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Conservatism On Parade

Posted by bleauberry on January 24, 2014, at 8:14:38

Florida. Wisconsin. Conservatism on display.

True/False question:
If taxes are raised, the government gets more money.


True/False question:
If taxes are lowered, the government get more money.

How is that possible?

Ask Coolidge (R), Kennedy (D), Reagan (R), or Clinton (D) to some extent. Major economic booms resulted from lowered taxes and cutting back on wasteful spending or pet projects.

How does it work?

Your paycheck got bigger. Less tax was taken out of it. What are you going to do with your extra money? A new TV? Home project? More groceries? Car repair? Doesn't are going to do something with it....and in doing so, adding fuel to the fire called economic growth.

You and several thousand others around the country went out and bought a new TV today, because you are feeling a little bit more confident in the future and you have some extra money. The TV company had to hire another bunch of workers to meet the demand. UPS and FEDEX too, because more stuff had to be shipped. On and on...

Wisconsin. The governor there withstood massive attempt to recall his election, which failed and he won even bigger the second time around, pummeled by unions and democrats, smeared both personally and professionally. He made not effort to "cross the isle" "let's all just get along", he did exactly what he told people he would do if he got elected. He did not buckle to establishment. He kept his promises. Yeah, people still do that sometimes, even in politics! Rare, I know.

Anyway, slashed taxes was part of his plan. He did that. The result? Wisconsin government has $Billion surplus, extra money, they plan to return to the people from where it came. And a rainy day fund. Plenty of money to fund stuff like roads, schools, bridges, so much in fact, there is money left over.

Florida. Very similar. Right now Florida has 270,000 job openings and open arms for anyone who wants to move there. One of the best school systems in the country, major bucks spent on infrastructure, on and on....all spurred by a governor who LOWERED taxes and regulations.

The thing is, conservatism at the economic level works every single time it is tried. I cannot understand why anyone would bash that, but they do, and they do so violently.

On the other hand, just for perspective, let's take a look at Liberalism/Democrats on parade. Chicago. New York City. Detroit. California. These places have the highest taxes, the highest unemployment, the highest anything that is undesirable in human society. They are in fact on the edge of bankruptcy. But the taxes are so high, how can they be broke?

Umm, maybe because the people have no money left, no jobs, and thus are not paying taxes? Lib cities, lower your taxes, and then stand back, because there will be a flood of money coming your way for all your projects. But no. They will not do that. Why? One of them would have to try to spin that one for you, because I have no clue. It totally defies basic arithmetic, logic, reasoning, and nature.

Anyway, usually when debates of conservative economic policies versus progressive economic policies take place, they tend to be theoretical in nature. It is interesting to see, in real time, in real life, right before our eyes, the end results of each.

Highly predictable too. Nothing new. These patterns are obvious and prominent all through history. History repeats over and over because few study it or learn from it....for whatever reason, new generations think history started when they were born.

In case anyone ever wonders what exactly is conservatism all about, and who are these tea party folks....well, just take a look at the economic booms in Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, both Dakotas, and you will see what it is all about. Pretty simple....freedom, prosperity, opportunity. About half the country doesn't like those for some reason?

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