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SS Disability making you a mental defective soon

Posted by LostBoyinNC47 on May 24, 2016, at 18:16:38

I am posting this to maybe try and help some of you...give some of you a heads up about a proposed federal administrative law change thats being pushed by the obama administration.

Before I go any further, this applies ONLY to Americans and also at this stage, would apply to those assigned a guardian ad litem to manage your SS Disability money, if awarded..."unable to manage your affairs."

Back in early May, the Social Security Administration announced that they have come up with a five criteria list, that if you apply for Social Security Disability by reason of a mental illness, and you meet all five criteria, the SS Admininstration will legally "adjudicate you as a mental defective." And then enter your name and personal information into the FBI NICS background check system as a prohibited person from buying or possession firearms.

This is a marked, dramatic departure and change from the normal way the severely mentally ill, the mentally retarded and some other unfortunates are adjudicated with this legal term, "mental defective." Currently, to have this done to you, its adversarial and it must be done in a courtroom...usually a probate court. And a Judge must be present and you have the right to hire your own private attorney as a defense...or one will be hired for you as a public defender. Its currently taken VERY SERIOUSLY to decide a person is legally incompetent, AKA "mental defective" and then strip their Second Amendment rights from them.

The proposed change will take place in sixty to ninety days from the time the SS Administration announced the proposed change. The SS Administration is currently taking "comments" about the proposed legal change, additionally, you can complain about this to your federal Senators and your Congressman to stop it...the legislature has power of the purse to stop such Executive branch overreaches, IF they want to.

I dont get Social Security Disability, but I know many of you do get it or want to get it. So Im posting this to try to help you because the change is not getting much press, unfortunately. As the mainstream mass media is generally anti-Second Amendment.

Basically, if this change goes thru, and you are awarded SS Disability in the future for say, treatment resistant depression or severe anxiety problems or bipolar or not only will not be able to buy or possess a firearm for say, deer hunting or self defense...but you will also be assigned the very derogatory and very very serious term of "mental defective" and will not only be legally determined as disabled, you will also be legally determined to lack capacity/be mentally incompetent.

The decision will be made based upon your psych records and a group of Social Security Administration bureaucrats who decide your case will make the determination. Its basically how the VA or Veteran's Administration has been adjudicating Veterans for decades...without them even being physically present at the hearing or decision.

Sorry for the long post, but this is a serious change of the law that will affect many of you, negatively...if it is allowed to go thru.

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