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our economy does better during lock-down

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:39:00

In reply to Re: the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:00:57

the NZ government has more money during lock-down than they have when the country is open.

I suppose that makes some kind of sense. That government is supposed to use the teeny tiny little bit of tax that they actually enforce gets paid to them... They are supposed to use the tiny amount they actually bother to collect...

To provide goods and services for the people.

Lock-down doesn't appear to reduce the amount of money they collect from taxes. Doesn't appear to reduce their revenue.

Lock-down appears to curb their spending...

I suppose because the building and infrastructure projects are stopped. Halted. And that saves them money. I suppose that's how come the buildings were not maintained and so on over previous years. Because it was cheaper for the government in the short term not to do that.

So the economy of NZ improves during level 4 lockdown.

And the government thinks that...


What proportion of our people... Should die for the good of the group?

Because that is where we are at in our moral development. As a country. We don't follow utilitarianism to it's logical conclusion and go 'so much the worse for utilitarianism as a moral theory' that is not what we do. We follow utilitarianism to it's logical conclusion and we then proclaim that that is the morally right thing to do.

Apparently NZ gets access to euthanasia medications November. We will start euthanising people. Don't worry -- only the voluntary. We have seen what voluntary looks like, recently, no? We have been vaccinating people who voluntariliy chose to be vaccinated... Allowing people who voluntarily choose to be vaccinated to have vaccines?


Sounds legit. Yeah? In the context.. IN the unique NZ context...

The people who were all 'we don't think that legalising euthanasia is a good idea because then people will be pressured into being euthanised'... These... Old fashioned people. I thought they were. But they were the leaders... Or the people 'in the know'. And they were describing the way things are. Things are in fact such that our people do not have informed consent. The doctors are not trained or taught about informed consent. They are trained or taught that the reason why you want to be a doctor (the only reason why you would want to be a doctor, the only reason that we will accept for you being a doctor in NZ is if you are a my way of the highway kinda person where your way is the wayt hat the government has prescribed for you to be'.

I mean to say.. The party line.

And the NZ government has decided.. How many.. ANd which of.. The people of NZ are... Well.. It would be better for the government if the people were dead. Right.

We would rather people die. We want the children... Because abusing them is fun... Then we can work them in the plantations or on the front line ages 16-19. Then 20-30 they can pop us a few babies. Then it's time to curl up and die. By 40 ideally. Die already. Leave us your babies and walk away... We've streamed them into 5 art classes or art and sport classes or maaori language and art and sport ... The only culturally appropriate classes for them...

That's our plan.

That's our plan stan.

That's our contribution to the worlds global economy.


Who asked NZL to feed 40 million people?


Why won't we secondary process any of our primary produce?

From carving swamp kauri...

Oh yeah... We can't tell the difference between a skilled carver and a bully. And we will pay the one to steal the other ones labors and pass it off as his own... And we wil not pay the onesn with capacity... Nope. Noppers. Money laundering. Manaaging the administration of the prevention of anybody doing any work at all.

To... High Value produce.. LIke.. Aged cheeses or wines... Nope.. Cheap just pour the ethanol into a vat. That's how we plan to 'feed' the 40 million. round-up honey. nitrates in the milk powder.


Why won't we tertiary anything??

People contributing to... Civilisation.

Technology. Science. Arts.



Journals? Books? Articles?




All the work that goes into keeping the people under-productive.

All the work thkat goes into isolating people.

Splitting up familites. Preventing like-minded people from congregating...


Most nations of the world.. WEll. Australia... USA.. Have adults wanting to study medicine later in life.. From all walks...

Why haven't I met peers in NZ on my return?


Oh I'm sure someone is trying ot force me to do.. Force me.. FOrce. Force. Force me..

I mean why wouldn't you when you are getting away with it...


There is no justice in the High Courts of New Zealand...


Same old same old judges sitting on the Court of Appeal.

Another year. Yawn.

They keep giving themselves exensions.

Looks like this:

Courts say to me 'you need to pay us $7,000 security for costs by x date before we will hear your case. So taht we have some money from you if you lose. Or you can apply for security for costs to be waived on the grounds that this is a matter of public interest or on grounds of financial impecunoisity'.

So you apply for security for costs to be waived.

At which point they detain the application 'to be processed' indefinately. They keep granting extentions on the deadline for security to be paid.. But they haven't accepted that it is a matter of public interest that NZ Universities refuse to enrol people in the degree they have applied to. Enrol them in degrees they never applied to. Invoice their studnet loan for degrees they never applied to. Refuse to get theie work that was done to examiners to prevent and prohibit them signing off on qualification completions. Send work out asking it to be examined for degrees different from the ones the student applied for and also different from the one they enrolled the studnet in.

They still halven't found that it's a matter of public interest that the nzvcc (the whistleblower complaints process) for complaints of serious wrongdoing within the university... The vice chancellor of there simply refuses to accept that the complaints he receives are in fact complaints of serious wrongdoing. He reufuses to do what the policy dodcuments say he will do. He refuses to investigate complalints properly he refuses to forard the information he has collected to prosecutiion in ordre to prevent or prohibit prosecution from prosecuting corruption within new zealand universities.

They still haven't found that it's a matter of public interest that nz universities refuse to supply applications to medicine to people who are eligible to study medicine according to parliamentary degree (by statute). They refuse to supply applications to enrol.. They refuse to follow their own published selection algorithm and offer places on the basis of objective rank order list score. They haven't found that it is a matter of public interest that they are not being fair or equitable at all in how they select medical studnets.

They have no claim to being rule of or rule by law. They refuse to follow the laws. The courts refuse to pronounce or proclaim the laws. They refus e to acknowledge the laws as written. They refuse to deliver meaningful consequeqnces for legal violation. They refuse to remove form office the people who refuse to follow the laws. They refuse to order or direct the government executive to f*ck*ng well hurry up and do that which has been ordered by parliament directive.

They pretend to be too stupid to follow along... The judges say things like 'well maybe that's just metaphoric'. Teh judges suggest things like 'returnign the thesis to the examiners' just means the dean says 'no I don't accept the thesis' and the external examiners dn't need to courier the hardcopy they were sent to the student to return the thesis...

These kinds of suggestions.. The jduge says them to me like there is something wrong with me that I'm not following along the logic or obviosu correctness comprised of them doing whatever they want whenever they want with the sanctio of the courts.

F*ck*ng incredulous stare is right.

Where is my f*ck*ng degree????

NZ expects the world to supply euthanasia drugs...

For theleaders or... I mean really... What was supposed to happen with that? How were things supposed to go?

Where are the informed consent forms?

Oh yeah.. Signed by gruop 1 members? Those members of the board who proclaimed that they were entitlted to a vaccine as a member of group 1.

They weren't breaking any laws.. They reckno.

That's there interpretation of teh spirit of the law. The directive...

Yeah right.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.




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