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Re: the function of law and lawyers

Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:06:16

In reply to Re: the function of law and lawyers, posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 13:58:06

all the people who have been involuntarily detained in conditions of torture by fake and phoney clinicians who were hired precisely because they would work for cheap.

people given injections that were not prescribed by a clinician.
people put into seclusion for purposes of punishment because the people passing themsleves off as clinicians are sadistic.

all the people... abused by the district health board.

in the public hospital.

where the government is responsible.

and still.

and still.

and still.

and then the schools.

the public schools.

the fake teachers.

and the universities.

how many of the people with PhD's had their PhD thesis written for them by their supervisor or other people on their panel?

how many of the people employed at the univeersities (the public universities) are actively engaged in research?

i don't mean how many of them get their work published (nz universities won't get people's work to externals such that they have their work acknowledged by externals)..

i mean... departmental talks. how many academics actually give 1 (new and distinct) talk per year. on their research. the research they are actively engaged in? how many currently employed academics at universities are actually actively engaged in research?

how many are employed for the precise and specific purpose of bullying and harrassing and abusing and preventing and obstructing...

who are not at all qualified for their positoins. who do not do any of the most basic of things associated with the positons. or what the positions are supposed to be about?

the world.... melts. crumbles.

waiting for the judgment.

where is my degree??????????

f*ck*ng idiot psyschopaths.




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