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dark dreams

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 9, 2013, at 23:28:05

well....i've gotta write this, and all this stuff that i've had with spirituty with the forces of darkness have linked this dream i had a couple weeks ago.....the only thing thing i rerember was i was going down into a dungeon, or a place that was underground, filled with stone....i don't rerember distinctly but i got to the bottem and there where skulls piled up over each other...on the walls, and i rerember being led to a bed, and said to rest with the dead....later on, one of these people told me Satan was sleeping in his chamber, and then that was it....there was more of it but you know dreams are hard to rerember and only rerember the main points of them....

it's just i want to learn about spirituality....and that means other sides of it, there was a dream i had couple months ago, i was in a elevator and i was going up and i saw the floors, then there was a button that said lucifer....i punched it, it went down long ways, and when it opened up, it was a morg, walked around and nothing but steel, cold, and people that's all related to death, but writing bad things about Lucifer is about the pentagram, black magick, well.....enough of this yak yak.....

i just hope it doesnt get into a bad state where i am scared to go to sleep because of bad dreams....i've read about people sleeping and they wake up with scratch, slash marks on them...from the dream....

so all im doing is blogging this, do not take any of this associated with yourself....this is only my blog.....


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