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Re: autistics are violent criminals - didn't you know?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 23:11:31

In reply to autistics are violent criminals - didn't you know?, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 23:06:33

violent and impulsive and autistic. violent and impulsive because of autistic. the autistic defence that is no defence at all. just a further way in which we abuse people. by calling them names.

that's what my government appointed lawyer said about me. too.

when the government worker (nurse) got all up in my face telling me to go away. the district health board gets paid money by teh government but doesn't use that money to employ doctors who are competent. no doctor. nothing for you. go away. go away. go away.

all up in my face.

so i punch her on the deltoid. to try and encourage her to go away.

so she phones the police and gets them to arrest me. tress pass me so i cannot be within 50 meters of the premises.

now i'm a violent crimnial.


violent crimina.

says the government.

the district health board. the judiciary. the government.

let's criminalise and pathologise the people who murdering raping psychopaths. so we can divert more and more and more and more money to the people who are.

yee haw

the f*ck*ng government




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