay you

They pay you

They forgot to pay you

THey forgo to pay you

They pay

Oh yes,

They do

They pay



Re: three branches of government and asylum

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:52:16

In reply to Re: three branches of government and asylum, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:50:22

And the members of the board get sick...

And the politicians...

And the richest of the richest of the money grubbity grub grub grub grubs.


It's inevitable...

One day...

They'll get sick.


Q: And what do they think is going to happen to them?


A: They don't think.


Re: three branches of government and asylum

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:59:50

In reply to Re: three branches of government and asylum, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:52:16

it's just this mass in-bred extinction path.

it's like WWII took some time in getting to NZ.

we haven't discovered 'slavery' yet. we aren't that developed.

there's a whole lot of 'that's not bribery -- that's how we do business'.

genuine incomprehension.

lack of capacity to understand that that's how we don't do business. that's to say, that's why we don't have business. that's to say that that's why we aren't economically thriving or flourishing. because we don't have business.

we have this other thing that we like to call 'business' that is... a system of bribery and corruption.

and that's why our people are flourishing or thriving...

and we are constantly having to cry for hand-outs. and we can't do any of the most basic of things to help our people.

intellectual property laws.

well, what's the point in that when they aren't even processing people's applications to law school, aren't signing off on their degrees...

law school is just selecting the youngest girls they can find to be sent off to internships where they can go be raped at drunked office parties by senior partners...

year after year after year after year...




the path to extinction.

the world gets sick and f*ck*ng tired of propping us up / giving us f*ck*ng hand-outs

giving who?

the tyrants who refuse to allow anybody else to do anything.

oooooooooooooooooooh mighty minister of everything.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh all of the money and titles and powers to you.

what ya gonna do about the corruption in education adn health and state services in how much you choose to pay a few to ensure the masses take out government loans / accumulate government debt to prop up your pay and your three jobs




see why nobody can do good business with you?

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