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Re: vaccine

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 17:47:10

In reply to Re: vaccine, posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 16:48:58

i mean...

i think people don't seem to realise...

i remember when time machine back ups were new.

this idea of saving the entire state of your system at a particular point in time. so you could do a system restore. so that if something happened to your computer... you could get another. and you could get the new one to be as the old one was at a certain point in time.

and to start with... people saved the state of their system... how often? how often were people doing time machine back-ups? they took a lot of room to start with. you were supposed to buy an external hard-drive where the external back-up was to be stored. remember?

so then compression algorithms, i guess... you don't need to save the entire state of the system.. your world of warcraft programme download that's teens of gigabites... you don't need for that to be saved every 6 months or every week on time machine. if that one goes missing you can simply re-install it anyway. that's just a waste of space. but the contents of your documents, on the other hand... all those word files...

so then this idea of... more selective backups. to save room. and time spend actually backing things up.

and also... you don't need to save all the contents. you can save the difference (if any) in the contents. so that essay that you wrote in 2018 and didn't alter since then... you just need for it to be backed up once since there haven't been any changes subsequently.

so now the size of the changes is getting a lot less...

maybe still intensive for people working on large files... working on movies etc.

but for people working in text or numbers... easy peasy. that kind of information... i am fairly sure...

i mean...

word is pretty good now -- right???

you run out of power on your pc or whatever and it goes to sleep... you hunt out your power cord and... vioa la... your word document was saved right where you left off.

i can't remember the last time i lost ANYTHING in word. and you hit 'undo' and you keep hitting it....

you can progressively undo all the things. you can un-edit all the things. you can un-write all the things.

then roll undo into redo and watch your essaying being written. right?

watch the posts being written... undo... undo... redo...


it's all there... it doesn't take much to have all the changes in a text document. or a document with letters and numbers. it really doesn't take up very much space (in the grand scheme of things) at all.

it's all there rj.. it's everywhere rj.

the clouds isn't about breaking up the information and sending a bit here and a bit ther eand another bit someplace else for security.

security just is... sending ALL of the INFORMATION darned near EVERYWHERE.

think yes and.

and then... track changes. where is the source of the corruption??



who changed the message... who edited it... who inserted mis-information? why? for what purpose? for what end?


is google AND mac AND windows AND AND AND AND AND the more copies that are distributed.. the less likely someone (say the nzl government) will corrupt things. the less likely someone (say the nzl government) will be able to persuade the world that you are a crazy terrorist who needs to be murderised for the good of the world.


you see?




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