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Re: price fixing cartels?

Posted by alexandra_k on January 14, 2022, at 19:45:36

In reply to Re: price fixing cartels?, posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 21:02:06

I suppose I thought that you did pay more to go to a private rather than a public school. But that that was an investment.

I mean...

What do you want to do upon graduation? You want the University to have a meaningful job for you? Or you want to get employment from... I don't know... A major company? Maybe a major company that only got put together as a major company because of the skills etc that people had out of University or developed or extended from that base...


I mean... Say you do give the University $80,000 per year for 4 years... Or for 8 years (say, to do Professional Degree like Med or Law or Business). Or for 9 years... To do a PhD...

What do they do with that money?

Maybe they invest it so they can pay you XXX dollars per year for your 'meaningful job' upon your graduation.


What are you going to do with the money, then? Or what's mommy or daddy going to do with the money, then?


I suppose I thought that you do pay more for private vs public school...


Let's suppose...

Let's suppose you are from North Carolina. This is a hard one. Maybe the hardest... So you work at High School and you do whatever... And you apply for various things... And you apply to both UNC Chapel Hill (public) and Duke (private).

Well, now, that's a hard one.

I don't suppose there would be any reason for a UNC native (as in resident) to go to Duke over UNC. I mean... You are looking at paying around 3x the fees -- right? And technially you could take all your courses at Duke from UNC (if you wanted) and the bus is only, like 20 minutes each way...

I mean to say...

Why would you pay more to do to Duke than to go to UNC?

And the answer to that is... Uh.. Um... Well... You wouldn't.


Small class sizes?


Pastoral care?

The pastoral care at UNC (For the arts at least) was, in my experience, pretty good. But... It doesn't compare to the very very very small class sizes that could be offered at Duke.

I also think that if you perhaps aren't the brightest or... Need a little help... Then you may get more help at Duke... Because.. Because of the small class sizes, yes. The teacher-student ratios. They simply have more time to spend. And perhaps they also do and will hire people who are perhaps not so naturally smart... Who are a bit more of the natural plodders... Who are genuinely motivating and encouraging to people who are finding things a bit hard... I think that the science class sizes at UNC were MUCH MUCH larger (I never got permission to audit) and maybe considerably more cut-throat / less kind to people who weren't naturally very clever and hard-working both.

I don't know...

Why would you pay more to go to Duke than UNC, Chapel Hill?

But that's perhaps one of the hardest cases. Because generally the quality of the public Universities is not so high.

But I suppose I thought that Duke would be filled with out of state people...

It may also be the case that corruption is such that the children of the wealthy elite are given all the best of what UNC has to offer (re grades etc). I don't know.

The University council etc etc engages in processing (and altering) of grades post-departmental sign off. Etc.

What I saw in the philosophy programme, the standard was high (and fair). But I don't knowk about post-production and I don't know how things were in the sciences etc.


I suppose I thought...

For the 'average' sort of middle class... Maybe the studnet / the studnet's parents had some kind of a college fund... Also they worked hard...

So then they apply (regular admission) for various... The state schools... The flagship Univesrity for the state... Also a second tier for the state... Maybe a couple... Then maybe a couple flagships or whatever from different states. Then maybe a private or two... Just to see.. Take your luck...

I suppose I thought it would make sense for the private Universities to sort of prioritise people from private schools where sort of possible...

Not becuase they kids are necessarily richer... But because they have evidence of them flourishing or thriving in a private school (what they have to offer) environment.

At the very least.

Limit / minimise potential costs of culture shock.

Also... To try and reward investment. For people who have in fact chosen to invest in private education -- when they could have chosen not to and have invested in other things.


I don't know..


Why would you pay so much money to go to Med School at a Private Uni?

I thought... It was because it would make it considerably more likely that they would match you to them (or a place like them). Again. To minimise culture shock. Mis-match in expectations. Etc.


I suppose I am assuming or hoping for the highest standard of integrity from the Universities. Thinking that the better Universities (the ones with the better reputations) are genuinely trying to do things justly and fairly (with the resourcecs to effect that) better than anybody else...

I've always assumed that. Lower tier institutions (it seems to me) are determined to knock that out. Justify their taking the low road.

It isn't that their taking the low road limits their growth and keeps them low low low.

It's that there is no alternative. There is no other way. A failure of imagination is a genuine insight into natural necessity. Etc.


I knew it was cheeky my applying for early admission. I knew it would get me on the radar. That's why I did it. I suppose I expected my application would be declined.

I told them I was going to study via Khan academy and apply again... Then I didnt' apply again. Because I got all tied up in the legal lproceedings in this country that is not rule by law.

Then my mother died. And money was freed up. Some. I am not rich. But I maybe have enough for the green-card lottery. I dno't know.

I don't know.

I don't know...

I'm still working that out.

NZ seems determinedt hat there is nothing here for me but a life of disability and deprivation

People are supposed to hand over their stuff and then flee..

So I suppose I make arrangements to get the money out first.




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