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modern christanity

Posted by rjlockhart37 on May 23, 2014, at 22:08:54

i've been in the ruts these past weeks, but my main thoughts to post on this subject, partly about it, i was at church 2 sundays ago and spoke that where free from condenmation and we can sin and wash it away... what i've realized wtih modern chrisanity or some sections of it, is they say where free from sin, and washed by jesus christ's blood, and then the message that i heard at church is we can go out thruogh out lives and sin and we are saved from punishment, the thing ... that makes me wonder is that in scripture that we repent of our sins, not expect God to wash it clean when we do it, and keep doing it thinking it's a justification to do carnal wicked acts, and always forgiven, that is vanity and i am warning that is the belief of modern christanity, well....a section of it, there are many parts of chrisanity today minsitering to people in diffrent countries, feeding the poor, taking care of the sick, and ministry. It's just in my view, the church is becoming more like a corperate buisness...doing things systematiclly, saving people is more like a recruiting program....many aspects are good, but there are errors, i should hush because im not using scipture in this log...frankly im really not in the mood to get into a serious blog about it with this one....but ....

to lead people to the real road to heavan, and escape hell....i read a book at the bookstore the other day called the history of hell....and saw images people drew of demons forking people into the fire, people's face mashed into suuiet and can't breath, it's awful and it's not really taken litterly in some of the world.....also what gets me is other religions islam, hindu, tiebetian philiposphy, i mean they have their own recorded documents and they are never told about the hell of chrisanity....and it's mind boggling that someone on the planet who has never heard the name of jesus, and are never taught what he believed did, acted, that's difficult to grasp and i have no idea how god will apply that....the god throught chrisanity....and another silly thing someone could do go to iraq, india, china, they would laugh because they have their established beliefs....and going to them and saying convert to christanity, it's laughable....but the thing that im seeing, and know of reading about the horror's of hell...but can't just let people swim off into the abyss and be rejected by god in the after life....another thing with some sections of christanity today, mainly in social aspects, some act like they are better than others, having holiness and having a superiorty complex, better words an upper class christain society, we need to save people from hell and the terrible place in the bible it states false preachers, systematic iniquity, and all things that are vain and this time, it seems perfectly fine, life is good, life is pride, life is pleasure, but after death, that all is gonna change, and everything had in this current life will be forgotten, but the work of christ will not, yet that's a christanity's's confusing because diverse religions have differnt beliefs and are taught them since childhood, that or they find them later on when they grow....

well enough with getting off subject, the main thing is error in my view, is systematic forgiveness, do a sin, automatically forgiven, that just....doesnt add up with me, i always dwelled for repentance because your sincerly guilty and want to be washed clean, the system forgiveness of modern christanity is a bit corrupt....but just like any human there is, i could be wrong....that's my 2 cents....


Re: modern christanity

Posted by rockerchick46 on August 6, 2015, at 11:28:49

In reply to modern christanity, posted by rjlockhart37 on May 23, 2014, at 22:08:54

OK here goes. I'm Christian but I do not believe in hell. Someone showed me once some very ungodly pictures online of what hell was supposedly like and they gave me nightmares. So. In my belief God is in everything good in life and in the world. We are to strive to be good in life and to others as the bible says-the golden rule - do unto others as you'd have done to you. I notice that all major religions think they are right but most of them have things in common so i don't evangelize or preach to others.
I think that modern religions are in some ways a business and I think the one that is most like that is the Catholic church since i think it is the biggest.

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