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nz is not rule of law

Posted by alexandra_k on September 4, 2021, at 15:57:12

because the officials don't follow the laws.

those people who have statutory duties -- don't do the things that they are supposed to do.

it is like they read the statutory duties and think that their job is to make sure that those things are not done. are not done by them, are not done by anyone.

and pretty much everything is wrongly decided. that is to say decisions are made on the basis of incorrect reasoning, or, often, no reasoning at all.

over and over and over... and over and over...

administration won't listen to academic judgement and make proper use of that in decision making.

administration won't listen to clinical judgement and make proper use of that in decision making.

administration just does whatever administration wants to do and will only hire academics and clinicians who... toe the party line... except, well, i suppose their position, uh, leaks out. constantly. over and over. the resistence.

you simply can't deny that new zealand is very very poorly administrated, indeed. they can go 'we don't see corruption' as much as they like you look at all the other measures of development... and only way we get to be anything other than resolutely last and bottom of the OECD is by pronouncing Mexico to be part of the OECD as well. Even then, it's touch and go as to who gets to be resolutely last.

we just had this guy go postal in a supermaket with a knife. government employees shot him within 60 seconds, they reckon. they'd been following him around with guns because nobody would issue a section 8A (application for him to be assessed by a mental health clinician) accompanied by a supporting certificate from a clinician.

the police had the power to issue a section 8A and detain him for up to 6 hours so that an assessment could be done.

i think that means the police could have chosen to take him (against his will) to the hospital and wait up to 6 hours for a psychiatrist (c'mon this isn't half way up the f*ck*ng mountain in the outback) to conduct an assessment... whereby because of his beliefs about ISIS and that there wasn't really anything wrong with shooting children and the like... that there was grounds to detain him under the mental health act for assessment and treatment for 5 days.

i mean... the hospital was probably too busy detaining me because i 'chose to believe in a god who loves me'. they were too busy forcing me to stay as an inpatient (awwwwwwww we like that one we will keep that one forever... best nation in the world in which to be kept a child forever) that they simply didn't have any resources left to arrangae that for a pereson who a High Court Judge had actually ordered to have a psych assessment.


the police would't takee him to the ED to have them arrange a psych assessment. they preferred to have however many armed police officers follow him around for however many days with guns... until he stabbed several innocent members of the community whereby he was shot dead by them within 60 seconds.

and so now the government wants there to be stronger anti-terrorism laws so that we can detain people who haven't actually committed a crime yet in prisons (not psych places) because we won't supply psych services in nz to...



anyone at all.


the way it goes is people ask for help.

they say 'there is no help for you. you are not bad enough / sick enough / chronic enough / florid enough yet. we are too busy treating people far far sicker than you'

so as to encourage people become sicker and sicker and sicker...

because what do you have to do to get a little help, eh?

but then when you are sick enough to be an inpatient, say... then they say you are too sick for the help or treatment you know you needed. they don't offer psychology or psychotherapy or whatever to inpatients. you need to get well or get better enough to be in the community and not in the hospitals to get the help you need.

so you improve and get out into the community. but then no, you need to be sicker. that's the problem. that's why no help for you. you need to get sicker.

or they say you need to be in the criminal system. you need to get a court order. otherwise you can't have the help you know you need. you need to get that ordered by a judge. you might need to be in prison. to get the help you need. if only you were imprisoned for a crime then you could get the hel pyou need.

so then people go to prison. they (or their families say) we thought that was required for them to get the help they needed. but when they are in prison they say nonononono none of that in the prisons. you need to be out of the prisons. that's something that people outside the prisons have. you need to get out of the prison and then you can have the help that you need.

because we won't pay clinicians to help people in nz. keeping people in conditions of deprivation and ... making the situation worse. that's all the help that will be funded at all.

that seems to be the thing of it.

how much did it cost in man-hours to have how many people (police people) follow this guy around (antagonising him) for how many months...

because they chose not to detain him (lawfully) under the mental health act. that is to say constables could have put him in the car and taken him to the ED and filled out a section 8 and the hospoital would have had up to 6 hours to have arranged for an assessment etc.

and instead of having clinicians to meet the clinical need they are going to put a bunch of beurocrats to work writing new laws under urgency etc etc etc to do with increasing power to keep people in jail when they haven't done anything wrong...

when the guy was crying out for social supports.

apparently we let him and his dad in with studnet visas and they applied to stay as refugees. and we accepted that, likely because they brought money with them. and then we likely didn't do a great deal towards... well.. what course was he doing? did we treat him like garbage like how we treat most of our studnets like garbage? such that he ended up i don't know... getting more attention online posting about joining a terrorist gang etc... what happened to the fun social experience that tertiary education is given that tertiary education isn't about adademic standards eh???

what about the 'isn't this fun????' of our education system. at least there's drunkedn fun-ness throughout orientation week -- right?

apparently the dip sh*t ideology is to keep clincial staffing levels at 75 per cent. keep the hospitals working to a deficit (that's good business apparently and you can win some stupid notion of most efficient while on the path to financial ruin and collapse and not because you are paying your clinical staff and not because you are providing the clinicla services people asked for and not because you are getting good clinical outcomes)...

the dip sh*t ideology that thinks they save $$$ with these 'intelligent triage' non clinical systems that go 'what is your home address and who is your GP and what was your last presenting complaint and on the basis of that we know (statistically in cleaning our data land) what treatment is cheapest for us. i mean... what treatment is right for you. i mean what non-treatment is cheapest for us. i mean.... how we can be the bottom of the OECD. but not really. i don't know that we are eligible to be regarded as being in the OECD at all. actually.




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