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prayer and revelation to christ

Posted by rjlockhart37 on March 20, 2013, at 23:15:36

im writing this real quick because i've had 2 reasons to write, for prayer and revelation of jesus christ....and i though id write in suffering too....and i promise you i am not a life is here on babble....and it is EMBARRASING in many sections, dr bob doesnt like delete buttons....

i know about the jesus freaks and people who talk about it all the time plainly, but it is real, he heals, and does miracles, maybe not on a regular basis but it does happen, just like you see things moving in a room when your playing with ouija board....spirits....and he can cast them out. What ever your religion...keep to it, the reason i write this is because from my belief....damnation can happen, i don't want people from being cast into the fire...all the stories i've read of having out of body experiences to darkness...the book of the does exist....its best to believe in christ than not to believe and then after life suffer the judgement of the last day, the earth will be destroyed and all things will pass away, until the new heavans are created. He wants people to come to him, through him you will be spot clean in frount of the God of Israel. He will save, i know of my cases of repeated prayer, having faith for long periods and then nothing, like words of nothingness going into the air...never to be heard....i've had disasters of faith, that destroyed my whole belief system when the faith turned out to be false, i've gotten a picture of Jesus Christ and smashed it one time because all my faith i though he would do something....he did nothing...and definetly i was wanting to say every word of hate in the book to him....but the anger will fade...and you can start over and know the mistakes of false realization of faith started again after being at a revival at a church seeing peole being healed, holy was an energy force that caused all hell was going to break lose, people dancing around, i though they where possessed by evil spirits....i never saw stuff like this...but the joy that came from was god...i've met people who it litterly looks like no miracle has ever happened to them, series of bad events even while there believing in faith, its trials of longsuffering.

And you know i hate to say it, maybe longsuffering is ment to be till we makes me mad to be miserable my whole life just believing in jesus christ, and it can happen...but he is the truth, little things will reveal during the trials of longsuffering. People hated christ and brutally attacked him and his aposles and had them put to death. I don't know why....but in past/present times people beat and persecute people of belief. He will be with you till the last day....there is hope in your life no matter what is going on.

There are dead periods of faith, prayers seem like there not awnsered...its how long you hold on to faith, doubt will cause you to fall and lose sanity, its what satan and his boys use to cause chaos, confusion and attack. Doubt can be logical reasoning, which can say there's no hope, many things. Faith is the unseen...and you will be suprised when supernatural things, miracles, unexplainable things happen. Know again, there are dead periods of nothing, prayers going into the wind to nothing...its a test/trial. I'm not a devine just giving you my 2cents of my belief....but he is the life, even after life in this life is no more.

thank you for reading....hold hard the faith, i suggest anyway that you want to find it your own way....i don't like being told how to find God and christ...its your own personal experience. Avoid wolves in sheep clothing too....

and i hope this speaks to someone who is in need of hope in the future. I'm not a devine source, just a person who wants to give a message.


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