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Re: next iteration of the arms race...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 18:06:42

In reply to Re: next iteration of the arms race..., posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 17:55:25

it is interesting... i had a little chat to former supervisor...

he was like..

well. gaslighting. yeah. like he always was. easier to see it for what it was now.

i was curious about whether things were better in aussie.. or worse..

i think worse.

here is why i think worse...

becuase there doeson't really seem to be anything or anyone really working on constitution or federal stuff like that at the research school in canberra. you would think that the whole government think-tank... you would think that would be a thing... but it doesn't seem to be...

and then you think about the kids who have done well there... stayed there etc etc.. and i guess they are the kids who are australian with heavy parental investment.

and then you think about how it's supposedly competitive or something and people don't really know why some PhD kids go on to get their degrees and have careers and others of them don't...

and, well, looking at things like their nationality and what their parents did and you see it's looking rather a lot like it's factors that have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the work etc etc. why some are bullied out and away i mean to say. why some get all the publications while some others have etheir work... rubbish rubbish rubbish. just hand it over to us.. and walk away..

and that's the thing of it -- right?

i walked away.. and now it's curious the topics that other people are working on. i don't suppose they want me seeing or hearing them work through the stuff i was working on however many years ago. just walk away. just leave us the stuff and walk away.

i remember the greedy grubby little eyes lighting up when i said i had lots of stuff on my computer..

ooooooh hand it over.

really? for no credit? why would i give you all my stuff!!!

i post it here.

yes i do. and it is associated iwth my posting name.

and people can steal it. and then people type it into google and the origin turns up: me. here. so steal it then. go on. steal it then. and the origin turns up. me: here.

awww.. can't just be stealing my stuff.. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
pooor you.
pooooooooor you.

why don't you have stuff of your own?

people gaslit it out of you.


nobody home.

there are people who steal other peoples light.
who have no light of their own.


hell is earth. hell is other people on earth.
they have made it so.
they chose to make a world whereby their own kids had all the things.
apparently they were afraid of their own kids ending up... in my position. the way i am now.
and so their fear of their kids ending up in my position means i need to be in that position instead. instead of their kids.
they would not work for equality amongst people.

they insist on playing zero sum games leading to extermination of us all.

suicide trajectory that is new zealand


northern hemisphere is running various things through the courts now.
to do with our false advertising.
gaslighting the shareholders
and so on.
false claims about products fetching premium prices.

how fundamentally corrupt things are here.

there is no healthcare or medicine at all. there's ntohign here. there is competition only. who could be the winner other than the person who gets to rip out your heart. right? it's fundamental.




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