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Re: next iteration of the arms race...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 17:55:25

In reply to Re: next iteration of the arms race..., posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 17:48:01

so there's a guy with councellors ready to go. but the government won't pay tehm. because they aren't trained in gaslighting. they won't be all 'let me beat you over the head with your cognitive distortions until you realise that there is no help'.

so the government wno't pay tehm.

there's, like, 6 clinical psychologists, or similar, who they will agree to have on pay-roll becuase they are trained up real good in the gaslighting.

and once they are done making them worse, making them worse, making them worse.. either get them to stop asking for help -- right? or just die already. be committed to ta governmetn institutino for not even minium wage paycheck hey because that's the aim or goal. right? to incapacitate. so your stupid children look smart and kind and good... because there's nobody else left.. they win. right? that's the point? the point of it all?

that's why there's one (and only one) samoan girl doing correspondence school. right? she's carefully handpicked by the leaders there... by the administration... so she will get all the scholarships and so on from samoa. right? becuase she had herself a nz education. right? and the other kids from there... they can't use their device to do correspondence from nz.. no. because she's the only one. she's the only one. there is no alternative. she's the samoan equity candidate. you must train her. you must pick her. she's the one. she's the only one. you must train her to gaslight the reset of the people. right> to exaplain why there is no midwife. no antibiotics. just line up for your job when and only when the government tells you to.


that's how it is?


anybody working towards anything different?



anybody at all?


anybody home?




i'm sorry... where is my degree? what was my rank order score?

well call me delusional and feed me LSD as a 'treatment' and stab me in the eye with a rusty needle of olanzapilne...

murder me in the name of suicide and harvest the foetal hearts...


is that what it's about?


that's why we don't have nuclear submarines. that's why we don't have federal funding.

that's why we don't hvae...


rawk rawk rawk screech the dementors. i'm on a suicide trajectory and i'm dragging the world down the sink hole with me.


repeat after me how we know i'm not the gaslighter.

you: all the stuff.
me: no stuff.

taking all my stuff away from me... my transcript. rescinded. doesn't count. expired. my paycheck. less than minimum wage. how my applications are processed. not processed. no application form for me. if i get a form in they throw it away.

that's how we know who the gaslighter is.

that's how we know.

just look at all of the money... wehre oh where does it go




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