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Re: price fixing cartels?

Posted by alexandra_k on January 14, 2022, at 20:03:03

In reply to Re: price fixing cartels?, posted by alexandra_k on January 14, 2022, at 19:45:36

The faculty-student ratio is a huge thing. A huge deal.

Because of the cost involved in hiring that many people to be on faculty. Because of the potential rewards involved in so many people having quality positions (tenure jobs) at... High quality Universities.

That's good jobs for good people.

And the work that's required of the scholarship students (particularly). The number of hours of work per week also the summer internships... It isn't 'busy-work' or 'scut-work' it is genuine work (much of it, so far as I could see) that had a genuine place on people's CV. To make them employable post-graduation. And that's what people want -- right? To go on to quality employment post-university?

I don't know how much things are fixed or unfair within... I mean...

What is fair?

I think it is genuinely hard to know, sometimes...

Let's say...

Suppose there is this particular class... And only 30 students can enroll it in... And they will teach you some very particular things with the laboratory work...

So... They can only enroll up to 30 students.

And then suppose... That there are some students who are all hanging out by their computers with courses in their shopping basket ready to hit 'commit' (or similar) when enrolments open at 8am or one-past-midnight or whatever it is... Either because of something in their nature... Or because generations of alumni have told them that that's how people in fact get into those kinds of limited entry classes...

Anyway... If it turns out that all the fee-paying students are getting entry to the 'high quality' (on some rubric) classes, like that while other students (the scholarship students, say) are expected to just pick up the remainder...

That doesn't seem fair. On the other hand... Just because someone is rich doesn't mean they didn't by their own desire sit there before opening to ensure they got what they really really wanted (with no insider information)... I don't know...

On the other hand.. The scholarship students may not be there at all if it wasn't that they were able to be paid for out of the full fee paying students fee payments...

It is genuinely hard to know what is fair...

To be sure.

Maybe this cartel thing is trying to sort through this / work this out in genuine ways.

One way of thinking of judicial review or of legal action is as an opportunity for a (more) genuinely independent investigation or inquiry or review. So as to consider all (or more) of the factors that come into play... For the purposes of (all things considered) working out what seems to be most genuinely fair. To the best of our abilities.

I mean... What's the alternative.

Duh. Too retarded. We know what is right for you (we know nothing at all and we most particularly refuse to listen to anything you have to say) retard-land of New Zealand.




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