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Posted by john bower on July 20, 2001, at 21:02:23


Calls it a fraud.

I personally called Harvard-McLean hospital and spoke to Dr Andrew Stoll's research assistant. She said that truehope exceeded FDA maximum allowed dosages of some vitamins and minerals and in combination the effect could not be predicted.

In short, Dr. Andrew Stoll is not doing any study on TrueHope.

There is another psychiatrist affiliated with McLean hospital whose name TrueHope gave me, but that psychiatrist was on vacation until after labor day.


TRUEHOPE abstracts missing on web-page

Posted by john bower on July 20, 2001, at 21:20:41

There was a May 2001 abstract which was encouraging, but not April 2001 abstracts.


In addition to the Abstract presented at the Canadian Psychiatric
Association 2000 Annual Meeting, Dr. Kaplan and her team have more recently
presented research results to the Society for Biological Psychiatry Annual
Meeting (New Orleans, April 2001) and at the Pediatric Academic Societies
Annual Meeting (Baltimore, April 2001). Copies of the Abstracts are available
via Synergy's website:

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