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The link between work and Anaclitic Depression

Posted by dj on August 9, 2000, at 11:26:36

Anaclisis - A strong emotional dependance upon others -
Funk & Wagnalls

"A depressive episode involves a contraction of life energy...

...personal choices and gentic predispostions are always in dynamic interplay...

The anaclitically depressed person is in desperate need of receiving, and being able to appreciate the stimulation of anothers's feelings."

Bennet Wong & Jock McKeen, The New Manual for Life, 1998 pgs. 153, 155-6 Manual For Life

"...Billed as "meditations" about "office politics," the book is really much more than that. Harvey says at the front of the book that most of what he's written over 25 years has been tied to his Abilene creation: "I have explored the idea that truthful communication enhances our spirits and that lies and miscommunication either bruise or destroy our souls, regardless of the organizational setting."

Hey, that's heavy stuff! But the way in which Harvey writes -- and his penchant for storytelling -- leaven the book so that the message is transmitted with both clarity and a certain level of levity. Harvey segues so nicely through topics like backstabbing, spin doctors, prayers, and "Anaclitic Depression Blues."

No one but Jerry Harvey could have written a book like this -- like this! When he concludes with an indictment of "the No-Nonsense Manager," one senses that Harvey is smiling and crying at the same time. He finishes his book by revealing his own near-fatal brush with heart disease via a gut-splitting funny story about being in a hospital to receive an artificial heart valve. In a book about management, communications, organizations, spirit, and leadership, the story is a paean to the importance of humor in life..."

Jerry B. Harvey - How Come Every Time I Get Stabbed In The Back, My Fingerprints Are On The Knife?: And Other Meditations On Management, as referenced at:



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