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disclaimer for some parts

Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 6, 2015, at 0:28:29

i've been browseing, and yes i am as silly as learning from my own writings that i forgot i's wierd, but some of the stuff i wrote about spirituality

i have to recide what i wrote, who ever reads it has permission to have an idea for their own use, but i'm only in finding truth, and get out of philiophizing everything to feel like i have a voice, but what i am trying to do, under all that rubble self indulgance of feeling, i just want people to be saved, from the horrible place in the afterlife.....i don't really care about boasting about heavan, im more urging to save from the firery place of is real, and these vary words, please research for yourself what you want to find god, but ... i have to say, jesus christ is the ... the way, now this all being out on the web, with tons of diffrent views, but this thing i learned that any spirit can say their god, god can mean alot of things, a intellectual grand mindset, feeling love, like people create what they think is god, but my thing is jesus christ is the link, the road to him, and the goodness of him, and mercy to heal, you know it may not seem that great in this life,

i know their are blessed people, and im not one of them....but i've just realized his goodness will be revealed, you will be spit at, persecuted, shamed, put to death in later times of tribulation, but please, do research on jesus christ, and the holy trinity.....alot of modern chritanity is vanity, they use the current times of buy, sell, pop psychology, social events, it is a bit corrupt but they don't know it, the road to heavan is a narrow gate, the broad road leads to destruction, and the easy christain that compromises their action to self indulgance, saying their covered by grace, that is a deception....and that is the broad road.....straight from scripture...

but.....ending this, i just hope whoever you are that you will find the truth in all things, to reveal the catch, fakeness, what the true intention are... .....maybe ill pop back up and put some more stuff i find to write about.....

good night friend, please keep this only to this board, i want to keep this anaymous.....

truth to you


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