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The CES-D was designed by the Center for Epidemiologic Studies (CES) to measure symptoms of depression (D). The idea here is to help you track your progress over time, not to diagnose you as depressed or not. Only competent mental health professionals can reliably make a diagnosis.

Registration is required, but this isn't like posting, what you submit here won't be public. Neither is this research. There might be research later, but in that case, it would be up to you whether to be involved or not. Please see Psycho-Babble Administration for discussion about these and other issues.

Assess the level of depressive symptoms you had in the past week by filling out a CES-D.
Display your saved CES-D data.

[dr. bob] Dr. Bob is Robert Hsiung, MD, dr-bob@uchicago.edu

Revised: September 13, 2006
URL: http://www.dr-bob.org/cgi-bin/pb/ces-d.pl

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