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The Jacinda-Maniacs

Posted by alexandra_k on January 22, 2022, at 21:14:30

In reply to The Hitler Youth, posted by alexandra_k on January 22, 2022, at 21:05:44

We could call them that, if it would make people feel better.

I do not mean to deny that various atrocities were committed that are really very hard to find comparisons to, in these present days.

People having their hair shaved off. Then invited into communal showers. To be gassed. To have their bodies burned. So only their teeth... Or their dentures (if the dentures of the prisoners was not removed with their hair) remained.

Hard to find a comparison like that. With the mass-extermination.

Instead, these days, things are done... More... One by one by one by one. On the down-low, like that. You only get to add up the numbers (how many per month, how many per year) in a very different way.

How we remove of the 'undesirables' who we refuse to pay. The collateral damage of the Hitler-Youth or of the Jacinda-Maniacs or whatever you call the young adherents to the policy whereby they can do whatever they want whenever they want with impunity -- on the one condition that their brothers, similarly and also, get to express their depravity.

The economic exclusion zone of New Zealand. The destination for all the child abusing sexual offending molestering murdering rapists. The 'first world' (allegedly) country who throws the white people (along with the natives) because of, you know, the post-code they were born in.

The post-code inevitability of the exclusion zone of Australia.

Only thing to be done is to work to advance your cause at the expense of your fellow-man. If you can convince the Australians that you are most depraved most elite on the hierarchy of depravity then maybe they will promote you to hold similar position within Australia!

You really know you've made it in life when you get to contribute to Australia not developing any of the fruits of civilisation...

Too busy abusing and maiming and enslaving and torturing and raping and...


The nuclear fall-out sort of ends up here because of the wind currents etc. So... May as well make it the exclusion zone of everything else then, too, as well.

I mean...

Nobody is actually allowed to function to contribute towards making things better.


There we go. The choices the leaders made. Good choosing! Yay them!!! Shiny new generations of Hitler-Youth. Etc.




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