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Re: next iteration of the arms race...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 17:48:01

In reply to next iteration of the arms race..., posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 17:40:49

the crucial thing

(i know you are but what am i rawk rawk rawk scream the dementors)

is the power imbalance.

that makes them (not me) the gaslighter.

when the courts do it.

when the courts intentionally disregard the evidence of one of the parties and when the judge (who is supposed to be even handed) will only listen to the narrative of the party with most power / money / most timely payments to the court / most bluster about the Auckland City Council or...

when the officials from the university do it.

when they refuse to enrol. refuse to get work to examiners. refuse to base outcome of examination on reports of examiners.

when the people in the hospitals do it.

when they lock you in a room with no natural lighting and fluorescent flicker.. then they keep you there with papers to say you are being detaned undrer the mental health act status voluntary.

you are voluntary.
that is what voluntary means.
you choose this
you choose to comply


give us all your stuff.


that's the thing of it. that's why people go 'they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me'

becuase they don't pay me.


off with their heads?

is the game they play...

or what...

just put down your stuff.. and walk away.

just leave us your stuff. just leave us your stuff. just leave us your stuff.

f*ck off. die. go away.

you see why i will never get to study medicin ein NZ -- right? because there is none. there is gasliglighting for political purposes...

a little organ harvesting here...

a little pedophilia there...

a few high class hookers in sydney aparmtnets and lots and lots of drugs i bet...

it is important to realise what it is abuot, really.

why it is that there is nothing here




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