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Re: Please list strategies for successful withdrawal:

Posted by catachrest on February 15, 2005, at 14:21:51

In reply to Re: Please list strategies for successful withdrawal: catachrest, posted by SLS on February 15, 2005, at 10:29:58

I'm sorry Scott! I think I worded my message poorly. I was hoping to prevent exactly the misunderstanding that seems to have occurred.

> > Like Renee I'll reiterate, take it slowly! I waited a month or two between steps down and I had an incredibly uneventful withdrawal.
> That is sometimes an unacceptable period of time when one must discontinue one drug so that they can begin another.
>>>I concur. Everyone's situation is different. My point was just not to take it too fast and to be prepared for it to take awhile - not necessarily as long as it took me (and perhaps I needn't have taken so long, but that was my doctor's recommendation) but maybe longer than a person expects.

> > Ed,
> Ed is innocent! :-) I think you are reacting to my post.
>>>> I think you're right. Sorry Ed!

> > I have no doubt that you know what you're doing and that you have gone through this before.
> I don't profess to know what I am doing. I am merely asking for people whom have successfully discontinued medications without suffering a severe withdrawal syndrome to describe how they went about it. I contributed. I have not suggested to any one person what they should do for themselves. I was hoping to begin compiling a compendium of alternate methods. Not everyone is successful using yours.

>>> whoa. I meant exactly what I said - that in your situation, your method works well for you. This was the only comment that I was directing toward you, in the hopes that what follows would be understood not to be directed at you specifically. I seem to have achieved the opposite result! Mea culpa.

> > Don't let your good mood and enthusiasm (after depression, these feel almost like drugs themselves!) blind you to the necessity to take your cessation slowly and carefully.
> You don't know the first thing about my mood, my degree of enthusiasm, nor my state of depression.

>>>> I agree. I shouldn't have used 'you' - I was looking for a non-specific pronoun not as officious sounding as 'one'. I wasn't trying to speak to you personally at this point. I didn't make that clear and I apologise. My experience was, and I have read in several sources that it is not unusual, that when my depression began to lift, I began feeling so hopeful and had so much energy, and wanted nothing more than to get off my meds and get on with my life. This is the feeling I was referring to, and I never intended it to describe you personally.

> > At each step, before you reduce further, take careful stock of how you're doing emotionally and physically, and discuss it with your doctor.
> > That's my two cents. I'm not a doctor, just someone who's been through this recently for the first time.
> I am happy that you have been successful using a 4-8 week taper. Yours is but one strategy. I am hoping to discover more.
> >>>Of course it is. But as you say above, we are all only trying to present the strategies which have worked for us.

In friendship,




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