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Re: next iteration of the arms race...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 18:19:57

In reply to Re: next iteration of the arms race..., posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 18:06:42

of course on the other hand i'm not sure that i should see him as a person with any real power.

there is that.

i mean to say... i'm not sure he has 1/2 the power he projects... which is also to say he isn't 1/2 as responsible as i think he might be...

i believe...

i could be wrong...

at some point he said something about having worked for 10 years or something before anyone would give him a job.

i think by that he literally meant... after finishing his PhD at Sydney he was living with his wife in New Zealand... and he didn't have a job of his own for 10 years. She was a full time employee.. NZ labor history or something like that. She didn't want to leave NZ. They treated her good. Right. The kiwi way. Only employ 1/2 of a partnership. One person has considerable excess to keep the other as slave. That's the kiwi way...

Then he got a part time position... Maybe in Aussie.. Not sure.. Not sure.. Then he's part time both in Aussie and NZ. Not sure... Not sure how that goes. How that went. Not sure..

I just mean to say that there's more going on with him and that and so on...

He was incredibly prolific and his work was very high quality. Eloquent. And nobody did that for him. ANd he built a journal. ANd a field. Nobody di dthat for him. Etc. So he's tough as nails. And he's allowed to be bitter about various things. He's earned his... Retirement. Effectively. Yep.

I don't suppose therei s much of anything he can do about his boys who are stuck in NZ... Where NZ will pay their partners considerable excess of what they need... While refusing to give them entry level academic jobs of their own. So their partners can keep them, effectively, as slaves.


I worry that Australia... In taking them on (they are both full time there now. Odd, hey, for an Australian Univesrity to find a full time place for someone who works in NZ work history)... The development of... Slavery. The keeping of slaves. And so on...

I worry that Aussie is doing the race to the bottom.

That moving Harlene Hayes from Otago to WEstern Australia. Well.. Moving her from NZ to Aussie is supposed to be a step up -- right? So she gets promoted? Because she was doing a fabulous job of restructure after restructure after restructure after restructure at Otago... Keepign the staff continually afraid about losin their livlihoood... They would do anything anything anything anything anthing. Right? They would do anything anything anything anything anything. Right?


Once upon a time there was a baby elephant. The people kept it with a peg in the ground chained around it's leg so that it couldn't move very far.

The elephant grew up big and never tried to go further. Because of learned helplessness.

Let's be clear on why NZ WILL NOT ALLOW the kids to have access to councelling that is not gaslighting. Let's be clear on why that is. Let's be clear on why that money will NEVER GO TO THAT KIND OF A THING. Let's be clear on why.

It is because the people of NZ (who take kup leadership are busy busy busy keeping slaves. They want to have all of the power. All of it.

Not be one amongst equals. Not work for fairer distribution. Not work to create happy healthy communities...

Work to be head of the rubbish.


And it becomes a generational thing....

They want things to be different for their kids.

They think their kids are one amongst equals.

The chldren of the other wealthy elites. Right?



Where is the art? where is the culture?

hosptials and healthcare don't make sense in a culture like this. education doesn't make sense. nothing does.

law. legal. teh judges. no conception of natural justice.

nothing. nada. zip.

What does he reckon? Just keep working. Just keep working. Just keep working. Just keep working... Just keep working. Eventually they will pay. Eventually. Hey, they paid him after 10 years. Just keep working. Just keep working.

But if they made him work for 10 years...

Well then I must work for 20 -- right?

But why stop there?

I don't imagine they have any intention....

The Supreme Court of NZ.. Let's see about that then. Can they tell when Rule 3 vs Rule 4 applies? The court of appeal can't seem to...

doesn't really seem to be anything at all, here...




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