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Lous rfeminder to Mr. Hsiung-ehynudder

Posted by Lou Pilder on May 4, 2015, at 10:07:04

Mr. Hsiung,
There is another outstanding notification from me.
Lou Pilder


Lou's request for readers-pstandbyme

Posted by Lou Pilder on May 4, 2015, at 11:25:55

In reply to Lous rfeminder to Mr. Hsiung-ehynudder, posted by Lou Pilder on May 4, 2015, at 10:07:04

> Mr. Hsiung,
> There is another outstanding notification from me.
> Lou Pilder

Many of you already know that there are years of outstanding notifications from me to Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record. The notification system was devised to provide a support network to readers that think posts could be harmful and the system then allows those posts to be alerted to Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record so that they can stop any harm that could come from them as being seen as supportive and reflecting what could be a validation of the harmful content standing unsanctioned that could lead readers to think that what could harm someone could be ratified here as being supportive, for Mr. Hsiung states that anything that he does not act on could be considered to be not against his rules here. He later states that if there is something that is against his rules standing, he allow that because he says that it will be good for his community in his thinking to allow it to be seen as being good for this community as a whole. This means that anti-Semitic propaganda that is standing, could be thought to be good for this community as a whole in Mr. Hsiung's thinking to be seen as supportive, for he also states that being supportive takes precedence.
It is my great conviction, based on the historical record and what psychologists write about on their research concerning aspects of this situation, that your health could be harmed if you accept the hatred toward the Jews that can be seen here as being supportive here as what will be good for this community as a whole, for there is research that has shown that those countries that adopted the views of leaders that were against the Jews suffered a horrible fate, which dragged the members down with the leaders.
In that Mr. Hsiung is leaving my notifications outstanding, you could also have used the notification system and received no answer because I may have also alerted the same post. And I have alerted many as you can see, so any of yours outstanding could be because for Mr. Hsiung to leave my notification un acted upon, your notification to the same post, if acted on, could allow readers to think that he actually did act on my notification to him that he says he can ignore so that it will be good in his thinking for the community as a whole to leave the notification un acted on. Then any deputy of record would also have to leave my notification outstanding if Mr. Hsiung is to have my notification un acted upon because he says that by doing that, it will be good in his thinking not only for the community as a whole, but to him also. And if there could be harm to someone from the post being allowed to be outstanding, that is not a criteria for him to act on it, but the criteria is that if acting on it would be good or not in his thinking to be good for his community as a whole and also for him. That could mean that support does not really take precedence here, and readers could be seriously mislead here as Mr. Hsiung also states that he does not wait to sanction a statement that could cause harm because even a small statement could lead someone to feel put down. And feeling put down could lead to suicide here. And feeling that your faith is being put down could cause severe emotional harm being allowed to be seen that way by a psychiatrist in concert with up to six deputies and many members here.
I am asking you to step back and rethink if The Golden Rule and fairness stated in Mr. Hsiung's TOS/FAQ here is being implemented in the administration here of Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record, or if there is a misleading of your minds to accept antisemtic propaganda to be seen as supportive as being fair according to The Golden Rule. if you could see it my way, I am asking for you to be a partner of mine here and email me or b-mail me so that I could know that you see what is plainly visible and will stand by me.

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