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wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:03:13

go the three people with speaking rights in new zealand.

there's des gorman.

i think he trained as a medical doctor.
his job was to stand up in court at the behest of ACC and say that people's cancer or other things weren't job related.
and since their cancer or other things weren't job related that means they wouldn't get state / government funded treatment for their condition.

so his job (as a medical doctor) was to take money from ACC for doing an interview assessment of a person who was very sick (often terminal) and then find whatever research he could find to muddy the waters (often as simple as 'you can't PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE anything with association studies. We don't KNOW that smoking CAUSES cancer... Or road tar. Or asbestos. Or radiation. Or anything. Anything. Anything at all. We can't PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE anything at al. And gravity is not a force. And they did everything to themself. And it is their fault. And no treatment for them.)

That was his job. That's why he went into Medicine, I'm sure. To help ACC deny people from having the treatment they need.

But wah wah wah goes Des Gorman. 'Nobody listens to me'.

Wah wah wah goes Micheal Baker. I wonder how much air time he's had over the last year. Count up all the words in all the articles going on about the one and only Epidemiologist of New Zealand. He doesn't have any professional colleages for us to hear what they have to say. He doesn't even seem to have any graduate research students. There's no research outputs of his for the media to direct us to that I can see. No dialogue in print. No conversation.

But wah wah wah goes Michel Baker. 'nobody listens to me'.

These are the few people in the country...

There's one Engineer. Nanogirl. She's the only one allowed to say anything about Engineering. Apparently she's all about helping girls get into Engineering. I've never seen a girl who she's helped. Never. Where are her students, then? Where is one of her studnets that she's helped into Engineering? What does she have to say? Is there anyone, anyone, anyone at all?

There's one microbiologist. No students, either. NO peer publications.

Wah wah wah they go 'nobody listens to us'.

There are no journals.

There is no dialogue.

That's why nobody listens to you. You don't listen to anybody else, either.

There's no community of equals. Different opinions. No respect.

There was something in the news about teh Universities and less international students.

THe VC of Waikato says they are getting rid of a low of low-value employees.

Like himself?

He's the one who needs to go.

He takes his pay-check.. ANd then there isn't any money left to pay teh pay-check of anybody else. He takes his pay-check and his chronies take their pay-checks. Then they don't sign the studnets off so they can keep them slaving for 2x, 3x 4x as long. They can say 'we have a few hundred graduate research students' but they have one hundred research students who are all forced to slave for a few more times as long.

So they have more time to instill in them that they have nothing to say. That they can't get work published (we have no journals). That they need to stop producing work (we don't want research output). We want them to stop work and take a pittance of money only for doing nothing. To get with the programme of stopping everybody from doing any work.

Then we can just sit around singing the praises of Michael Baker, Des Gorman, microbiology lady, nanogirl...

The 4 or 5 people with speaking rights.

The top of the hierarchy!

The pinnacle!

They made it!

They have speaking rights!

And what do they say:

Wah wah wah nobody listens to us.
Wah wah wah.

I see why they pay them.



Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:19:11

In reply to wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:03:13

And every now and then we get one.

One to try and say: And this is what we want from you / and this is what we want you to do.

One example of a person who managed to get a medication through the number of trials and to market.

One example of a person who had a start-up idea who obtained funding for it who made enough money off of it to effectively retire and spend the rest of his days telling the kiddies that they, too, should hand all their ideas over to the funding people so they can assess things...

If you actually have an idea then they will steal it and replace it with their own words... Where their own words are designed to have you forced to take 2x, 3x, 4x as long finishing your research as you are supposed to (so the international community thinks you are intellectually handicapped / slow worker). Also to perform atrocities for no good reason at all. Ethical violations. Bad statistics. You get the idea.

Low low low low low. That's the only question 'how low can we go?'

The vice chancellors and their chronies want as many low value people as possible. To slave for them indefinately...

So they can take their ideas... And so on... ANd pass them off as their own. Teh one or two or three with speaking rights. To try and justify their position. But it's just about who is willing to be a slave-master is all it's about, realy.

low low low low low. How low can we go?

Waikato ain't got nowhere to go. There is no lower. It's about to fall of the bottom of the world rankings becuase they managed to silence everyone. They don't enrol people in teh programme they apply to. They don't get their work to external examiners. They request examiners examine it for the wrong degree. They don't base the outcome of examiantion on reports o examiners. They don't get the students work back to examiners for sign off. They refuse to allow students to work to international standards substituting local standards of their preference to keep people as low value low paid slaves forever.

That's not a university.

And then they want people slaving on the crop plantations over teh summer... That's a new thing.

Come to NZ to do a PHd and slave for minimum wage on the crop plantations.

Or maybe work in the hospitals? You can pay teh University and pass yourself off as senior consultant? Cheapest doctors ever!!


Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:32:55

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:19:11

you can pay us a bribe and sing our praised all day and maybe we'll select you into a medical degree. you can pay international fees for that...

and of course we'll fail you, periodically. and shame you. and you'll feel so ashamed and afraid that you are failing... and that means you hand over money to repeat various years. i think they can only force you to repeat a year once... on two occasions. something like that. so factor that in to the cost of doing business with new zealand. the cost of buying a medical degree from new zealand. there will be another couple of years of repeat years when they fail you for your english not being good enough or whatever arbitrary reason. your not being culturally safe / appropriate. that will likely be it. that's why they hire the maaori in the name of equity. to fail the international students for not being maaori.

so there's that.

and then there's no promise of training intern places in the 6th year. and if you don't complete your training internship then of course you don't graduate. no degree. so a kerfuffle about that, now.

that's where some went to italy. where they handed over a sum of money and were sent away from the hospital with their internship forms signed off.

when that became public knowledge the university officials were like 'that's the way we've always done things'. surprise that there was anything wrong with it.

then they attempted to blame it on the students for bribing their way out of their workplace experience.

but it seems the university was okaying those work placements for them beforehand and the university had accepted similar sign offs previously.

it is unclear to me how much some studnets were forced, basically, to accept a work placement whereby they handed over a sum of money instead of being allowed to do a work placement and in that way they got their work placement signed off.

in new zealand, too. it is unclear how much some of the work placement places don't want studnets in those hospitals. they don't want them seeing how there isnt' any medical supplies. how the buildings are substandard. they don't want anybody on pay-roll to set foot in any of the 'back of house' aspects or areas. so any studnets assigned there have a very cursory front of house experience and they get them out as quick as possible.

then junior docs... paid about the same as you would pay a PhD studnet. in other words... highly skilled labor for low levels of pay. because they are supposed to be still learning. only they tell them that they are the most highly skilled / trained people that there are...

and there we go.

and then there's the charlitans and so on who have been struck off registers everywhere else...

the advertisements intentionally designed to not attract any applicants and the ones that aren't real (aren't actually hiring).

they had 'sterile supply technician' which is apparently minimum wage. you put the stuff into the autoclave. i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. they re-advertised. i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. they re-advertised -- saying that massey had a 'sterile supply technician 2 year course and they were prioritising people from that'.

in other words, students pay massey 2 years of fees where their work experience (no pay) is to slave for the hospital. in what is only ever going to be a minimum wage job with no progression.

they had 'medical laboratory assistant'. entry level. they wanted 12 until 6am part time of up to 20 hours per week.

i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. the job was re-advertised. i applied. i was informed i did not get the job. the job was re-advertised. they said it would be suitable for a recent graduate of a 4 year bachelor of bio-medical science degree graduate.

a part time job. graveyard shift. where hospital parking will cost you... and the job is close to minimum wage...

we don't have jobs in new zealand.

we just have schemey scummy scams to get people throwing money at universities and slaving for minimum wage.


Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:50:14

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:32:55

i guess it's because they pay these people... to advertise 'jobs' (i put them in scare quotes becuase there really aren't any such things insofar as i have been able to tell, since my return, to new zealand).

i see a big 'how low can we force them to go' process.

how long is 'frictional unemployment'? if it's 6 months... then we'll force them to 'frictional unemployment' for 12 months, at least, and see... how low we can force them to go...

that seems to be the idea. the grand plan of things. we can kid ourselves it't about money, about saving money. it's about how the board gets it's next pay-rise, so i suppose it is about the money, after all, how much worse things can be for some so that a small minority can have more and more and more and more and more than what they need...

and what do they do with their money? slum landlordism, seems to be the kiwi way... maybe invest in a private hospital. an aged care institution so you can do experiments on people kept immobilised after living in your slummy houses after smearing faeces on the walls in your slummy jobs.

that was something -- before Covid. the newspapers used to be full of the whole 9-5 stupidity. the work-hour rushes that was blocking up the infrastructure while things were empty outside those artificially constructed rushes. how people were doing things like... eating their lunches on the toilets. smearing faeces on the walls in the toilets. in these supposedly nice and upmarket work environment.

how the CE's needed to have private bathrooms at work because they couldn't be expected to slum with their workers who would leave things to go mouldy in the frige and smear faeces on the walls and on the buttons of the elevators...

they forgot to pay their workers.

and they didn't see it coming.

we don't have a system of progression.

it's just about picking the people who will agree to slave-drive the next generation and keep as many of them in as appalling conditions as possible. that's the trophy. volume and just how low we can go.

the great race to the bottom.

wah wah wah cry our leaders. nobody listens to me!

actually, the problem is that you are the only one with speaking rights.

'what you said but reflected back on you'.

like talking with a 3 year old.

apparently some doctor wants to be a cartoonist, really. he's decided to self-publish cartoons.

because he's concerned that his patients don't listen to him -- his patients won't take the vaccine when (and only when) he says they should.

instead... his patients are saying things to the effect that they will make their own decision.

and, of course, that makes them 'impervious to reason' and 'conspiracy theorist' (says the person with the money and the power in that situation).

he's decided to slum it with the people and speak tot hem in a language htey might have a hope of having the reading comprehension skills to understand.

a cartoon.

maybe he'll make a youtube video.

'i am the voice of science!' say our mighty leaders.

because our medical doctors have science degrees?


arts degrees?



who's your daddy?

and how much of a bribe did he pay to have you set up so he wouldn't be paying you into the future?


Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:04:20

In reply to wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 15:03:13

I am angry because these are the people that ruined it all.

New Zealand is a tiny little leg of an Australian trip.

Academics from the Northern Hemisphere with research they want to get out there (to discover points of connection for future collaboration) can get a rental car and travel the length of NZ in 2 weeks - giving talks at each University on their way through.

That's what people used to do.

But this stopped.

Before Covid.

It stopped before Covid.

The Universities stopped publically advertising talks. The Universities stopped inviting people to talks by speakers.

The Universities didn't want people saying things to the speakers like 'I've been a graduate research student here for the last 10 years and my supervisors never allow me to give research talks and never allow me to send my work out for publication'.

It was embarrassing.

I was having to tell them that our books were being systematically removed from the shelves to make room for 'group work study space' (aka - nothing).

Auckland wasn't part of ULAZ (it wasn't part of a reciprocal lending library scheme) and books that had been donated that were valuable (e.g., early edition Grey's Anatomy) were being vanished altogether and the shelves were becoming increasingly filled only with the sorts of crap that you get when old people die after the shops and private sellers have picked over everything. They were increasingly keeping books in 'book jail' behind the counter where you needed to present a student ID to view the book in library only for up to one hour (thereby preventing people from studying from the book).

Things like that.

So... The talks stopped.

There weren't department seminar series.

Then the talks sort of morphed... Changed... We started getting talks from people saying that they tortured people for their research (detained them involuntarily after accuring them of stealing when they had been set up). IN order to... See what would happen. In order to... Teach compliance around the University. The Psychology department of some country was doing this. Apparently that study research was funded by some International Law Society or something like that...

Or talks about how NZ Government was going to change it's laws so that if you couldn't protest being teh subject of experimental research (e.g., ebcause you had dementia) then they could do scientific experimentation on you -- because no consent is implied consent.

And it is a bit hard to know about euthanasia... Only these types... Were the ones most opposed to it. Likely because the developmetn of laws around when it was okay would make it clear that what was currently happening (who was deciding and how they were deciding) was very much not okay.

Where hospice and whether your will is in order and things are right with Gods representatives on earth. I mean to say. So the private sellers can sell your possessions, at least, and donate the garbage to the University. Or whatever whatever however that goes...


Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:15:20

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:04:20

I guess they were coming to do stem cell research. Because that's not illegal here. Because we have very very high rates of abortion.

We have pretty high rates of caserian... That means the mother is anesthetised for the birth and the father is not present.

We have medical students (19 year old boys, I think) doing cervical smears and abortions.

Otago has all the old ob gyn equipment in museum types of exhibition cases all over the university.

motivating a generation of teenage boys to pay vast sums of money (or con their parents into it, I guess) to do medicine...


There used to be this thing about two worlds or realms or whatver.

Maaori used to say.

They would have home. Communal group living lucky for running water and sanitation...

And they would have whatever part of their day was 'civilised' with work or school.

And it was like two realms or worlds.


I think there is at least 2 worlds at the Universities in NZ.

I imagine there is a large volumes of low valued garbage world...

Where there's vast amounts of money to be made off of keepling student slaves throwing money at the Univerity for as long as possible... Keeping them slaving on garbage... Money is time and added time is added money. Keeping the bums on the seats. Keeping the citizens throwing money at the University so that the... WOrld. Doesn't pay them. THey don't earn an income. They only become more and more and more and more and more endebted. More and more deep into debt. To the Univesrity.

And then, I imagine, there is this other world of the people they pay.

I suppose now we have two worlds, again.

We have the people they pay to lord and master over the previous situation. That's why they pay them -- Because they extract more money out of others than their pay-checks. So they earn their keep in this way.

ANd then...

Well then...

There's the 'and what was this supposed to be about anyway'?? Thing...

The research output.

The motivating / inspiring teachers who attracted people to certain things where people were productive in those things (for a bit, for a time, until they got knocked back crabs in a bucket-like because they thought they would get more money out of them for keeping them slaving forever).

Teh research output.

Because it's a research university -- right?

The research projects... The start of people's career... Making things. Producing things...


It's slavery all the way thought?

It's worse than slavery because slaves weren't required to pay their masters.


Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:18:48

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:15:20

we don't have intellectual property laws.
because we don't have intellectual property.
because we don't give people credit for their ideas.
because we don't reference people.

because what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.
and because nobody listens to me
wah wah wah

look at me.

i have all the money.
i have all the media time.

and what i choose to do with it:

wah wah wah.

nobdoy listens to me.


Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:30:29

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:18:48

there are a few new zealand medical journals.

the parents of the international studnets expect to see their students name in print.

i think there is an element / aspect of that about it.

that's why they print it on high gloss paper and leave copies of it all strewn about.

so they feel they are getting their monies worth. seeing their kids name in print.

their kid might get their name up close to the front... right at the front... depending on just how bad the people can make it. the kinds of atrocities that were committed in the production of it. the kind of a message that it will send to future employers...

it's about leverage. i think. it's about having leverage over the person. so you can have them slaving for you for none of the pay.

the worse the atrocities that they commit (whether they have that motivation or whether they can be coaxed into displaying to the world they will do those things) the easier it is for them to...

neutralise them.

in other words. not pay them.

so then...

if they want to be a doctor at all... they can pay the DHB. depending on the leverage, of course. i mean, it will start with repeating the year for the university.

you pay the university fees and in exchange for that they give you swipe entry and you call yourself 'doctor' in the hospital.

but then they fail you and you are repeating the year rather than progressing. but that's shameful -- right? but you don't have to tell anyone you failed -- right? they can think you are continuing, progressing... it's just that they don't pay you (you pay them). or they pay you a pittance (you are an intern rather than on pay-roll as a junior doc). or you are being 'held back' on the pay-scale because...

because that's how the board gets pay-rise for itself year after year after year.

because there's more studnets trained than places available.

because the primary criterion on who gets to advance has to do with how low they can force them to go...

exceptions for... the kids of the board members. i guess. because if the board members are paying for their kids to live then it's sort of a little like an extension of themselves... only new zealanders often like to keep their kids slaves, too.

people will force their kids to live at home with their parents while their parents have money invested in multiple slum rental homes...


and then it becomes about registration. not having any registration, i mean. what difference does it make? i think there is something about you can't prescribe medication without being registered. so that means that you need someone more senior to sign off on the prescription.

so that means you can have hospitals staffed by people who won't prescribe medication.

which is cheap -- right?

and then, over time, as people are passing themselves off as 'you must be a registered consultant or whatever by now -- right?' while, i don't know... repeating their first year as a junior doctor for the 6th time... then people find themselves in the position of...

i don't know...

being 'invited' to do surgeries or abortions or caserians... or do anasthetics... with... other people who aren't registered, too. for whatever reason.

there they are.

maybe they are medical device representatives doing experiments on what kinds of materials will cause the worst immune response reaction... maybe they are foreign scientists collecting embryonic samples for stem cell research (which is not illegal when done in NZ)...

things are really very not good in our hospitals.

in new zealand generally.

concentration camp / detention facility island.

there's nobody home.


Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:37:18

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:30:29

and they go: why don't we have purpose built quarantine facilities?

and the answer is: because we don't have the capacity to do that.

it isn't about the money. i mean to say the lack of money is a symptom only of the underlying disease.

the people with the capacity are kept neutralised by people who lack the capacity.


ensuring that new zealand doesn't develop.


it's a myth, it's a lie, that organisation or co-operation or whatever requires effort or energy or...

the reality of the situation (biology tells us so) is that increasing complexity, organisation etc etc is the DEFAULT TRAJECTORY.

when things don't develop in good directions and better ways...

it's due to lack of vision. lack of foresight. lack of insight. people being blinded by their stupidity. closed mindedness. narrowmindedness.

cognitive deficiency. defect.

turning everything into hell on earth. proliferation of slum.

what are the odds they got to be associated with the body they got to be associated with (rather than some other one)?

they want to play that game?

f*ck*ng psychopaths.

This is the end of the thread.

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