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Re: lol

Posted by alexandra_k on September 8, 2021, at 23:12:28

In reply to Re: lol, posted by alexandra_k on September 8, 2021, at 23:06:26

it is starting to look funny. as in funny strange not funny haha.

the people who the government chooses to keep around as advisors.

there's a physicist they pay to do models for them. i don't know what, exactly, he does. he breaks a quarantine area up into 1 m voxels and says given the size of the area of the foyer with the amount of time they spent in the foyer as a multiplier there is less than 0.1 probability that they contracted Covid due to an episode in the foyer.

so the government says 'our scientific modelling showed there wasn't a problem to be expected by having the public wandering through the foyer of a quarantine facility' the risk was very very low. as determined by the model. as determined by the model they commissioned to 'in the name of science!' from the pulpit that is the deliverances of the new zealand government.

our scientists are saying they don't see any evidence that booster shots are required so we aren't thinking of those...

but our scientists must have seen that it was a good idea to vaccinate kids as young as 12 because that's what we started doing...

that is to say they seem capable of seeing what is going on in the world... just not sort of... doing anything *good* with what they've seen...

why couldn't we get saliva testing? Why didn't we go with the 'diverse portfolio' we agreed to from the get-go. older people could have had 1 dose J&J and that would have made teh roll out so much easier for those most at risk. but no. because they aren't really interested in improving the reality at all.

they are all about the superficial image. managing the image. the great con-munications. the avatar. etc.

i don't really blame jacinda. if it wasn't her it would be someone else. it's John Key 2.0. they start going quite mad or drunk with power near the end of their second term. they just do.




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