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autistics are violent criminals - didn't you know?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 23:06:33

it goes like this.

the government arranges for a person to move into a neighbourhood. to create problems.

they'll play loud music all the time.

neighbours complain about the noise.

the people employed by the government to uphold the peace.. aahahahhahaaha. the law and order. those people. they won't do their job.

they will say there isn't anything they can do.

they will refuse to confiscate the noise-maker. they will refuse to arrest the person for refsuing to keep the peace . they will refuse to do anything about it.

to ensure the loudest bully holds everyone to ransom.

then eventually neighbours will be so sleep deprived and fed up one of them will step up and put a stop to it.

at which point the government will prosecute the person who stepped up and put a stop to it.

because that's not how the world works.

the loudest bully gets to hold everyone to ransom...

the governmetn refusest o uphold the social contract. refuses to do anything about that fact.

so people are forced to take the law. to take justice into their own hands fo rthere to be any justice at all.

then the person who took the law into their own hands after the government refused to uhold the social contact is a violent criminal. and autistic. a violent criminal because of autistic.

says the branch of government that is the judiciary.

that's what the 'helpful' lawyers say.

the highly educated lawyers. highly educated and skilled in being humane. that's the state of development.

and we refuse for it to be any other way.




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