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Re: the 'training programmes' are all bogus

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 18:32:36

In reply to Re: the 'training programmes' are all bogus, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 18:22:13

we will not do informed consent. will not do it. people don't understand it, here. they only understand compliance.

i suppose it is because they feel put out about various things. they feel put out about all the limitations on their freedoms that come in the forms of the criminal laws of new zealand and, increasingly, the international laws. the laws about money laundering being wrong and slavery being wrong and things like that. so they feel all bothered about these things they are forced to comply with.

so they feel like their life is horrible because they are forced to comply with all of these things.. because of the kind of person they are, i suppose, where they would want to do all those kinds of things... so they experience those international and domestic criminal laws as being limitations on their freedoms. and it's very oppressive for them.

so they don't see that there's any particular problem with they, themselves, forcing various other people to comply with their will. about things like medical treatements (vaccinations) when they are told and because they are told. i mean that isn't limiting the freedom of the people any more than them not being allowed to wring their scrawney necks is limiting of the dictators freedoms -- right?

so you look at what the 'informed consent' looks like for vaccination.

and then you go: this is the government. these are the people. who think that nzl can have euthanasia legalised. where people are given drugs to kill them -- but only if they consent to that.


becuase we don't know what consent is or means.

i understand the position, now, that i heard... about how people were afraid that the government would attempt to force people to die, basically. that people would feel forced into complying with choosoing to die.

you see it in the case of the immunisations. they say you are free to chose not to have an immunisation. but choosing not to have one means that you are choosoing to lose your job. you are choosing to lose your place on the sports team (lose your contract for playing). they think that there must be these inevitable consequences for choosing differently than what they would choose for you...

i mean... now i'm thinking about all the consequences that the governmetn will likely try and impose if people don't take their euthanasia medicine when it' sbeen recommended to t hem by the government that they take it.

if you choose not to take your euthanasia drugs then you are choosing to be kept in conditions such that...

am i right?

this is where thinggs really are at with the new zealand governmetn.

the whole compliance thnig.

i see now.

i thought euthansaisa should be legal. but our government doesn't know thwat 'voluntary' means. or they sh*t all over it. they are all about compliance. and so euthanasia drugs will not be used for euthanasia in new zealand. it will be about state sanctioned murder. there is no evidnence whatsoveer of the govermnt or the govenemnt employees (the only ones they will allow to work in the health system) will do informed consents.

they will only let a few people do clinicial work. the ones who will not allow the people to be helped. it's not about chance... it's a job requirement. to ensure the job is not done. is not done bh them. is not done by anyone.

the nzvcc specifically hired chris whelan to ensure that any complaints would be dropped into the black hole (best case) or the people who laid them would be failed / would lose t heir jobs / would never work again AND THEN dropped into the black hole.

the lengths we go to to ensure that this is concentration camp detention island.

no amount of money will ever be enough for our high paid govenrment workers becuase their money cannot purchase anything of value in nz.

because there's nothing here.


well done.

f*ck*ng imbecels.




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