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banshing evil

Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 21, 2013, at 23:31:41

written this post twice and x'd it out after writing long synopsis on this....but was watching a show, it was paranormal witness, but in this episode there was a guy that found a card, and think someone used witchcraft and it was against him, and bad things happened....but thats too intnese, but i've read about people using witchcraft against someone, think when its used for revenge or to harm, its black magick and its really nasty....darkness, black candles, pictures of skeletons, and demons that are hidious....

really came to terms with thinking that need to banaish whatever is causing health problems, and causing more depression....i've already opened the bible, and read some scipture in psalms....and other things they use to rebuke evil....but it feels powerless.....i just want to break all this sickness that came on me, causing medication not to work....i have no idea if someoen had a grudge against me and then got a picture of me and put it in frount of a black candle, a pentegram, with voodoo dolls all over the being dramatic...

but really i've got to find how to use scipture against evil....there was a time i was sick for 3 days, i posted about it....ill look for it in archives, but it was a post i wrote about the adrenal glands going crazy and they where, and i got skin lesions on my arms, i lost 8lbs in totaly of it all, and then after 3 days, it disappered, skin lesions gone, everything like it never happened....and it could just been a temporary imbalance...but still i think about it alot thinking someone hated me and did a revenge spell...or ... well, just in general getting attacked by spiritual parasites that cause sickness.

But i've got to get on the net and look at things for healing, but i have to say this, the christain God, or really the true lord, but i ca't say that because there are diffrent beliefs, but he never stated to practice things envolved with spells, earth wind fire air, using diffrent aromas and insence....and sacrafing....that not of him, and from what i've been taught its Satan's disquise of using light work to trick people in thinking its good. Stuff like that....

i've gotta start doing research more, and find more stuff about healing on spiritual isses, and maybe post some of it here for people to read and help them out....

but this is just a blog of what i've been thinking about....and i don't want to be a troll or anything but thats what i've been thinking about getting evil away, sickness, everything....

thanks for reading...

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