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quality and integrity investment

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 20:41:59

In reply to philosophy: for the money, posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 16:52:24

Hey, here is a plan. How about investing more than $100,000 in a NZ University education. The government pays... Not sure... 3x the cost to the domestic student... So the University gets, like, more than $300,000 for all the training courses they have given to me.

And how did I do?

Well, really rather weirdly, truth be told. Either A's or F's. Because, you know, they get to decide what programme of study is right for you and if you don't get to fail people out of Population Health 101 for their essay on 'equity' then you must be doing University Education wrong.

What did they do with the money they made off of me?

Did they invest it so that they could employ me down the track?


LOL LOL LOL f*ck*ng lols...

ALL of the scholarships for the inbred idiots of the wealthy elite. All of the training places for them.

Take from the kids who worked their *ss*s off and go fund the imbicels who party party party pay someone to sit the exams for them pay someone to do the work for them.

So they can be on payroll for the job they never attend.

The result of the education they never attended.

Want to invest in NZ? The quality and integrity people (guffaw).

Give them your money and they'll organise for you to be raped or murdered or involutnarily detained in conditions of torture or...

The lengths they go to to ensure that there is nothing here. Nobody home. None of the fruits or products of civilisation.

No journals. No conferences. The trade centre burns x2.

None of the laws are upheld.

Common cold will overwhelm the health system.

F*ck*ng joke.

You are welcome.

Hey thanks. Thanks. Gee thanks. The quality and integrity people. Know why I worked so hard for you. F*ck*ng idiot imbecel retards. What am I supposed to say?

ALLLLLLLLLL of the things for you. ALllllllllll of the things for you. Love what you've done with the place.

F*ck*ng yay you. I just wanna be like you. Just do whatever you want whenever you want because you want ruining things for us all.

F*ck*ng yay you.

No internationals are allowed to come here. Because we won't do any of the f*ck*ng things we said that we would do.

There's nothing here. Nobody home.

What did they do with the money they took?

For an education they won't acknowledge because it's more than 3 years old and apparently they don't teach anything at University that won't expire within 3 years.

That's the value of a NZ University education.

Anything acknowledged as a NZ Univesrity education expires within 3 years.

I don't think we have had a graduation ceremony since 2018.

People hire graduation gowns and take photos. But there's no conferral ceremony and they don't print degrees anymore. It's all 'transcripts on application between the university and your potential or prospective employer'. That is to say the Univesrity says that they've never heard of you and you are a fraud -- because you are a slave -- right?

No job for you. They never graduated you from the Degree they took more thn $100,000 of your money for. Right?

That's the quality and integrity of the NZ Univesrity education system right there.

Would you like to invest in NZ?

How is it socially responsible to do anything other than bomb the f*ck out of the country?

I don't understand.

Well done NZ. Good job!! Yay you!!!

Well f*ck*ng done!!




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