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academic freedom

Posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:02:04

new zealand can't tell the difference between advertising and informing.

new zealand can't tell the difference between an academic and a person who is popular on social media.

the university's were requiring academic staff to put in media appearances and / or to have their names put on popularist media sorts of works...

then there became a bit of a problem... the people they popularised with the con-munications of the con-munications department started doing various things off their own bat. then it wasn't so clear whether they were spouting a party-line that had been pre-approved by the university as a con-munications, ahem, academic piece, or whether they were being academically free in a way that the university wasn't responsible for.


the point is that it isn't like our academics can write articles or responsible pieces of academic work for each other. lol. we only pay 1 or 2 of them lol. we don't have journals so they can't write academic work for the journals, either. there aren't really conferences... i saw those go from things where people did sensible work and they were productive things to things where people were only there because they got a paid holiday and people skived off from attending other people's talks to write crappy talks at haste that weren't worth going to...

anyway... the academic freedom thing was about the freedom to do academic work.

to write a thesis. an article. to give an academic talk. where, you know, after you have talked for 30 or 40 minutes you then get subjected to a question-time where people can hit you up about the finding or whatever. and when they get their own platform of 30 or 40 minutes or whatever of their own talk which they could make a response to yours if they wanted to do that.

we just don't have academia.

where is the credit for my 1 year of research that i did in 2018? oooooh you didn't *like* what i had to say because i didn't just spout back to you what you told me.

garbage backwards land




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