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court tomorrow

Posted by alexandra_k on December 6, 2020, at 1:24:20

i think the outcome is likely to be an empty declaration.

i think the outcome is likely to be 'they did violate the regulations in processing your application but no damages will be awarded to you'.

i think that is because the judge (who has been changed from the previous judge whom i criticised for being the son of the prime minister in charge of ensuring judicial review doesn't hold parliament to account for most of his lengthy career)... the judge... well, she had a case where a woman was wrongfully detained by the police when they had no grounds to have detained her for 15 and 1/2 hours.

and while declaring that to be something they did not have the authority to do the judge refused to grant compensation / damages.


there is no deterrant. the government just does whatever it likes. the judiciry says 'that'll be tens of thousdands of dollars to the courts for taking the time to hear you whinge ineffectually about the governments crimes' at which point the judiciary says 'bad government they shuoldn't have done that' and proceeds to award no compensation.

i am confused about her ruling in that case...

it seemed as though she thought she was only to consider the particular 'causes of action' brought before her and that judicial review was itself insufficient as a cause of action for damages.

but the rules of the high court say that damages is available to judicial review. so.

it just doesn't make any sense at all in teh interests of justice to think that the government can violate someones liberty like that on whim withought paying a penalty or compensation.

i think that judgement is grounds right there to take to other governments. to declare our government to be invalid. broke the social contract. refused to uphold the rights of its people. a declaration without compensation sufficient to go some way towards justice - rebalancing or righting the wrong is, in fact, empty.

the government needs to be properly motivated or incentivised not to commit unlawful acts with impunity.

If the courts don't uphold that then the judiciary has undermined itself.

keep the borders closed. keep the trade sanctions in place.

the northern hemisphere is saying they see Jacinda Ardern and they understand how Hitler came to power.

Things are not good in NZ


Re: court tomorrow

Posted by alexandra_k on December 6, 2020, at 1:33:14

In reply to court tomorrow, posted by alexandra_k on December 6, 2020, at 1:24:20

we are supposed to have an inquisitorial justice system. that means the judge is allowed to be an active inquirerer in the interests or pursuit of justice.

that means our judges are not limited to the things the lawyers bring before them.

that means that the lawyers failure to bring 'bill of rights violation and request for damages for emotional harm arising from unlawfully depriving her of freedom' shouldn't preclude damages being awarded to her for the fact that she was in fact unlawfully deprived of her freedom.

so.. if i forget to dot an i or cross a t and the judge says 'no damages'.

if i don't please the appropriate cause of action in breach of contract or bill of rights or whatever...

that does not absolve the judge of their duty to to the court to uphold justice.

i know in advance i won't see justice done.

that is because the new zealand government has invested in promoting this ideology / this expectation / this.. reality... whereby the mob does whatever the mob likes with impunity. and where 'justice' is simply putting a rubber stamp on whatever the mob liked to do.

there is no justice in nz.

the people here seem to lack the capacity to comphrehend it. what it would look like.

lack the capacity to identify fairness when they see it...

lack the capacity to choose to uphold it.

i suppose international community has, effectively, locked down our borders such that citizens can return home (arguably, sort of, depending on whether the nz government processes their applications and they are presently refusing to process some of the applications of their citizens)...

australia has returned a lot of nz criminals (upon release from australian prisions at the end of their sentances for crimes they committed while in australia) back to nz...

rich people are paying their way in... their visa applications are being expediated...

'high priority visa applicants' like apple pickers and cleaners are having their visa applications expediated...

but mostly the borders are locked down. mostly they are.

it really is concentration camp island.


Re: court tomorrow

Posted by alexandra_k on December 6, 2020, at 1:39:02

In reply to Re: court tomorrow, posted by alexandra_k on December 6, 2020, at 1:33:14

the government is invalid.

they broke the social contract.

my debt to the government is just another instance of the government refusing to keep true and accurate records.

my studnet loan debt is a fabrication. they have recorded amounts like $10,000 for courses i was not enrolled. for courses where the content was not delivered to me. to universities that have no records or transcripts for me.

my debt to the government... work and income. a debt of close to $20,000 for accommodation costs and basic household items and the like. that's a fabrication, too.

every year i live i owe the government more and more and more money, the government reckons. my debt to the government only increases.

the governmetn refuses to advertise goverment jobs.
the government refuses to acknowledge nz qualifications.
the governmernt refuses to process applicatons for government jobs.
the government refuses to employ certain of it's people
(the ones like me chosen by the government to be exploited only).
i am refused employment
i am refused education

the government is a f*ck*ng joke.

wrongful death
sexual violation
wrongful imprisonment
involuntary detention
organ stealing
unauthorised medical trials

that's our health system.

while the law system watches on from the sidelines
'unlawful, unlawful, unlawful'
'no damages awarded!'
'tens of thousands to the courts!'
'permission to carry on'.

our governmetn is invalid

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