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Re: move to nz.... murder your family...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2021, at 14:41:06

In reply to Re: move to nz.... murder your family..., posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2021, at 14:34:47

if she even did it.

likely she did not.


that's the kiwi way.

angry mob.

angry mob and scapegoating.

only notion of justice we understand.

which is of course no notion of justice at all.

the police don't do anything properly.

it's a shell the way that everything else is.

wouldn't know how to do it properly.

dragged themselves up on the job.

just doing it.... kludging though.

they know that what they do won't stand up to any scruitiny at all in the court of law

that's the point of it.

so the people in the know get a by.

for example

none of the speed cameras are calibrated properly or whatever... there is some technical law they are all in violation of.

so people 'in the know' know they can speed in the camera areas and when the fines are posted out they know what to say so they don't have to pay the fiine.

everything is like that.

down to...

down to murder.

they can't / won't prosecute anyone at all.

they don't do the evidence collection properly. the chain of custody. they won't do it can't do it it isn't done.

but they surely do have the prisons full. of what?

of people who haven't stood trial, yet.

of whoeever they like. just grab the easy targets and fill up the prisons with them.

just grab whoever you like.

we are not a developed nation at all.

there's really nothing here...

it's remarkable, really. now little there is...

empty shell.

i keep thinking things were here and they've fled / gone away.

i don't know if that's true or if i just woke kup to reaslity of here. how it's always ben here.

likely both.

the country feels empty.


all around the world, eh?


i guess they drop the bodies into the sea...


or under the subway tunnels.




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