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and they get sick and...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 18:36:23

In reply to Re: the lengths to ensure medicine is abusive, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 18:31:05

and what?

people get to abuse them for a while...

so they are telling my mother that she has blood cancer. they write a report that says it.

why would i believe that it's true?

what do they want to do?

likely nothing.

they'll just tell her that it's not surprising that she feels depressed. not like moving. just stay in bed. huddle. you are sick and will get progressively worse and immobilised. and let us know when you are ready to give all your money to us and go into a home and you'll get your jab and that will be the end of you. once we've got all of your stuff.


they could destroy her immune system i guess. radiation and so on. they probably won't. because she's over 80. but they might choose to torture her like that.

usually they gofor the children. and people thikn it's the cancer that is responsible for the awful symptoms. not the treatment. the treatment is helping. the sickness is hurting.

maybe that.

what reason do we have to beleive any of it is true?



the government told the people they didn't find evidnce of lead in teh water.

the government told the people it wanted their blood now to look for it there.

the government told the people they didn't find evidence of lead in the blood.

the government will pay someone to tell the courts that lead in the blood isn't the kind of thing that it is possible to find evidecne for. or the water for that matter. word salad. dthigherfgjhjkdghjghdfhkjf l. correlation doesn't prove causation and there is no reason to believe smoking (or vaping) cause cancer. there is certainly no rason to believe that asbestos or any other government induced or created or forced exposure does anything to which teh government mgiht be accountable. that is the wrong kind of thing for there to be evidence of. word salad. thriotyherghfjghsdkljlkjldfj.




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