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spiritual warefare

Posted by rjlockhart37 on March 28, 2013, at 15:03:34

hello, im sure if you read my post above about Jesus Christ....yes, i do believe in that. But ther are just times from reading on spirit stuff about sickness, disorders caused by some unknown force. And then i pray to Jesus, over and over, and its that dead period where prayers are prayed for so hard, and then nothing happens. THat is part I think of doing trials for God, but still it is irritating, makes me want to write how God likes to do nothing, but that's not true....its not in human timing.

But i've preoccupied myself with thinking of spirit forces, somehow thinking there are spirits living inside me, or doing something to cause all these bad events, health, or doom/gloom thinking. I do know if someone is envolved with reading the book of the dead, or ouija boards or basically anything that is a well known thing to attract spirits. Bad things happem, car wrecks, fire's, people start argueing and fighting unnatrally...contention...i went to a revival couple weeks ago and saw people have holy laughter...getting up and dancing, it was scary...i stayed in my seat trying to act normal...but it wasnt just one person laughing it was viral, it spead throug the all i've been told is that's part of the pentacost/holy spirit movement. But that gave me another tip....there is God...the holy spirit, and then the others....

I know this is not a board that talks about these kinda of issues, this would be on a advanced/amature spiritual website. But all im saying is i want whatever is influencing my bad health to leave, get casted out. Rerember couple months ago...i posted i didnt sleep for 3 days, didnt eat, got skin lescions, all this wierd stuff started to appear, and then i googled it...realized it was not a normal problem...and then on the 3rd day all of it disappeared like it wasnt there. Just wierd stuff....i just want to break all demonic activity off....i could babble on about this, i'm not going babblily

ill figure it not happy with life right now, espcially the sickness i have with depression and low enregy and meds not working....i hate it...i know i've posted similar posts about this....i could be vary well just be repeating myself....


Re: spiritual warefare

Posted by InSight on April 22, 2013, at 0:05:57

In reply to spiritual warefare, posted by rjlockhart37 on March 28, 2013, at 15:03:34

switch your focus to the goodness of God, and the power he has over the enemy, the more you focus on the warfare the more the enemy has access to most your thoughts. just be willing to know that God's grace is sufficient. And dont feel like you have to stive to fight the devil and give to God.


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