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Re: Roe v Wade

Posted by alexandra_k on September 4, 2021, at 17:39:51

In reply to Re: Roe v Wade, posted by alexandra_k on September 4, 2021, at 16:48:26

'constitutional right to an abortion until the point the foetus can survive outside the womb, generally understood to be 24 weeks'.

the trouble is that our 'general understanding' turned out to be wrong.

they have been prevented by law from growing fertilised embryos outside the womb past 14 days. you wouldn't bother making the law if there weren't people doing something that you wanted them to stop, i would think. that it to say our 'general understanding' developed so that we understood it was scientifically possible to keep a embryo developing outside the womb (or move the womb outside the woman).

and i don't remember on what the earliest pre-term surviving infant is...

the procedure they tell us about is that lung development is limiting. they don't have alveolar sacs developed for gas diffusion. so putting them in an enriched oxygen environment isn't enough for them to live.

but that's because they still have gills. sort of. but of course they will be able to keep them in liquid.

that is to say...

if it becomes generally understood that it is possible to grow babies outside wombs and / or outside women in wombs...

then it would appear that one could plausibly maintain that Roe vs Wade means that there is no constitutional right to an abortion at all.

If it was about protecting the rights of the mother not to be forced to carry a baby she doesn't want... There are oh so many points of intervention prior to removing foetuses once their organs have developed.




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